First trailer for The Mauritanian features Benedict Cumberbatch’s singularly awful Southern accent



Benedict Cumberbatch’s awful accent as military prosecutor, Lt. Col. Stuart Couch in trailer for The Mauritanian is the worst Hollywood Southern accent since Forrest Gump
Lainey, who used to love Ben, railed him on the accent. 

And we all know she gets paid to share a certain opinion. But, she’s also Canadian, so what the fuck does she know about Southern Accents. She probably thinks there’s only one kind.

This is so lame. B is a great actor, so some people are trying to find something to pick at. Same thing was said about his accent in Doctor Strange, which was fine (apart from a few tiny slips). Give it a rest, already. I’m very excited about this film.

I’ll tell you what’s lame, the fact that Stans and Benedict’s Dollar General Team still refuse to see the rotting PR elephant in the room because let’s face it folks, this fauxmance was DOA. The truth is that SoFail’s non-stop fuckery is interfering with Benedict’s ability to perform. Ask yourselves why he did a much better job in August: Osage County despite being more inexperienced. He didn’t have to worry about that toxic slag’s demands and was entirely free to focus on honing his craft which includes working on regional accents. Ask yourselves why the press was a lot more forgiving towards him before? Because the errors he did make were small, they had a lot more respect for him then and are now as fed up with the ShamCircus as we are!

First trailer for The Mauritanian features Benedict Cumberbatch’s singularly awful Southern accent


Okay, just chiming in here, as a Southerner, who has lived all over the South. Benedict’s accent in the trailer is actually pretty good. Let’s just say I know quite a few people who sound just like that. So good job. One of the things I have noticed over the years is that the word “been” ALWAYS gives him away. Until this time. He said “bin” and not “bean”. Good job

The industry is less than impressed, however:

You just know the Weibo mess is being laughed at by his peers. They are losing more and more respect for him with each stupid ShamStunt he pulls…

Well, if it’s him I hope you’re happy Disney! You’ve allowed SoFail to keep abusing Benedict, keeping him isolated from his real support system. He needs to be kept as far away as possible from toxic people like her and Adam, NO CONTACT. His real family are his parents, we know they love him and we also care about his well-being. None of us want anything bad to happen to him. This horrible situation is hurting us and is slowly killing him! Enough of this 😡! He struggles with EBDs and you still don’t seem to understand that he’ll be no good to you if he has a nervous breakdown. You know exactly what you need to do to make him well again, meds aren’t enough. Let him get the help and support he needs, please 🙏.

Fandango on Twitter


So we’re those pics dropped the other day her “payment” for now Awards season?

Enty already laid out how the tit for tat PR works in their contract. WTF is it still in effect? SoFail’s literally broken every clause. Her ridiculous stunts only detract focus from his work and make him look like an absolute clown!

Fandango on Twitter

I’m an Australian who has lived in NZ and travelled all over the country. Believe me, you can tell it’s not New Zealand if you know the place.


Thanks. Maybe when he first got back from NZ?

End of July at the latest, right after TPOTD because recall what he looked like in the photos and videos after that? Clean-shaven with shorter hair, so nope. As an aside New Zealand’s vegetation is quite varied, depending on the area. I know because my college BFF married a Kiwi and both she and one of my relatives moved there. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that someone’s feeling awfully stupid now over staging a literal crapshoot…

PS: It’s a girlwhy?

Funny how Ben is wearing a mask and Sophie is not. I guess she wants no mistakes that it’s her with the happy family.


Well, that and the fact that she’s too Avant-garde to catch Covid

SoFail is a virus and already looks like she’s at death’s door, how would everyone know it was her? She’s so basic that if you blink, you miss her. It’s all about securing narcissistic supply and dat child support. The loaners should’ve also been wearing masks but their safety obviously doesn’t matter either. I guess that contract includes a waiver of liability…


Dear Zero,

I love how you think you are so slick. Snort. Seriously. These are not on any pap site anyone can find, but they are on your go to site for fuckery?

Just because the Rat just laid off a bunch more people doesn’t mean they aren’t going to notice this

Oh man, are they going to be pissed. They kept warning SoFail not to pull any more of these stunts. Can’t even get kids that are all the right age and size, the two smaller ones look like twins🤦! Holy Mother of Botox does she look like absolute shit once those fillers wear off too. No wonder people mistook her for Benedict’s half-sister at Wimbledon 🤣! Come to think of it, he hasn’t looked that scruffy in months either. Definitely taken a while ago and dumped just now. I don’t even want to think about what the Rat’s reaction is going to be. Remember how they said they’d blow this mess sky high? Well, the probability of that happening just went way up…

I don’t think Sophie is losing at all. Even if she’s evil and has him under a spell of whatever she’s taking it all the way to the bank.

Fuck SoFail, she’s pure trash. Benedict is what matters here and he is losing it all bit by bit. SoFail has even made attempts against his life! Criminals like her have no limit, no endpoint. Let me reiterate that she’s fully liable for what she stole because she wasn’t content with what Benedict paid her to play pretend and what she earned from merching. She’ll have to pay all of it back along with damages or suffer the consequences, that simple. As per her own words what SoFail wanted more than anything was to be on the cover of every magazine as a standalone celebrity. Since people in the industry just laughed at her for being a pathetic loser she had no choice but to focus on feeding her raging drug addiction by robbing Benedict blind. That’s where most of that money goes as well as giving her team their cut…

Bothered Much?

Want unconventional actors? Steve Buscemi, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell, to name a few. As far as Sophie’s influence on Ben? She would have to have influence to influence him. In UK, in certain circles, maybe. She might have been a “Harvey’s girl” but Harvey’s gone now. Hollywood like most of civilization has no clue who the hell she is. Aeltri, get a grip. Trump didn’t win and Sophie is a meaningless piece of jetsam who is trying to ride a girlfriend contract for all it’s worth. She may have vices, she may not. She could be robbing him blind, I don’t know. But to say she has any influence over his career is like saying an ant can make it rain. It doesn’t make any sense and makes you sound stupid to say it. Sophie wants power. You don’t desire what you already have. Moron. 

Go back and re-read what I wrote, you twit. SoFail is a tool, as Benedict himself said. Harvey was one of many people pulling her puppet strings, much as with Maggot and Hungry. Ask yourself why SoFail went to Hungry for “advice”? They are all honeytrap hoes that belong to the same international crime ring. Markus Anderson is a Soho House pimp but he’s hardly their only Handler. Blackmail is the name of their game but when that doesn’t work? They exploit trauma triggers and/or make outright threats, I mean we’ve already seen patent signs of abuse. That is how they exert control over their targets and patsies get rewarded based on how well they perform. It’s mostly via ill-gotten gains however because their characteropathy makes them rather unpopular. No amount of stupid blurbs can make the general public like them! There is absolutely no doubt that SoFail is a career felon, she exploits others and their vices to feed her own. Jetsam is rubbish and you don’t keep it around, you dispose of it. While she has indeed failed miserably to make a name for herself any fauxmance contract is supposed to favor both parties, not one at the expense of the other! Not only did she break every single clause rendering it void but she has caused Benedict substantial damages which she and her accomplices are fully liable for. There is no logical reason why Karon or indeed anyone else should adhere to it, period.


Careers to aspire to off the top of my head? Tom Hanks, Leonard Nimoy, Shatner, all played hot guys when they were younger and aged into character actors. Tom Hanks even cross-dressed when he was young and did stupid silly roles and now is know as a serious actor. The Dogulas family does it well, John Cusack too. Jeff Goldbulm has a great career to aspire too. The problem is Ben’s constant role, which the nannies say doesn’t exist, is that of the broken man that women aspire to fix. That’s a good role to play in your 30’s but starts to get dated in your 40’s. In your 40’s you move into father roles, power figure roles, people that have their lives together. Women looking for men in their 40’s want men with their life together. Movies exist to sell fantasy. Women want the fantasy that they can have the men in the movie, and no one wants a damaged 40’s as a love interest. That’s why Doctor Strange will have a love interest in this movie. The other fantasy that can sell is happily ever after. And for the record, I don’t hate Ben. I dislike the mess his agents and Karon have made of his career. I also don’t hate Sophie. To hate her would require I think about her for more than 5 seconds. Also hate is intense dislike for someone or something. I’d have to have feeling and intense emotions about Sophie to hate her. I DGAF about her. She just happens to be a bit player in this little drama that is going on. 

Diversionary rhetoric won’t get you anywhere with us, we know that Sophie’s a key instrument of his enemies. Through her they have caused more than a “bit” of damage. She is to Benedict what fellow SoHoe Amber Heard is to Johnny Depp. Dangerous to his person, toxic AF and the kiss of death to his career. That’s pretty hateful if you ask me. You know it as well as I do, so stop acting stupid. She and the other hangers-on (Dollar General Team included) need to be gotten rid of, immediately. Nothing will change for the better until that happens, so get to it 😠! As an aside, haven’t you learned anything? Trying to stuff Benedict into a generic PR box back in 2014 is what ruined his brand and his job prospects. Leads don’t all have to conform to a set pattern to make a film successful. It’s your insistence on perpetuating stereotypes, your outdated and formulaic mindset that has hurt actors like him as well as your industry. People are tired of seeing the same old and for good reason. Ford, Edison, Wynne weren’t “broken men”, all of those characters had relatively functional family lives. Benedict can play everymen well but then again so can half of Hollywood. If his appearance and acting style is better suited to quirkier roles why insist on treating him like Brad Pitt?

PS: Doctor Strange is nominally married to the sorceress Clea in the comics but their relationship is rather…open to put it mildly.


Anon please – Anon Please: This is the actual picture from the Instagram account of the wedding venue. It’s clearly been photoshopped with all that other shit added. I don’t like Sophie Hunter either, but posting a photoshopped picture of someone else’s wedding cake makes skeptics look like ‘parched frauds’. There is enough shit in the showmance already without having to make stuff up.

It was a JOKE. Ffs


What part of “fixed it for you” didn’t you understand? Are you deliberately acting dense or are you genuinely that stupid? We know that those parched frauds are upset precisely because we called them out on their fraud! That includes the not wedding cake. I coined that phrase BTW so find your own, you unimaginative twat waffle!

Look at you, photoshopping that picture of Patrick and Gemma’s wedding cake like the mature, well-adjusted grown woman you are. You are one sad, lonely, pathetic bitch aren’t you?

Look at yourself, you vapid narcissistic cunt. So starved for validation that you parasitize celebrities or indeed anyone with one iota of talent because you don’t have any. Burning thousands on mindless puff pieces to disguise the fact that you are bottom-feeding worms. Why are you mad? Don’t hate me because I know how to use Photoshop while you are stuck paying Gambles to do a shitty job! I simply added a cake topper and the ambulance mentioned in the Fail so that it fits your stupid narrative. That’s no “wedding cake” either, it’s a commemorative cake for the Orleans House Trust courtesy of that bakery that three parties decided to use for publicity. Why would it be on display at the wedding venue if the reception was at a hotel? Silver is bright and reflective but you certainly aren’t! Then there’s the fact that it was actually posted weeks after the event…


PS: Twelve days is more than one week, you idiot. You would have saved yourselves the embarrassment if a server hadn’t Tweeted about a reception at an even earlier date! 

Benedict Cumberbatch donates 12k to help buy hospital scrubs

This was “news” in April. Looks like someone cashed their PR chips in half a year down the line. So much for charity, eh? Benedict really shouldn’t thank Emma or Joe Woolfe for making him look like a fruity Colonel Sanders. I mean, he already paid them through the nose. Speaking of performance activism didn’t BLM activists threaten to lynch him over that getup too? Emma’s overpriced shirts must not be selling because of the pandemic, pretty soon they’ll end up at TJMaxx! Just when I thought Karon couldn’t possibly screw up more…

PS: SoFail was not mentioned in the IG shout-out, so she had Karon “fix” that. I see that the Narcissist video rankled, thanks for proving my point you fucking zero 😁!

Benedict Cumberbatch donates 12k to help buy hospital scrubs

You’ve seen her initial contract with Weinstein? Do you have a copy? Would love to see that!

Not the contract, though we were told that UTA was also heavily involved. Both they and Weinstein saw it as a way to rebrand Benedict so that he would be more appealing to Academy voters. From a marketing standpoint that was the worst idea ever though because his own unique brand is precisely what had made him popular! Anyhow, what we did see was a copy of the list that SoFail was hired from and her fee. 30K is steep for a Z-Lister but we figured it wasn’t merely for “modeling” seeing as how she’s a known escort. Agencies like MC2 and Kruger Cowne are notorious for doubling as sex brokers OTDL.

I saw an Anon ask on Gator’s page about whats-her-face stalking Ben to get into Hay Fest. Care to elaborate?

Long story short. We heard that Harvey Weinstein hired SoFail as BC’s potential RCGF around March-April of 2014. We even saw her initial booking fee which was around 30K IIRC. Apparently Harvey intended the French Open PR outing as a soft launch for the fauxmance, to see if it worked. Except that the Cunters began circling Benedict prior to that which should tell you that they had ulterior motives. SoFail was not supposed to perform alongside Benedict and Loo at the Hay Festival, her father Charles Hunter had to pull strings via the Groucho Club to get her in. “Charlie” helped SoFail get closer to their intended prey so that she could study him which explains her creepy stalking behavior. She then extended an invitation to Benedict to attend her Uncle Julius Drake’s piano recital at Hay. I can assure you that it wasn’t out of kindness because both Julius and her Aunt Belinda managed to tag along to the French Open shortly thereafter. Bunch of leeches…