You cite Pat Brosnan like he’s a good example of anything? Whoa, not a New Yorker, are you? That man is a well known dirty cop and a fascist, who destroyed innocent lives. When will you stop using this silly little platform as a way to expound on things you clearly know nothing about? You are the archetypal Dunning -Kruger patient. I could write a paper about you. Say, perhaps I will!!!

Don’t bother, I’m sure that your shrink has written volumes about you. You’re rather slow aren’t you? Is it a side effect of the meds? The fact that someone like Brosnan did less damage and is now making more sense than the Mayor of NYC should worry you. Irony, don’t shoot the messenger and all that…

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Ex-NYC detective says surge in violent crime in city is down to BLM-inspired unrest and the $1bn cut from the NYPD – NOT school and business closures due to COVID as Mayor de Blasio claims


Ex-NYC detective says surge in violent crime in city is down to BLM-inspired unrest and the $1bn cut from the NYPD – NOT school and business closures due to COVID as Mayor de Blasio claims

  • Retired NYPD detective Pat Brosnan said BLM-inspired rioting and looting, along with the defunding of NYC’s police is being the current surge of violent crime
  • Brosnan sought to contradict claims made by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, who blamed the surge on pandemic-related closures of schools and businesses
  • Brosnan called de Blasio’s narrative ‘convenient’, and instead insisted ‘riots for fun and…

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Which is why we saw the NG being mobilized and 4X the usual number of military aircraft flying around last week. Antifa/BLM planned on taking their rioting nonsense to the next level if their paymasters’ plans to subvert the election were thwarted. That won’t work under Martial Law, they’ll simply get shot…




Someone pointed out that the font on the government’s letter about the quarantine looked familiar, and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

If I may add, from a viral Facebook post:

God I for sure hope that the next CAH deck they’re coming out with will include this black card

Would you look at that, Michigan just certified the vote went to Biden, Pennsylvania will do the same next week and the transition has been approved. Are you finally going to admit that your boy Trump lost? And don’t say SCOTUS will change the results because they won’t. Sanity is coming back to the WH. Pity it won’t come back to you.

Yeah, after the fuckery in Wayne County? LOL, the rushed certification of the last 5 states simply won’t matter when sufficient proof of widespread fraud is brought before the SCOTUS. Let me tell you what happens in that event. The whole election gets invalidated, back to square one, then it goes to the House with one Delegate per state. The GOP controls 26 states, the DNC 20 and 4 could go either way. One of those swing states is almost guaranteed to vote with the GOP. That means that the DNC would still lose with 23/27. The GOP candidate will automatically win which in this case means a second term for Cheeto. It doesn’t matter how many RINOs dance around the issue and kiss Sleepy’s wrinkled ass, Cheeto has not and will not concede. Things are about to get really interesting but I’m not sure you’re going to like it…

PS: Sanity? With Dementia Joe as POTUS and Krazy Killary pegged as US ambassador to the UN?!? Good one 🤣!

Powell has been working with Cheeto’s team not directly for it, Lin Wood explained everything. She had already said as much during a recent interview. Giuliani simply reiterated that but predictably MSM took a simple fact and ran with it…straight off a cliff🤦.

Rudy Giuliani (Trump Team): Constitutional law matters related to the election

Sidney Powell: Criminal, election fraud

Lin Wood: Defamation, election fraud, big tech

It’s a 3 prong legal strategy, the endgame was always SCOTUS.

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