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Want unconventional actors? Steve Buscemi, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell, to name a few. As far as Sophie’s influence on Ben? She would have to have influence to influence him. In UK, in certain circles, maybe. She might have been a “Harvey’s girl” but Harvey’s gone now. Hollywood like most of civilization has no clue who the hell she is. Aeltri, get a grip. Trump didn’t win and Sophie is a meaningless piece of jetsam who is trying to ride a girlfriend contract for all it’s worth. She may have vices, she may not. She could be robbing him blind, I don’t know. But to say she has any influence over his career is like saying an ant can make it rain. It doesn’t make any sense and makes you sound stupid to say it. Sophie wants power. You don’t desire what you already have. Moron. 

Go back and re-read what I wrote, you twit. SoFail is a tool, as Benedict himself said. Harvey was one of many people pulling her puppet strings, much as with Maggot and Hungry. Ask yourself why SoFail went to Hungry for “advice”? They are all honeytrap hoes that belong to the same international crime ring. Markus Anderson is a Soho House pimp but he’s hardly their only Handler. Blackmail is the name of their game but when that doesn’t work? They exploit trauma triggers and/or make outright threats, I mean we’ve already seen patent signs of abuse. That is how they exert control over their targets and patsies get rewarded based on how well they perform. It’s mostly via ill-gotten gains however because their characteropathy makes them rather unpopular. No amount of stupid blurbs can make the general public like them! There is absolutely no doubt that SoFail is a career felon, she exploits others and their vices to feed her own. Jetsam is rubbish and you don’t keep it around, you dispose of it. While she has indeed failed miserably to make a name for herself any fauxmance contract is supposed to favor both parties, not one at the expense of the other! Not only did she break every single clause rendering it void but she has caused Benedict substantial damages which she and her accomplices are fully liable for. There is no logical reason why Karon or indeed anyone else should adhere to it, period.

Can you explain/ provide some info on Monarch programming? Thank you :)


The term “monarch programming”  is sometimes used as an umbrella term to describe all trauma based programming/mind control.

Perpetrators of trauma-based programming deliberately use extreme trauma to create D.I.D. systems, which is the term for a mind that has been shattered into many different parts.  An alter is sometimes called a ‘part’ also.  An alter is a personality formed during extreme abuse/torture in the individuals’ mind.  It referred to as ‘mind shattering’ ‘breaking the mind’ and other terms.  These parts are people with their own personalities, memories, and tasks. The alter can assume control of the body if the abuse is continuing, or to fulfill their tasks. (many other reasons also)  

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They always give themselves away…



Remember when Sasha Slater did that interview at SoHo House at the start-ish of the sham? Because I do. See how SoHo House keeps coming up? All these little threads…

Oh yeah, Sasha is Team Soso’s pet hack. Why, she even went to boarding school with SoFail. She and her colleagues sure come in handy for finding news outlets that haven’t blackballed SoFail yet. I don’t think she fancies losing her job and even her freedom over that however…

What is Rosie doing nowadays? 🦋


Holding weird recorded chats with people in Ohio.

Being a Welfare Queen, getting cash under the table while raising two kids on the public dole because she’s got no job to speak of. Wondering out loud about the “godkids” she’s loaning out for the ShamWow. Making vacation plans to go to Vancouver and Cabo with the hush money she’s hoping to get. Hanging around pro pool players, ballers and assorted shady people in the Manchester/Leeds/Sheffield area. We heard there were drugs involved…

How does it feel to have the world see you for the crazy delusional stalker that you are? Give it up Patty, now everyone knows you’re full of shit. Did you show it to your husband? I bet he must be pleased to see what his wife does.


Hmm, let me see…there are a few oversimplifications and spins, sure. But don’t you think it’s interesting how it’s coming out NOW, and not back in May, when it originally supposed to drop? You know, around the time TPOTD was originally supposed to wrap? Timing is everything in PR.

It’s what’s being brought into focus now that’s the point here. The SoHoe MO is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone. Think of this as a warning shot with a rubber bullet. The heavy artillery will be rolled out shortly because Ghislaine. SoFail’s known association with her gang is bad for business.

PS: Enty isn’t lying.

Seems to me Martin and Ben actually didn’t like each other as people outside of a professional connection/chemistry for the show, which was amazing. Maybe Ben is bisexual, but he clearly loves the ladies. What are you on about with them so many years later?

Fresh leaks and they both are. The stupid nans insist on trolling me, claiming that I’m just throwing things out at random because I’m a jelly hat0r. Shows how little those starstruck lemmings really know. According to them their idols can’t be anything but perfect gentlemen and totes straight. Hey PR, UTA? Having Benedict get fake married to another man didn’t get rid of the nans but telling them the truth sure can! I’ve already explained what SoFail really is and why she faked everything. Ask Hamish, LOL! Rackets involving places like Soho House, the Groucho Club, etc involve keeping secrets in exchange for $$$ but if these are revealed they lose their leverage…

I doubt Marcus or anyone from SH is still involved. Why endanger his ability to make money for her? She served her purpose. He seems smart. She can’t give him anything now. But I gurantee JM is still behind the scenes somehow.


Oh Soho is tangled in their somehow.  MA sitting quiet thinking no one will notice his part…good luck with that!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Especially considering he’s part of the Gay Mafia and has been caught helping both SoHoes…

Tobias Menzies reveals mother would not approve of role in The Crown


It looks like more roaches are crawling out of the woodwork:

The Crown star Tobias Menzies has lent his support to Meghan Markle suggesting that a public attachment to ‘an older idea of femininity’ is behind her teething pains as a royal. The 45-year-old, from north London, who stars alongside Olivia Colman in the latest series of the Netflix drama,  said that a traditional view of women royals being seen and not heard has led to some friction for the American former actress. ‘These roles really illuminate where we’re at with gender politics,’ he said. Adding: ‘What’s going on now with Meghan and the tabloid press seems pretty full-on.’

Gender Politics? Because the world can’t get enough gusty women…give me a fucking break Tobias! The public dislikes Markle because she’s a narcissistic cunt much like your other friend Sophie Hunter.

They are also alike in that they are obsessed with exposure but try to censor people when it backfires.

One would think as a Brit actor playing the role of the second most senior member of the BRF that TM would side with them or at the very least keep quiet. Then again, we know all about Menzies and he knows on which side his avocado toast is buttered. It stands to reason that as one of SoFail’s shady allies he also has a duty to defend Maggot because SoHoes stick together!


He was at the ShamWedding courtesy of Team Soso, ‘nough said.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgot about you either. It’s so dark in that Soho walk-in closet, why don’t you come out already?

Tobias Menzies reveals mother would not approve of role in The Crown

Harvey Weinstein’s deformed penis explained


The deformity was first revealed in court when actress Jessica Mann, one of Weinstein’s accusers, said she felt “compassion” for Weinstein after she saw his deformed genitalia.

Why is this being brought up now? Is it to cast doubt on the fact that Harvey had kids on the wrong side of the blanket? Please, he was damaged but intact and had a veritable stable of hoes. He got gangrene in 1999 but then proceeded to father more kids in 2001, 2009, 2012 and apparently 2014. Interesting that he maintained an office in Soho…House? Why did he spend half of his time in London every single month? Was it to manage the less than legal side of his business? I think so 😏…

Harvey Weinstein’s deformed penis explained

The Lavender Lads

I think I figured out what might be going on. Cillian Murphy is a privately private Actor but more than one person noted how cuddly he is with Jamie Dornan:


IMO Cillian pings, all it takes is one look at his beard. It leaked that Jamie is closeted and that Amelia is bearding for him too. We also know that he and Eddie Redmayne are an item:


Markus ‘Queen’ Anderson, Soho House pimp extraordinaire, is even godfather to their kids! So in conclusion all appear to be members of the infamous Gay Mafia to some degree whose top dogs include nasties like Mandelson and Spacey. Boy, do those poofters ever have it in for Benedict


Harry and the Soho House Honeytrap Called it! Remember how I said that Hazza and Ben had a similar profile? Now it turns out Hazza was on some heavy-duty psych meds for his PTSD and the SoHoes took full advantage of that. On top of…

OMG, you really have no idea what it takes to register a birth in the UK do you? Because your explanation as to why Christopher’s birth certificate is a forgery doesn’t fit the facts. Not even a little bit. I know, I worked at the GRO. I have no idea why it’s so important for you to deny that Benedict has children, but it sure doesn’t make you look good. In fact, it makes you look like a bitter woman who won’t deal with her issues.


Please. You realize how easy it is to bribe someone. And if you worked at the GRO, please come off anon, and we can talk.

Portland Hospital is also where Markle did not “give birth”. They only got paid to say she did. We know that she used a foreign surrogate yet there is no paper trail of that? Hunter belongs to the same group of cons with connections that lead all the way up to big orgs like MEGA. The SoHoes have quite the criminal network behind them. Fake birth certificates are produced for the kids they traffic in from Ukraine etc for illegal adoptions, same MO…

Harry’s Broke as a JOKE – Peddlin’ Palace Goodies For Pennies! According to the Fail Maggot cost the UK public 44 million? No, I too heard that her damage is more to the tune of 100 million! Remember how it leaked that SoFail was also bleeding Benedict…



Burkle and Sunshine go waaaay back-How did MM happen to select Sunshine Sachs?

I have attached an incredibly long and irrelevant federal court document about Sean Combs, the Citizen Change organization and the 2004 presidential election. The document is attached not for narrative, but for sourcing purposes.

The interesting part of the document to me is that Burkle bank rolled Sean Combs’ clothing company, Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group to the tune of $100 Million.

Combs, shortly after, founded Citizen Change-a nonprofit organization that encouraged 18-30 year olds to vote. Citizen Change got into trouble because per its nonprofit status, it was to remain nonpartisan.

But, repeatedly at rallies Combs, DiCaprio, Mary J. Blige and others campaigned for John Kerry then. And, the “nonprofit” shared the same address and phone number as BBWEG- a for profit company funded by Burkle.

Guess who the PR maverick was who was one of the architects for the Citizen Change movement, which was primarily a massive media plan? Yup. Ken Sunshine.

Citizen Change serreptitiously, and Ron Burkle directly, later supported massive democratic initiatives and HRC’s run at the Oval Office. Burkle has raised NINE FIGURES for those efforts.

Oh…and guess where Burkle and Combs met- at a party in the “Miami area.”

And one more “coincidence”…guess who Sean Combs sold half of his record company to in 2005…Warner Brothers Music- CEO was Edgar Bronfman, Jr.

It’s. All. Connected.

Thank you…because you are inside Tumblr it wouldn’t post…so I had to do it this way!

Very interesting…..thank you😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Geez…I was so tired last night that I forgot the other big connection we all know- since 1999 Peter Roth (hello, Lindsay’s uncle!!!) has been running Warner Brothers Television, alongside Bronfman.

What is one of the shows produced under Roth? The Ellen Degeneris Show. 🤨

As of August 2018, the divisions of the Warner Bros. Television Group combined are producing more than 100 programs for the U.S. broadcast networks as well as cable and subscription/on-demand platforms. That’s a lot of influence.

Oh and one more show green lighted by Roth and currently in its 5th season: Lucifer. It’s a show about Satan being the embodiment of evil, living in L.A., getting in touch with his softer side.

Lucifer…he’s just like us- a knucklehead trying to sort things out in this crazy world. Nothing to be worried about…relax…let your guard down…enjoy the show…🙄

I don’t know about anyone else, but my interest in the Harriet and Mugnut show has passed. They show up occasionally in timelines; yesterday, Harriet sells his handmade rifle (pawn shops are closed, so was it Craig’s?). Today, late to seeing this, the hideous book reading for faux Aarchie, done by a Megnot actress. Face and arms are mole-less. So, nothing’s changed. Still MIA. When they are located, that’s the piece I will read. BTW, nice white rabbit code on a child’s book. What the heck?

Maggot has to keep pushing her remaining backer’s agenda on her way out and her own expiration date is fast approaching. The SoHoes are nothing more than parasitic MKBots…

Oprah is a Grand Dame and one of Maggot’s Handlers



Funny how SoFail does exactly the same thing! Must be dat coke nose and those bad rhinoplasties didn’t help. She too looks like a two-legged sow with her utter lack of manners and their breath must be putrid…