RE: Pilo 2 AKA Hal

The answer is no. As per official leaks that kid was another loaner, in fact? For the sake of the PR narrative according to Enty SoFail’s SBF claimed that it was his, something he didn’t even do outright with Pilo 1 AKA Kit. For the sake of the PR narrative we know who has the brown eyes, both Conrad and Tom do so nice try! The paps caught the whole setup at Hampstead Heath, with some guy bringing the kid and handing it over to Ben for the shoot. Were the kid his and/or SoFail’s it wouldn’t have been rejected by the tabs but it was because passing someone else’s kid off as your own is misrepresentation. As to why SoFail was kept away from the cameras during the last two fakenancies? It’s simple, she barely pulled it off the first time but got caught wearing a prosthetic for the second time. I know Sophie Hunter and Conrad Shawcross hate the idea of having all 3 shelf babies unceremoniously dumped on them but that’s just too damn bad. Oh and do say “Cheers” to Eddie for me 😏….

Is that who I think it is? Yes!



So apparently Tom may have been sizing up his victim since late 2013. You know how I said that it could be personal because BC didn’t help him advance his career? BC went with Peanut instead and if Tom is as racist as SH’s clique seems to be? Reasons…


You do not want to go there…


I’m not one to get into debt my dear, how much do you owe your creditors btw? Last I heard you weren’t paying up and they were rather upset. Given that the other Tom, as in Hiddleston, said that your whole ‘marriage’ was BS I’m inclined to believe him over you. I mean pretty much everyone knows at this point, stop kidding yourself. TH must be so jealous now that you’ve linked his own ‘imaginary boyfriend’ to Eddie Redmayne instead. Trying to cockblock the Rat now and smearing two contractors that play popular MCU characters is a very bad idea…



So, Seb did a tiny little write up on the Fail (LINK) and one has to wonder:

  • What happened to the title pertaining to the Dismals?
  • Why did he use the word “insists”?  Does he know something we don’t?
  • Why did he choose to use the picture he did, where Ben smiles straight to the camera like the gullible unicorn prince he is while Weirdo looks tense?
  • What happened to Weirdo’s job title (whichever career she’s pushing for at the moment)?
  • What happened to the “stunning” epithet that always accompanied Weirdo’s name every time she’s gotten a mention by any editor on the Fail?

Inquiring minds want to know!

P.S.  Nice to see Seb follows the German tabloids

I hope Tom Edmund’s wife Deborah isn’t jealous either…


It seems to me like SoFail is trying to imply that BC is the guilty party. That he has given a normally “confident” woman cause to be jealous. I think Master Shake knows as well as we do that P2P article commissioned by Herself was a mishmash of old quotes. This Fail blurb is pure shade…

Popbitch weekly email, Nov 3


Cumberbitches get twisted

More details have emerged in the
ongoing conspiracy being pushed
by Benedict Cumberbatch’s super
fans (the Cumberbitches) that his
wife is pregnant by another man
and that poor Benny will have
to raise the child as his own.

The photos that the Cumberbitches
have been waving around as proof
that Sophie Hunter is having an
affair are not of her and her
secret ‘boyfriend’ but of a BBC
Wales employee and his wife
(who does, to be fair, look
remarkably like Hunter).

After months of harassment and
threats of being ‘outed’ to the
press as Sophie’s lover, the
man in question contacted the
tabloids himself to explain
that none of this was true.

The hacks reassured him they
had no intention of printing
such obvious horseshit, but
wondered if he’d maybe like
to sell his story about what
it’s like to be stalked by
the internet’s most fearsome

How do the Cumberbitches explain
Benedict’s first child? Easy. It’s
a lifelike plastic doll that he’s
forced to carry around. Obviously.

Hahaha! Looks like the nannies (or Sophie) are still trying to say Tom is Matt Reece and Sophie is his wife! LMAO. Good thing enty knows what’s really happening

That is SH or a doppelganger who raided her closet. “Matt Reece” sat said doppelganger in the bitch seat, then rode his motorcycle all the way from Cardiff to London for a theater outing? Did SoFail hook up with one of the Fail interns that has recently sent disinformation to PB? Sure seems like it and Tom may not be the boyfriend in question either. Yes, we know about the other one too but nice try. Sweetie, you got caught more than once so this is hardly a case of mistaken identity. Guess someone is panicking now…