So, Seb did a tiny little write up on the Fail (LINK) and one has to wonder:

  • What happened to the title pertaining to the Dismals?
  • Why did he use the word “insists”?  Does he know something we don’t?
  • Why did he choose to use the picture he did, where Ben smiles straight to the camera like the gullible unicorn prince he is while Weirdo looks tense?
  • What happened to Weirdo’s job title (whichever career she’s pushing for at the moment)?
  • What happened to the “stunning” epithet that always accompanied Weirdo’s name every time she’s gotten a mention by any editor on the Fail?

Inquiring minds want to know!

P.S.  Nice to see Seb follows the German tabloids

I hope Tom Edmund’s wife Deborah isn’t jealous either…


It seems to me like SoFail is trying to imply that BC is the guilty party. That he has given a normally “confident” woman cause to be jealous. I think Master Shake knows as well as we do that P2P article commissioned by Herself was a mishmash of old quotes. This Fail blurb is pure shade…

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