Typewriter! Leroy Anderson and Victor Borge did magic!

Two on the same day?



The Courier and The Mauritanian are both being released on February 19, 2021? That seems odd. Dates are from IMDb.

Very odd

Will they be releasing direct to streaming just like I predicted they’d have to 😏? With continued lockdowns and movie theaters going out of business, relying on theatrical releases just isn’t practical. Then again, what do I know 😑…


To your angry anon,
It’s NOT that he got married…
It IS that he was dating multiple women when he proposed.

It’s NOT that he had a child…
It IS that he had so looked forward to being a father, and now looks horrible with his children.

It’s NOT that he lost weight…
It IS that he appears to be following a lifestyle that is not conducive to well being.

It’s NOT that he helps friends gain fame, simply because they know him.
It IS that his “so-called friends” are using his name only to gain power and fame.(And sometimes money, see Letters Live)

It’s NOT that we no longer like his movies…
It IS that we refuse to encourage actors that are unwell. This has happened before. Other actors, in self abusive situations(drug, booze) or in desctructive relationships, have had producers and casting directors have refused to give roles to those people.

So angry anon you see, it’s NOT that we aren’t fans or don’t like him…
It’s that sometimes people do things that are unexplainable and we want to know why.
The entirety of human existence can be boiled down to the asking of the question why? Humans are innately curious and there is no stopping it. And WHY would you want to…====


Apparently @ijustdontknowany is angry because unlike her we’re not stupid enough to buy what PR’s selling. We’re pissed off because it’s all fake and pointless. It’s that he got stuck in an Award Season pseudobearding PR arrangement gone horribly wrong. It’s that SoFail is an abusive, intersex con who had to lie, cheat and commit fraud to secure her mark past the original contract’s expiration date. It’s that she even had to bribe a Vicar to preside over a sham shitshow, as per one of the guests. It’s that she borrows other people’s kids for badly staged pap ops because she can’t have any. It’s that aside from being an utter laughing stock in the industry she literally does nothing other than parasitize Benedict and anyone else she can latch onto. It’s that she’s been the kiss of death to both his finances and his professional reputation. It’s that a good reputation matters because in order to win awards you have to get nominated in the first place! Ditto for selling more tickets and getting better job offers, need I go on…

PS: He knows who we are 🤣.

funny how you ban the ones who clearly know what you are…It’s terribly amusing that you read the NY Post. Don’t be such a cliche’!

Except I don’t, I’m allowing your Asks through because your stupidity amuses me. You lot love quoting MSM sources like the NY Toilet Paper in order to “debunk” me. That one just did the opposite, now even they can’t deny what’s going on. Your boy Cuomo is on the chopping block and DeBlasio will soon join him…

PS: You really don’t know me.


“You cannot understand a man’s actions unless you understand his beliefs.”

— From “The Illuminatus!” trilogy, Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson

I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer but it’s gotten lukewarm reviews and Benedict isn’t even in the possibles list. As with TCW, acting well and hoping for the best is really all he can do. You know who was also absolutely obsessed with collecting gilded statuettes, Adam? Harvey Weinstein, like you he was an exploitative wanker but at least he knew WTF he was doing. Apparently you and that parasitic slag plan on running Mr. Ben into the fucking ground. I’ll never forget how sick he got while filming TC thanks to you. Remember what cost him the Oscar for TIG as well as his A-List status? That’s right, the fauxmance from hell that you pressured him to stay in! Now do everyone a favor and stop dragging him into your BS, legal and…otherwise 😡.

who made the agreements


Thread by @MAJIC_EYES_QNLY: @StLHandyMan @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 Mass arrests and military tribunals have to take place before Disclosure and First Ca is still at war with various enemies, some secret/hidden. Extraterrestrials have agreements we have to follow f…