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“Biden administration considers sending child migrants to Virginia military base as numbers surge” Good! Release them all there. Let the progressive gov. of Virginia take care of them. Get what you voted for. The tide is turning rapidly. Connecticut, not a red state by any means, is opening up its businesses. If COVID illegals can be released into CA and TX and travel across the country, why would states still be closed for business? A backlash is coming. It’s going to be spectacular.

Oh yeah and check this out:

Playing both sides like always 🙄…

Yeah, schools are closed. The southern border is open. Cages have been upgraded to the shipping containers. The left media finally started telling the public that Cuomo is a criminal. Demented President just woke up and sent a couple of officials to the TX border to find out what the fuck is going on. Send all those illegals to CA then LOL ‘Merica …

They’re already starting to send for their kids in Central America so that they can get free schooling and healthcare courtesy of the US taxpayer. This is the last thing we need in the middle of a economic crisis! The free-for-all won’t last very long however…

Did you see the tweet from the CA state senator calling MM a CA Princess? SMH




I did. Politicians these days are too busy trying to be celebrities. It’s damn shame.

Dumbass…America doesn’t have royalty.

Have people forgotten the Revolutionary War? Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere, the British are coming, Abigail Adams. THIS is what happens when you replace a ‘classical’ education with the crap they call elementary and senior school education. I lived in Massachusetts (Scituate) for two years (for a post Grad exchange program twenty seven years ago). In Boston you do the ‘Redline Tour’ that takes you through not only Revere’ ride but Faneuil Hall, the Charles River etc. Even then the tour guides relied upon tourists as schools had stopped using this tour as a field trip. The rot set in along time ago. M