🔮The sun is in Taurus!🔮

The sun has crossed into Taurus. As it is the fixed earth sign, Taurus is slow and methodical. Slow and steady wins their race. Stubborn, steadfast and stable, a Taurus fits their symbol: The Bull

Taurus is also a venus ruled sign and revels in physical comforts. Good food, fine arts, cozy luxurious linens and furniture. They live in the sensual side of venus. Home is often their sanctuary. Taurus is also known for its emotional stability. They are slow to anger and have the patience of saints. However, once they are done, a Taurus is done pretty much for good. They dont like to be rushed. These beautiful souls do also come with horns that they are not afraid to use.

This Taurus sun comes to us almost like a gift. It gives us some grounding after a long, heavy pisces transit. It pumps the brakes on fire starting aries transits. It adds some follow through to our current Gemini mars.

Also, coming right after the full moon, and with aspects to Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, it offers us a chance to transform and carry out new versions of ourselves in ways we never expected. Let go of the things and people holding you back.

Happy birthday Taurus suns!

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