I wonder why no tabloid has jumped on the “Birkins into witchcraft” story? The fame there weighs much heavier and certainly predates anything related to Benedict.

The Birkins have always been a shady bunch involved with intelligence agencies like MI6 and the CIA. It is also well known that SRA and MKUltra go hand in hand with occultism. Aleister Crowley’s teachings in particular but fellow spooks and cult members in the media have covered for them…

I don’t think Sophie is losing at all. Even if she’s evil and has him under a spell of whatever she’s taking it all the way to the bank.

Fuck SoFail, she’s pure trash. Benedict is what matters here and he is losing it all bit by bit. SoFail has even made attempts against his life! Criminals like her have no limit, no endpoint. Let me reiterate that she’s fully liable for what she stole because she wasn’t content with what Benedict paid her to play pretend and what she earned from merching. She’ll have to pay all of it back along with damages or suffer the consequences, that simple. As per her own words what SoFail wanted more than anything was to be on the cover of every magazine as a standalone celebrity. Since people in the industry just laughed at her for being a pathetic loser she had no choice but to focus on feeding her raging drug addiction by robbing Benedict blind. That’s where most of that money goes as well as giving her team their cut…


Careers to aspire to off the top of my head? Tom Hanks, Leonard Nimoy, Shatner, all played hot guys when they were younger and aged into character actors. Tom Hanks even cross-dressed when he was young and did stupid silly roles and now is know as a serious actor. The Dogulas family does it well, John Cusack too. Jeff Goldbulm has a great career to aspire too. The problem is Ben’s constant role, which the nannies say doesn’t exist, is that of the broken man that women aspire to fix. That’s a good role to play in your 30’s but starts to get dated in your 40’s. In your 40’s you move into father roles, power figure roles, people that have their lives together. Women looking for men in their 40’s want men with their life together. Movies exist to sell fantasy. Women want the fantasy that they can have the men in the movie, and no one wants a damaged 40’s as a love interest. That’s why Doctor Strange will have a love interest in this movie. The other fantasy that can sell is happily ever after. And for the record, I don’t hate Ben. I dislike the mess his agents and Karon have made of his career. I also don’t hate Sophie. To hate her would require I think about her for more than 5 seconds. Also hate is intense dislike for someone or something. I’d have to have feeling and intense emotions about Sophie to hate her. I DGAF about her. She just happens to be a bit player in this little drama that is going on. 

Diversionary rhetoric won’t get you anywhere with us, we know that Sophie’s a key instrument of his enemies. Through her they have caused more than a “bit” of damage. She is to Benedict what fellow SoHoe Amber Heard is to Johnny Depp. Dangerous to his person, toxic AF and the kiss of death to his career. That’s pretty hateful if you ask me. You know it as well as I do, so stop acting stupid. She and the other hangers-on (Dollar General Team included) need to be gotten rid of, immediately. Nothing will change for the better until that happens, so get to it 😠! As an aside, haven’t you learned anything? Trying to stuff Benedict into a generic PR box back in 2014 is what ruined his brand and his job prospects. Leads don’t all have to conform to a set pattern to make a film successful. It’s your insistence on perpetuating stereotypes, your outdated and formulaic mindset that has hurt actors like him as well as your industry. People are tired of seeing the same old and for good reason. Ford, Edison, Wynne weren’t “broken men”, all of those characters had relatively functional family lives. Benedict can play everymen well but then again so can half of Hollywood. If his appearance and acting style is better suited to quirkier roles why insist on treating him like Brad Pitt?

PS: Doctor Strange is nominally married to the sorceress Clea in the comics but their relationship is rather…open to put it mildly.


Anon please – Anon Please: This is the actual picture from the Instagram account of the wedding venue. It’s clearly been photoshopped with all that other shit added. I don’t like Sophie Hunter either, but posting a photoshopped picture of someone else’s wedding cake makes skeptics look like ‘parched frauds’. There is enough shit in the showmance already without having to make stuff up.

It was a JOKE. Ffs


What part of “fixed it for you” didn’t you understand? Are you deliberately acting dense or are you genuinely that stupid? We know that those parched frauds are upset precisely because we called them out on their fraud! That includes the not wedding cake. I coined that phrase BTW so find your own, you unimaginative twat waffle!

Look at you, photoshopping that picture of Patrick and Gemma’s wedding cake like the mature, well-adjusted grown woman you are. You are one sad, lonely, pathetic bitch aren’t you?

Look at yourself, you vapid narcissistic cunt. So starved for validation that you parasitize celebrities or indeed anyone with one iota of talent because you don’t have any. Burning thousands on mindless puff pieces to disguise the fact that you are bottom-feeding worms. Why are you mad? Don’t hate me because I know how to use Photoshop while you are stuck paying Gambles to do a shitty job! I simply added a cake topper and the ambulance mentioned in the Fail so that it fits your stupid narrative. That’s no “wedding cake” either, it’s a commemorative cake for the Orleans House Trust courtesy of that bakery that three parties decided to use for publicity. Why would it be on display at the wedding venue if the reception was at a hotel? Silver is bright and reflective but you certainly aren’t! Then there’s the fact that it was actually posted weeks after the event…


PS: Twelve days is more than one week, you idiot. You would have saved yourselves the embarrassment if a server hadn’t Tweeted about a reception at an even earlier date! 

Benedict Cumberbatch donates 12k to help buy hospital scrubs

This was “news” in April. Looks like someone cashed their PR chips in half a year down the line. So much for charity, eh? Benedict really shouldn’t thank Emma or Joe Woolfe for making him look like a fruity Colonel Sanders. I mean, he already paid them through the nose. Speaking of performance activism didn’t BLM activists threaten to lynch him over that getup too? Emma’s overpriced shirts must not be selling because of the pandemic, pretty soon they’ll end up at TJMaxx! Just when I thought Karon couldn’t possibly screw up more…

PS: SoFail was not mentioned in the IG shout-out, so she had Karon “fix” that. I see that the Narcissist video rankled, thanks for proving my point you fucking zero 😁!

Benedict Cumberbatch donates 12k to help buy hospital scrubs

I saw an Anon ask on Gator’s page about whats-her-face stalking Ben to get into Hay Fest. Care to elaborate?

Long story short. We heard that Harvey Weinstein hired SoFail as BC’s potential RCGF around March-April of 2014. We even saw her initial booking fee which was around 30K IIRC. Apparently Harvey intended the French Open PR outing as a soft launch for the fauxmance, to see if it worked. Except that the Cunters began circling Benedict prior to that which should tell you that they had ulterior motives. SoFail was not supposed to perform alongside Benedict and Loo at the Hay Festival, her father Charles Hunter had to pull strings via the Groucho Club to get her in. “Charlie” helped SoFail get closer to their intended prey so that she could study him which explains her creepy stalking behavior. She then extended an invitation to Benedict to attend her Uncle Julius Drake’s piano recital at Hay. I can assure you that it wasn’t out of kindness because both Julius and her Aunt Belinda managed to tag along to the French Open shortly thereafter. Bunch of leeches…    

It’s Called Sarcasm

I use it regularly but as dimwitted as you are I’m not surprised that it didn’t register the first time around. We said that Melosyna sounded like another one of your PR plants from the start.

FFS y’all used the same name as the Stan in your pet hack’s novel! Not only are you lot pathetic but completely devoid of talent and originality.

Funny how “Kristin’s” narrative basically sets SoFail up as the wronged party, eh? It’s also an attempt to pre-emptively cast doubt upon the credibility of certain individuals supporting Benedict and I won’t stand for it. 


PS: Since we are on the subject of LARPing, I can speak German about as well as she can speak Spanish. You don’t know shit, sorry I didn’t take the bait and stay mad!

Dear Illiterate Imbecile

TFOE personally witnessed what SoFail did. No one can refute that especially not after Marvel Studios staff said the same thing! We Skeptics do our best to make evidence based posts and have corroborated a lot of the information that we have received. Shaun didn’t limit his attacks to Twitter either so stop acting stupid. Harassment is calling people yourself and/or hiring trollfarms to do so on your behalf. It’s sending physical hate mail to people’s houses and to their employers. I’d like to remind you that you have done that to us more times than I can count! We’ve defended ourselves from your feeble attempts to censor us. You’ve no right to complain when we call you out on your blatant BS, none

You Don’t Know Me

But my friends do so you can stop lying to them. I haven’t been a patient at or worked for either Langley Porter or Highland Hospital. Remember that you also claimed that you had met me at a locked facility in Berkeley? I’ve never been diagnosed with an EBD, stayed in a mental hospital or been interviewed by a Social Worker. The fact that SoFail does have a psychiatric and a criminal record is not my problem, deal with it.

Let me get this straight, you have proof that Sophie and Ben’s friends are ripping him off, but instead of going to the press or the authorities with it, you keep it to yourself? Even though the British tabloids would have a field day with that story? You really must think everyone is as stupid as you are. You have nothing and you know it. So stop it with your silly threats and your lies, no one is buying it.

Her friends because they certainly aren’t his. Remember what we said about a certain dossier and a well-known NYC journalist that Weinstein had to pay off? Well, another journalist from the UK was writing an expose about the involvement of corrupt MPs like then PM David Cameron with human trafficking. Do you know who else was in it? SoFail and some of her associates. Guess who paid to have that shelved too? There have been so many leaks it’s not even funny. Yeah, keep saying that there’s no evidence. That argument won’t get you very far with the Rat’s lawyers or with the Feds for that matter, just ask Ghislaine!

Saying Sophie has NPD and BPD without proof is just sad. No one is believing you about Sophie having these health issues. Also saying she is a criminal is just bulls*it. I am not surpised her team are after you to he honest, you deserve it.

Did that 16 year old blogger and her 12 year old sister also “deserve it”? We are talking about the harassment of minors including death threats at all hours, at their home and at school. That’s Team Soso’s MO and it’s unjustifiable because they are criminals that try to silence anyone who exposes them. SoFail’s insanity is hardly “without proof” either, not only does her outrageous behavior at Marvel Studios bear it out but the deets about her diagnosis came from corporate sources. That POS malignant narcissist is still trying to deflect but no one save the idiot Nans believes the crap she spews. SoFail’s credibility is non-existent, she’s gotten caught telling lie after lie for years

It’s three years now that SM bought the rights for How To Stop Time. It’s such a shame it’s still not in production. Ben would be a real good Tom and it’s really a good story. But being a brillant actor is not enough to run a production comp. This imposed nepotism around him is a great nuisance and won’t help anybody in the long run.



It’s imposed alright, it appears that they may be holding Benedict hostage with the millions that they pilfered from his bank accounts. Remember this little leak?:I suppose when this foreign born A list dual threat actor saw his bank accounts were several million dollars less than they should have been, that perhaps he understood his wife was not really interested in love, but enriching her own accounts. That money has already moved several steps thanks to her long time lover. That’s on top of kompromat like the gay rape tape that the Lads apparently have. I’ll be posting a SM>Canongate/LL cash flow chart shortly 😇…

In defense I don’t think Migrations is a Canongate book.

That’s why I said “etc” but you can definitely tell that Adam’s got some sort of shady deal going on with Canongate. When I saw Shaun Usher bully TFOE viciously only because she witnessed something that SoFail did to Benedict in NYC? I knew that Shaun’s OTT reaction had less to do with friendship and more to do with protecting his own questionable interests. At Letters Live we also noticed that SoFail seemed very close to Jamie Byng, inappropriately so. Most of SoFail’s family used to live in Edinburgh so they all know each other. We heard that at least one of SoFail’s brothers and both of her parents extorted money from Benedict by pressuring SM into buying the rights to Megan Hunter’s novel. SoFail got into SM with the excuse that she would produce that project. She had no intention of doing so and only used her newfound access to steal even more!

You know, I’m pretty sure the writer of that book based the unstable American fan after you. Because that’s what you are, a crazy, scary, unstable, delusional woman. We all know that when you’re diagnosing Sophie with all those mental health issues, you’re really describing yourself.

You know, this projection in the face of irrefutable evidence is tiresome. SoFail was formally diagnosed with NPD and BPD by shrinks. You can rest assured that the Rat has all of the receipts too. I mean, if we know…FYI I wouldn’t be allowed to work with genuinely crazy people in any clinical capacity if I was mentally and/or emotionally unstable myself. SoFail told Marvel Studios staff that she went to places, met people and did things that she didn’t! She even accused them of offering her work and later denying it. Those weren’t just lies but delusions because when they contradicted her she became hysterical! BTW, you may want to go back and read that novel. Kristin was a Heinz 57, upper-middle class frau who lived off of her divorce settlement after a failed marriage to some office manager. She was also a horribly insecure stalkerina and starfucker. I’m a single WOC who is nearly a decade younger, who works in linguistics and pays her own bills. I criticize everybody, especially celebrities and hook-ups are not my thing. I have relatives in the UK yet I never went to see any of Benedict’s live performances like Hamlet or Letters Live. Yeah, Kristin and I are virtually twins! STFU, seriously. I know I never did this creepy shit:


I may seem scary smart but I’m hardly the virago that SoFail’s made me out to be. Y’all are just mad because I blew another one of your dumb schemes wide open!

Pretty sure Melosyna is one of your sources. And it just sounds like an (alleged) lover scorn, nothing nefarious. Still juicy and worth a read. Good way to out another Hollywood player. Why doesn’t she or you dump all the details to somewhere like TMZ.

Nice try but we know who our sources are and she is definitely not one of them. It is important to remember that Benedict and SoFail are in a fauxmance so they are, for all intents and purposes, single. “Alleged” because it looks like (Kristin) Melosyna could be running a P2P LARP to muddy the PR waters by parroting us. One clue (among many) is in the book ‘Dream Sequence’, the main female character is a divorced stan in her late 40’s named Kristin. It is interesting to note that neither she nor Benedict’s stand-in are described in flattering terms. That alone should tell you who it was commissioned by 😏…

PS: ‘The Harpy’ by Megan Hunter is another example of this. They sure love those false narratives but aren’t terribly clever about it. When I called SoFail an “emasculating harpy” I didn’t mean it as a compliment 🤣!