Farage goes to Hollywood . . . for Brexit the series

We knew BC playing NF was BS anyhow but why the 180 from Newscorp? It looks like someone got their hand slapped…could it be that Team BC’s PR is finally doing it’s fucking job? Great! I think y’all know what else you have to do…

Farage goes to Hollywood . . . for Brexit the series


Are for angels and amateur image editors. See this is one of my areas of expertise and even though they did a better job this time around? My trained eye still caught it. Did you threaten to leak or worse? Give it up SoFail, it’s downright pathetic at this point…

Sophie must be wearing the cloak of invisibility and only takes it off in restaurants because they are the only “sightings” mentioned.


Oh, so now someone is saying she was with him at the restaurant? Was she wearing a sombrero?

SoFail’s starved for supply and it shows. Two “sightings” literally back to back despite allegedly being in Atlanta for WEEKS? LOL! No one gave a rat’s about her mousy narration yet it still doesn’t sink in that fetch will never happen. The tax-free perks? Gone under the tightened regulations on both sides of the pond. Income stream is drying up and a hot meal really isn’t worth it. Photos and video are what Marvel uses to counter Team SoSo’s BS on the regular. They’ve even gotten RDJ involved but they will not stop just like MM. Not smart PR, especially considering that her people are openly threatening to spill now…

I see what you’re doing…

It’s called DARVO: Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender. It’s a typical last-ditch narc maneuver so lose the false victim card already. None of us have done what you claim and the proof is in our Archives. Wishing that a person be brought to justice for their wrongdoings is an entirely different matter. A lot more can be said about Team SoSo’s own threats:


I’m beginning to think PR wants the nans and skeptics to continue their pointless civil war. There’s nothing of note going on in Ben’s life except work, and they can’t fathom anyone being interested in “just” work! This quarrel keeps him in the front of everyone’s minds between big promotions, so they let it carry on!


No, I don’t think so. We all know that they’ve been trying to get rid of a certain section of the fandom since before the sham. Maybe this is how the Rat tries to do it?

Everyone in a small corner of Tumblr? That doesn’t change anything and there is no “civil war”, if anything the only thing PR is going provoke is more damning leaks. They certainly don’t want to lose control of a counterproductive narrative that should have ended months ago. The ShamWow is a liability and a hindrance for both the Rat and BC, the only party profiting from this circus now is Team SoSo. They need to stop fluffing off and deal with the underlying issue…


So, Seb did a tiny little write up on the Fail (LINK) and one has to wonder:

  • What happened to the title pertaining to the Dismals?
  • Why did he use the word “insists”?  Does he know something we don’t?
  • Why did he choose to use the picture he did, where Ben smiles straight to the camera like the gullible unicorn prince he is while Weirdo looks tense?
  • What happened to Weirdo’s job title (whichever career she’s pushing for at the moment)?
  • What happened to the “stunning” epithet that always accompanied Weirdo’s name every time she’s gotten a mention by any editor on the Fail?

Inquiring minds want to know!

P.S.  Nice to see Seb follows the German tabloids

I hope Tom Edmund’s wife Deborah isn’t jealous either…


It seems to me like SoFail is trying to imply that BC is the guilty party. That he has given a normally “confident” woman cause to be jealous. I think Master Shake knows as well as we do that P2P article commissioned by Herself was a mishmash of old quotes. This Fail blurb is pure shade…

“Marvel may not be concerned about what we skeptics say once the split occurs…but they may be terrified of our archives.” In that case, wouldn’t it be helpful to Benedict if we deleted our blogs, so he could ditch zero without damaging his image? What if we are unwittingly forcing him to stay with her?


Many of us don’t have separate “sham related only” blogs. And let’s face it, a lot of people will still have access to the same evidence and photos we’ve been using all this time. If someone wants to dig that much, they will still find it. Do you really think the general public is going to care that much?

TBH how many people look through our archives? Very, very few. If Marvel’s PR people do their job well and spin this properly we will be relegated to fringe theorists. Censorship based on paranoia and unfounded fears is not the answer. Don’t you think Trump is already doing enough of that? The last thing any of us need is another round of


HI I was thinking if this whole producer gig could be a part of the payment for nophie and as usual that woman is demanding more than she deserves. Could this mean the split is coming? or am I completely off the mark


The split is coming. Based on that new Tweet, it’s looking like that could have been fuckery from Team Zero. Which they will be allowed to do until the split is official. Oh Marvel?

Hey Marvel? Y’all waited too long to fix this mess with no hitch. Just take your lumps and end it already! If it’s beyond the scope of your people get your parent company to help you. Are you waiting for Team SoSo to regroup and cost you more money? The backlash is already starting…

Brighton Troll

I figured since SoFail always gets others to do her dirty work for her I might as well address her directly. A fan? Oh, you’re no fan. You are far too invested in this to be anything less than one of SoFail’s flying monkeys. Are you Seiriol Davies, one of the “lads” or a friend of theirs? Do you think I didn’t notice how SoFail’s harassment campaign peaked right after I outed a number of people who were abetting her in her crimes? Because what she and her cohorts have done to BC himself, some of his associates and the skeptics goes far beyond “bullying”. So pot, kettle, STFU. The fact is that narcs hate being called out because they don’t want anyone to expose them for what they truly are. SoFail is upset because she stepped on too many toes in her mad scramble for supply and now she has to answer for that. She’s also running out of options, that’s all this is about.


Why do you think they don’t announce DC2 or that it’s gonna be a trilogy?..I thought the first movie was a success?


I think they are currently working on exactly how the next phase of Marvel movies is going to work. And until then they get it all figured out, they aren’t announcing anything.

“ Phase Four will be the fourth part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Phase Three. Phase Four consists of an unknown number of films planned between 2019 and 2028.”


Team SoSo

In alphabetical order:

David Birkin* – NYC/London

Eloise Fornieles – NYC/London

Jessica Grindstaff*  – NYC

William Richmond Watson – NYC/London

Clementine Seely* – London

Conrad Shawcross – London

Matthew S. Siskin – NYC

* These are the friends in NYC that BC was referring to in the most recent interview. David did his creepy stalker walk and Clemmie chased the fans away with her “Make way for HRH!” BS. There is more than one DS set photo with SH, Clementine and TJ. Jessica joined SH for BC’s SNL gig after the NYC DS premiere. TJ is like an honorary member because TBH I’m not sure who she’s really working for…


Show me the moneygram…


Say, weren’t they in the US at the time? Candy is easy enough to procure at parties so what gives? Whoever mystery man is is more than likely based there. Which is odd because out of SH’s closest male associates the only ones who live in the US are Matt Siskin in NYC and David Birkin who splits his time between NYC and London.


Scared of what or who I wonder? Given that they flew out to the US right away the threat may not have been in the UK after all…



Someone had this up for the Doctor Strange behind the scenes stuff. If I didn’t know who that was, I’d think he was a creepy stalker dude. Oh. Wait.

Darling you are making it way too obvious…so why bother slinking about in the background? I did say SH has helpers…


Someone had this up for the Doctor Strange behind the scenes stuff. If I didn’t know who that was, I’d think he was a creepy stalker dude. Oh. Wait.

Darling you are making it way too obvious…so why bother slinking about in the background? I did say SH has helpers…

Too little, too late…

Yeah, I called it. When Disney dropped that not-so-subtle threat last NYE I knew they meant business. Did SoFail clean up her act like any intelligent schemer would? Did she work on her public image and stop treating her ShamWow co-star like crap? Nope. Instead, she attacked skeptics like myself and ramped up the fuckery. The same fuckery that put her at odds with BC’s main employer in the first place! These two last BI point to Disney being done with her, SH can’t be reasoned with and expects to get paid top dollar/pound to half-ass PR outings. Everyone knows narcs never change, they only pretend to for a time and then the BS starts all over again. BC has too many options to allow a fauxmance to keep dragging his career down. This isn’t even about female competition, it’s all about a narrative that BC was too scared to follow through with last year. If he’s manning up, good for him. At least he did his damn job, badly but he tried. Do you know what happens when you don’t perform as per the contract SoFail?




RE:Sophie Hunter. Do you really want to know? I’m not a nanny for  SH or BC. I have tracked BC’s career since his first stage roles but wouldn’t see him or any actor in a project which didn’t interest me. However I did follow Sherlock Tumblrs and it was here I first came across skeptic blogs as they started posting in the tags I followed. Fandom has always had factions, divisions and hatreds but I was disturbed by the vilification of a woman who had chosen an artistically unconventional career for no reason I could see. I followed a few skeptic blogs and found a web of lies, misconceptions, misunderstandings of both UK culture and UK artistic life and true misogyny. Some blogs admitted to spreading lies and others invaded the privacy of BCs friends and family to a disturbing extent. And under all of this there was a complete hatred of SH – not just her looks, her work, and her marriage but also her friends, anyone who said they might have seen her with BC and her wider social circle.

Those same skeptics trashed every project SH was involved with even when respected reviewers in the field were positive, they built a career retrospective of complete failure and ridicule within the industry even when the facts and personal contacts in the field said something different. And that’s what causes me and other people to defend her. Not because she’s the greatest actress  or director or curator in history, she isn’t. But because she’s a moderately talented artist who has had a decent career in a very hard field and who does not deserve to be slandered in this way. There is no need for those who are fans of BC’s work to even concern themselves with her. It’s easy to ignore the tiny mentions in interviews and just follow the work. This obsessive focus on SH and the hatred of everything she does is what causes people to defend her, without it some of her work would be mentioned if it was good regardless of who she was married to, other works wouldn’t except in specialist reviews. We defend her because her the venom turned on her is unjust and, especially those of us struggling to work in minority artistic fields, it shows a real ignorance of the field in which we work – ignorance which needs to be countered.


So you feel that the only reason that, you, particularly, pay any attention to Sophie at all, is because the skeptic lambasted her. I have always tried to be fair in my reviews of what I have seen. I appreciate you being brave and sending in a response.

Would you even be saying that if skeptic were less critical of her career that it would be brought up less.

Are you also saying that the people that we refer to as nannies and antis are simply ignoring the remarks about Sophie in the articles about Ben, while skeptics are the only ones that comment on them?

I appreciate your comments. It would be interesting to see if you are the only one who feels that way.


Let me put it this way nonny, the “misconceptions” you talk about have been proven true by multiple sources and in some cases SH herself. I would concern myself more with my art if I were you and not with defending that pseudo-celeb’s misbehavior. There is too much evidence to ignore at this point, evidence that both her and many of her friends are deeply unpleasant people. People who see nothing wrong with engaging in unethical practices to get ahead. At no point have we said that everything SH has produced is bad. We have simply noted how over-inflated her meager body of work has been. We have heard again and again that her biggest issue is not her lack of talent as much as a visibly poor work ethic. The truth is that SH expects to get the lion’s share of recognition merely for showing up and delegating tasks to the truly competent. But that’s not all! She has the habit of soliciting non-articles in P2P publications. These either promote her or trash BC and SH even had the gall to plagiarize a female academic in The Guardian. Here is a woman who has built most of her public image on nothing but lies. Lies about her accomplishments, her character, her fashion sense etc. Highlighting that fact is not “misogyny” it’s truth-telling. You would do well to learn the difference…

In one of her comments (I can see only the most recent) Jamala says about BC and SH: ‘(with) his pregnant wife. They were so focused on each other (she used very strong expression meaning that two people have eyes only for each other (with passion) and outside world does not exist for them) that I couldn’t interfere (the words she used don’t make it clear if she were reluctant to interfere, but did it anyway or if she literally wasn’t able to)’


WTH Anon, I assume this is the translation you were talking about from IG?

The literal translation is far more concise, it also includes the word “abort” which given the context is deliciously ironic. One should ask the OP how she managed to take a selfie (that she couldn’t post), have a “sweet” convo and dance with both of them then. Someone should also ask her if SoFake’s belly felt pillowy or rubbery. BC can’t hide love that well any more than he can lie convincingly about the ShamFamily. I guess that’s why he looks like he wants to commit suicide whenever he has to walk the RC with the not-pregnant con-woman he so “revels” in…


Low profile is the way to go…

Really BC, it is. Everyone knows that SoFail is faking it yet again. Why they even know the make and model of the prosthetic she’s sporting. You know what else is now common knowledge? The fact that you really are a spineless milksop for going along with that no-name lunatic’s shenanigans. The shame of facing your far more respectable colleagues from Sherlock etc. in a public setting must be unbearable. Now we know why you’ve been MIA from the events with MF…