You know when I realized how dangerous and envious and vindictive she is? When she went after casual civilians and doxed them when she was at the top of her popularity. She was drunk with power and planned her entire Hollywood getaway snd that’s when her true self was revealed. I don’t and never will feel sorry for her downfall (when you think about what she had and what she could have gain and lost? It’s a downfall) she deserves every bit of it




“You came here with something to do. You are part of a universal consciousness, and there are no accidents in it. In your true essence – not the false self, not the ego part of you, but in the true essence of who you are – you are infinite and you have something very profound to accomplish while you’re here. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.”

Wayne Dyer

“And let me be very clear: I have zero doubt that unless we significantly improve the lives of the American people this year, Democrats will get wiped out in the 2022 midterm elections,” the senator added.“ /Sen. Bernie Sanders/ — Did you heard what Demented Perv Biteme state about the economy? He wasn’t very clever as VP. That’s the reason why Obama didn’t trust him to make decisions. Now he’s senile. Bush/Cheney pro-war neocons are thrilled to “work with Biden.” What does it mean? Nothing goo

The Dems never listen to Bernie, especially when he’s right. Of course neocons are tickled pink to work to through that doddering old muppet…

Fucking hell, it’s only bene 3 days and biden’s already WARMONGERING?? you know there should be a new law in America where anytime an American president sends out troops somewhwre, the presidentis should be obligated to send their OWN CHILDREN among the troops. I dislike USA, but i have soft spot for American enlisted in the military just because they want a university scholarship (or because Hollywood makes war/violence look cool). Their lives wasted on pointless wars. I hope they stage a coup!

My paternal grandpa was a decorated WW2 veteran so I know how you feel. I warned about Sleepy being BFFs with a bunch of warhawks before the elections. Now he nominated a General on the Raytheon BoD to run the Pentagon! These cowards happily send other people’s kids to die or get maimed in their stupid wars for profit. IMO few wars are truly justifiable, fewer still inevitable but it’s big business. Sleepy made a huge mistake when he disrespected the NG, first by questioning their political affiliation, then by making them sleep on bare concrete and tossing them biscuits as if they were dogs. He already qualifies for removal from power under Military Code 11.3 BTW…

Anon., Ted Cruz is NOT President. Biden is. If Biden is stupid enough to follow Ted Cruz’s shitty advice, it’s on him. Ted Cruz has NO authority to use executive orders. The Unions are blaming President. The NM officials are blaming President. Biden just ordered to send the troops back in Syria. He’s Commender in Chief, not Ted Cruz or Lindsey Graham. And by the way, neocons, like Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Lindsey Graham, would love to see our troops staying in the Middle East forever. -1

About the pipeline. The argument is pointless. No matter what Biden and his administration will be blamed for this disaster. Not Ted Cruz. He’s not President. It’s already started “BREAKING: New Mexico leaders say Biden domestic energy bans will devastate the state’s economy, where jobs, education, and public programs depend on funding from the industryNew Mexico voted 54-43 for Biden” NM officials are officially blaming Biden. The Union is officially blaming Biden.

Yeah, because everyone with a brain knows Sleepy dunnit.

You realize Hank Aaron had Leukemia, right? He didn’t die from nanobots in the Covid vaccine or anything. Also one day does not an economy make. The bit about Biden tanking the economy by blocking the Pipeline? That came from Ted Cruz. The only thing that comes from him is shit. But then again, this is from the woman who thinks a no name wannabe actress, with a hot, sexy, talented artist and boyfriend, AND a husband, somewhere, too, maybe, some kids, maybe, not, could find hire and utilize a body double, not once but twice, thrice or even more. You’ve accused this same “woman” of large schemes of intrigue, which she frankly doesn’t have the I.Q. for you know. Quite frankly, no one has ever gotten a solid answer as to how she is affiliated Oxford, for there are numerous ways to fake a degree and she can’t even provide solid proof of that. The woman is dumb as a brick and you’ve put her at the center of conspiracies Einstein couldn’t pull off. You are a moron.

Really? Talk about non-arguments. You must think Skeptics are as stupid as you obviously are if you expect us to buy your diversionary BS. Since I’m tired of having to repeat myself to trolls, you can read for yourself…

1. TC didn’t block the Keystone XL project, Sleepy did:

2. Sleepy’s tanking a lot of things through the egregious use of shitty EOs:

3. It’s not “nanobots”, you idiot. Anaphylactic shock can kill people! Giving a sick senior like Hank Aaron the Rona jab was counterindicated. It likely precipitated his death, there are countless instances of this:

4. SoFail is quite stupid and her drug addiction makes her particularly unstable. Props to David Birkin, who appears to be her main Handler. She does have a malicious base cunning, however and I always said that her backers are what made her so dangerous. They are very intelligent, wealthy and extremely well-connected. She serves as their willing enforcer, a tool through which to carry out their vile plans. One of which was collectively fucking Benedict over:

Narcs feel an irrational hatred towards anyone that has the qualities they lack, so it’s no surprise that SoFail’s dead set on destroying him. As an aside one of Maggot’s doubles was outed, we are talking name, agency, everything. No one can deny that it’s part of the SoHoe MO.







She even plagiarized Cindy Crawford LOL LOL LOL.

I love that the author gathered this all in one place. 

Excellent research. Keep re-blogging to keep this info in the public domain. Megain has never had an ORIGINAL IDEA IN HER LIFE. That’s why copies others constantly.

As I always say… An original thought in her head… Would die of loneliness.


Psychopath alert. Bunny boiler

great compilation