blackwork tattoos.


1- unnknown, found on pinterest.

2- Georgie Williams

3- unnknown, found on pinterest.



Workers at the Nazca lines recently discovered this geoglyph of a cat, and its face reminds me of your drawings.

I think it’s really neat that humans have been drawing funky little felines for thousands of years.

i wish i could be this powerful… here is a pale imitation

Shawn Usher’s “Rumours”


You know damn well what you did and you can’t even deny it! The Nans reblog photos etc all the time and they are still around. “Stealing”? You mean like you do? All you can do is deflect but you fail at that too. Always trying to put the onus on your victims, you’ve also done it to Benedict

PS: Our sources had warned us in advance that SoFail would try to force him to capitulate. Both David Birkin and Clementine Seely showed up to help her with that.

Sorry about the keep asking. I’ve read things about the crew talking about how bad Sophie acts, and seems like TFOE the girl you talked about was also on set and saw how Sophie treats him? I’m just very worried about Benedict’s situation. If it’s not easy to find that’s okey, thanks anyways!

Yes, she was and later co-workers of Benedict’s confirmed everything. We too are very worried about his situation because SoFail is greedy and ruthless. We suspect that she and her allies have already made attempts on his life. He shouldn’t have to live in fear and under the thumb of those parasites 😔.

Let me get this straight, you have proof that Sophie and Ben’s friends are ripping him off, but instead of going to the press or the authorities with it, you keep it to yourself? Even though the British tabloids would have a field day with that story? You really must think everyone is as stupid as you are. You have nothing and you know it. So stop it with your silly threats and your lies, no one is buying it.

Her friends because they certainly aren’t his. Remember what we said about a certain dossier and a well-known NYC journalist that Weinstein had to pay off? Well, another journalist from the UK was writing an expose about the involvement of corrupt MPs like then PM David Cameron with human trafficking. Do you know who else was in it? SoFail and some of her associates. Guess who paid to have that shelved too? There have been so many leaks it’s not even funny. Yeah, keep saying that there’s no evidence. That argument won’t get you very far with the Rat’s lawyers or with the Feds for that matter, just ask Ghislaine!