RE: Pilo 2 AKA Hal

The answer is no. As per official leaks that kid was another loaner, in fact? For the sake of the PR narrative according to Enty SoFail’s SBF claimed that it was his, something he didn’t even do outright with Pilo 1 AKA Kit. For the sake of the PR narrative we know who has the brown eyes, both Conrad and Tom do so nice try! The paps caught the whole setup at Hampstead Heath, with some guy bringing the kid and handing it over to Ben for the shoot. Were the kid his and/or SoFail’s it wouldn’t have been rejected by the tabs but it was because passing someone else’s kid off as your own is misrepresentation. As to why SoFail was kept away from the cameras during the last two fakenancies? It’s simple, she barely pulled it off the first time but got caught wearing a prosthetic for the second time. I know Sophie Hunter and Conrad Shawcross hate the idea of having all 3 shelf babies unceremoniously dumped on them but that’s just too damn bad. Oh and do say “Cheers” to Eddie for me 😏….

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