“El Nahualismo consiste en encontrar el espíritu animal que mora en cada uno de nosotros, y el desarrollo de las habilidades que este puede despertar en cada uno de nosotros… Muchos magos Brasileños son Nahuales. Es como ser Animago, pero de una forma mucho más espiritual. Por lo que sé, los Nahuales pueden materializar su espíritu animal, pero no transformarse en ellos, solo dominarlo, creo. Es una magia mucho más difícil. Y todos no lo logran”

i’m new here and i wanted to ask you why benedict broke up with olivia and anna ??

It seems like Ben did want to marry Olivia but her feelings towards him cooled after their relationship dragged on for over a decade. Maybe she had already met Laurence Dobiesz by then. From what we were told Ben waited too long to commit which is one of the self-sabotaging patterns that he keeps repeating. Anna was the rebound GF right after his painful split from Olivia, those rarely work out. She was both well-bred and pretty but while he was clearly attracted to her I heard that they broke up over a prenup. Her moderately wealthy family may have thought that Ben was marrying up despite him being the one doing them a favor. Typical Peerage snobbery…

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