It’s so cute that you think that anyone even remotely connected with Cumberbatch/Hunter wrote Gator that ask. See, I know who wrote that ask and that person is quite ordinary and has been trolling you for years-and you fall for it every fucking time. We so enjoy your dancing, puppets. We also loved all your Q anon posts. You’re so entertaining! Don’t ever change!

Basic bitches like you are ordinary but there’s nothing cute about you because you are neither appealing nor clever. You see, the Rat told us who was behind the trolling. It isn’t only P2P trolls or the Antis either so you can play dumb all you want but you aren’t fooling anyone. You’re a snoozefest of a whore which is why no one wants to hire you for anything. You can’t even walk straight much less dance because you are always on drugs:

PS: Say “Cheers” to Birkin and to the rest of your Handlers for us, you tool.

Honey, get help. Seriously. I’m concerned about you. Get help and get off the toxicity that is social media. Concentrate on your family and your work. You’ll feel so much better! You live in an area with great weather! Drive up to Point Reyes and take a hike when you feel like getting online. You’re a beautiful young woman- take care of yourself by walking away from all this nonsense. Wishing you the best.

Yeah, you’re the same troll that told me to kill myself a few weeks ago. Remember that, you bloody hypocrite? Why don’t you go jump off a cliff? You’ve so much concern for my well-being that you lot call me and send physical hate mail to my house! That would make anyone feel unwell but I’m not responsible for any of this, you are. Do you honestly think that you are going to silence me now by sweettalking me? I won’t be censored on my own blog, if what I post bothers you that much GTFO and take your two-bit reverse psychology with you.



This cartoon accompanied an article in DM with Benedict talking about his time in New Zealand.



That cartoonist drew Ben as badly (and walleyed) as he possibly could. I think we know whose PR is behind a pointless blurb that doesn’t even promo The Courier or TPOTD. That worthless slag had to tear him down to build herself up because she got cancelled along with her opera gig. I’m sure Marvel Studios will be pleased…NOT!



This cartoon accompanied an article in DM with Benedict talking about his time in New Zealand.



That cartoonist drew Ben as badly (and walleyed) as he possibly could. I think we know whose PR is behind a pointless blurb that doesn’t even promote The Courier or TPOTD. That worthless slag had to tear him down to build herself up because she got cancelled along with her opera gig. I’m sure Marvel Studios will be pleased…NOT!

He’s from Portsmouth y’all, did she pay him with the dime bags she fills on the Isle of Wight?

Don’t “Sweetie” me, you smug POS. I own my damn house and unlike your lazy ass I can’t be online all of the time because I work. I wasn’t even on AOL back then, libraries were my go to. I’m still a productive member of society and if I didn’t love my career I would be doing something else. Trolling for Bitcoin and whoring like your SoHoe clientele does aren’t careers, those are occupations of convenience for losers incapable of doing anything constructive. I encourage you to get both Rona jabs so that we can finally be free of you. Not that you ever had a life to begin with! Better fill out an Advanced Directive and Will your cat to someone, you’ve nothing else of value.

PS: Oh, you did? Excellent! It’ll do what it’s designed to in a matter of months. You’ll envy those that passed right away, neither AED nor ALS are fun.

I watch this documentary show about the Q anon. They tell me that you are a believer in these things? I need to tell you, that you are insane and that you should be getting the help for this problem that you have. What you believe is wrong and is horrible beliefs about Jews and it is sick. It destroyed my country, people who believe like you do, destroyed my country. You are a very sick girl.

A while back you spoke disparingingly of Benedict while claiming that you liked SoHoes like SoFail. You are now saying that there is something wrong with anyone that believes in Q. I know that it is a military PsyOp and have said so dozens of times already. That being said those drops do contain valuable kernels of truth not just strategic disinformation. I know because quite a bit of that intel is consistent with what I’ve found via my own independent research. FYI I’ve been doing this since I was 15! Furthermore Rabbi Antelman wrote the book I linked to, he’s as Jewish as they come but the Sabbatean-Frankists he exposes sure as hell aren’t. You are using a VPN from Indonesia, the coup d’etat against a Globalist puppet was in Burma. Your alleged country is still firmly in the grip of the Globalists, Q is allegedly run by their Humanist rivals. Nothing you say makes any sense but it does tell me who you really work for. I keep track of y’all so please stop wasting my time with this scripted crap.

oh, come on. You can do better than recycling old conspiracy theories. Come up with something new, for the love of Gawd. Too silly for words. Go back to Cumberbatch’s wife- that was much more entertaining. Lets see some more pictures of her baby bump. That was fun, and got actual responses. This blog is dead city.

Conspiracy facts, shill. I’m not about complacency theories like your target audience is. I talk about anything I damn well please, celebritea matters insomuch as it fits into the bigger picture. SoFail, Maggot and the rest of the simple-minded SoHoes are all patsies for some of the worst criminal and occult organizations out there. Theirs is an occupational dead-end with a short life expectancy…especially now.

I know it’s a lot of political drama to cover. Are you over Cumberbatch? Haven’t seen much lately. Did you see how he screwed over the Gypsy Boy writer? β€œThat’s show biz.”

Hardly, we still talk about Holmesboy 😐. Nice to see you trying to lay all of the blame on him. Remember how even the press got on his case for agreeing to play a gypsy in the first place? Yes, the writer had to defend that casting decision but given cancel culture recasting may be the wiser choice in the long run. For everyone involved and with DS2 filming delayed by the lockdown in the UK other projects also have to take a back seat.

I always meant to ask you, what’s it like to be a knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, basement-dwelling troll? Figuring out what’s really going on requires a fully functional brain, repeating propaganda doesn’t. The fact that you’re still alive tells me that you have a brainstem…but not much else.

You realize Hank Aaron had Leukemia, right? He didn’t die from nanobots in the Covid vaccine or anything. Also one day does not an economy make. The bit about Biden tanking the economy by blocking the Pipeline? That came from Ted Cruz. The only thing that comes from him is shit. But then again, this is from the woman who thinks a no name wannabe actress, with a hot, sexy, talented artist and boyfriend, AND a husband, somewhere, too, maybe, some kids, maybe, not, could find hire and utilize a body double, not once but twice, thrice or even more. You’ve accused this same “woman” of large schemes of intrigue, which she frankly doesn’t have the I.Q. for you know. Quite frankly, no one has ever gotten a solid answer as to how she is affiliated Oxford, for there are numerous ways to fake a degree and she can’t even provide solid proof of that. The woman is dumb as a brick and you’ve put her at the center of conspiracies Einstein couldn’t pull off. You are a moron.

Really? Talk about non-arguments. You must think Skeptics are as stupid as you obviously are if you expect us to buy your diversionary BS. Since I’m tired of having to repeat myself to trolls, you can read for yourself…

1. TC didn’t block the Keystone XL project, Sleepy did:

2. Sleepy’s tanking a lot of things through the egregious use of shitty EOs:

3. It’s not “nanobots”, you idiot. Anaphylactic shock can kill people! Giving a sick senior like Hank Aaron the Rona jab was counterindicated. It likely precipitated his death, there are countless instances of this:

4. SoFail is quite stupid and her drug addiction makes her particularly unstable. Props to David Birkin, who appears to be her main Handler. She does have a malicious base cunning, however and I always said that her backers are what made her so dangerous. They are very intelligent, wealthy and extremely well-connected. She serves as their willing enforcer, a tool through which to carry out their vile plans. One of which was collectively fucking Benedict over:

Narcs feel an irrational hatred towards anyone that has the qualities they lack, so it’s no surprise that SoFail’s dead set on destroying him. As an aside one of Maggot’s doubles was outed, we are talking name, agency, everything. No one can deny that it’s part of the SoHoe MO.

Oooh, someone’s mad 😏. I own my house and earn a decent living, do you? No. Why? Because you are a good-for-nothing. So spare me your salty nonsense, you blithering idiot. Scams are the specialty of grifters like yourself. I merely have fun speculating and as a political Independent I have called out both sides of the Uniparty. In fact, I correctly identified Q as a military PsyOp and Antifa/BLM as the CIA’s Bitcoin mercs. If you were literate you’d understand that I don’t belong to any cult, political or otherwise like you obviously do. Have fun sacrificing goats and chickens, that won’t save your sorry ass πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ…

PS: WTF is wrong with the UK? Y’all are stuck in a Tier 5 Police State lockdown, you’ve nowhere to run 🀣!

funny how you ban the ones who clearly know what you are…It’s terribly amusing that you read the NY Post. Don’t be such a cliche’!

Except I don’t, I’m allowing your Asks through because your stupidity amuses me. You lot love quoting MSM sources like the NY Toilet Paper in order to “debunk” me. That one just did the opposite, now even they can’t deny what’s going on. Your boy Cuomo is on the chopping block and DeBlasio will soon join him…

PS: You really don’t know me.

Cynthia Erivo to Star in African Princess Film, With Benedict Cumberbatch Producing



awesome, something to look forward to!

My, there’s a sudden flurry of Cumberbatch news! Isn’t that exciting! (Unlike the pap Ops)

Until you read between the lines and realize that Adam is allied with SoFail. The Weibo BS was the result of him convincing Benedict to “cooperate” with her for a crosspromotion 🀦. It’s a pattern with that idiot and this article is worded identically to the one about Claire Foy’s project. In both cases the SunnyMarch people that would be actively involved are Clarke and Ackland. Ben’s name and EP title is merely being used to lure investors and as clickbait. A bit disingenuous given the slew of properties they’ve already got in Development Hell. How many firms are they going to stiff out of millions by the time their little charade unravels, eh?

Cynthia Erivo to Star in African Princess Film, With Benedict Cumberbatch Producing