Cynthia Erivo to Star in African Princess Film, With Benedict Cumberbatch Producing



awesome, something to look forward to!

My, there’s a sudden flurry of Cumberbatch news! Isn’t that exciting! (Unlike the pap Ops)

Until you read between the lines and realize that Adam is allied with SoFail. The Weibo BS was the result of him convincing Benedict to “cooperate” with her for a crosspromotion 🤦. It’s a pattern with that idiot and this article is worded identically to the one about Claire Foy’s project. In both cases the SunnyMarch people that would be actively involved are Clarke and Ackland. Ben’s name and EP title is merely being used to lure investors and as clickbait. A bit disingenuous given the slew of properties they’ve already got in Development Hell. How many firms are they going to stiff out of millions by the time their little charade unravels, eh?

Cynthia Erivo to Star in African Princess Film, With Benedict Cumberbatch Producing

First trailer for The Mauritanian features Benedict Cumberbatch’s singularly awful Southern accent



Benedict Cumberbatch’s awful accent as military prosecutor, Lt. Col. Stuart Couch in trailer for The Mauritanian is the worst Hollywood Southern accent since Forrest Gump
Lainey, who used to love Ben, railed him on the accent. 

And we all know she gets paid to share a certain opinion. But, she’s also Canadian, so what the fuck does she know about Southern Accents. She probably thinks there’s only one kind.

This is so lame. B is a great actor, so some people are trying to find something to pick at. Same thing was said about his accent in Doctor Strange, which was fine (apart from a few tiny slips). Give it a rest, already. I’m very excited about this film.

I’ll tell you what’s lame, the fact that Stans and Benedict’s Dollar General Team still refuse to see the rotting PR elephant in the room because let’s face it folks, this fauxmance was DOA. The truth is that SoFail’s non-stop fuckery is interfering with Benedict’s ability to perform. Ask yourselves why he did a much better job in August: Osage County despite being more inexperienced. He didn’t have to worry about that toxic slag’s demands and was entirely free to focus on honing his craft which includes working on regional accents. Ask yourselves why the press was a lot more forgiving towards him before? Because the errors he did make were small, they had a lot more respect for him then and are now as fed up with the ShamCircus as we are!

First trailer for The Mauritanian features Benedict Cumberbatch’s singularly awful Southern accent


Okay, just chiming in here, as a Southerner, who has lived all over the South. Benedict’s accent in the trailer is actually pretty good. Let’s just say I know quite a few people who sound just like that. So good job. One of the things I have noticed over the years is that the word “been” ALWAYS gives him away. Until this time. He said “bin” and not “bean”. Good job

The industry is less than impressed, however:

You just know the Weibo mess is being laughed at by his peers. They are losing more and more respect for him with each stupid ShamStunt he pulls…

Well, if it’s him I hope you’re happy Disney! You’ve allowed SoFail to keep abusing Benedict, keeping him isolated from his real support system. He needs to be kept as far away as possible from toxic people like her and Adam, NO CONTACT. His real family are his parents, we know they love him and we also care about his well-being. None of us want anything bad to happen to him. This horrible situation is hurting us and is slowly killing him! Enough of this 😡! He struggles with EBDs and you still don’t seem to understand that he’ll be no good to you if he has a nervous breakdown. You know exactly what you need to do to make him well again, meds aren’t enough. Let him get the help and support he needs, please 🙏.

Fandango on Twitter


So we’re those pics dropped the other day her “payment” for now Awards season?

Enty already laid out how the tit for tat PR works in their contract. WTF is it still in effect? SoFail’s literally broken every clause. Her ridiculous stunts only detract focus from his work and make him look like an absolute clown!

Fandango on Twitter

I’m an Australian who has lived in NZ and travelled all over the country. Believe me, you can tell it’s not New Zealand if you know the place.


Thanks. Maybe when he first got back from NZ?

End of July at the latest, right after TPOTD because recall what he looked like in the photos and videos after that? Clean-shaven with shorter hair, so nope. As an aside New Zealand’s vegetation is quite varied, depending on the area. I know because my college BFF married a Kiwi and both she and one of my relatives moved there. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that someone’s feeling awfully stupid now over staging a literal crapshoot…

PS: It’s a girlwhy?

Funny how Ben is wearing a mask and Sophie is not. I guess she wants no mistakes that it’s her with the happy family.


Well, that and the fact that she’s too Avant-garde to catch Covid

SoFail is a virus and already looks like she’s at death’s door, how would everyone know it was her? She’s so basic that if you blink, you miss her. It’s all about securing narcissistic supply and dat child support. The loaners should’ve also been wearing masks but their safety obviously doesn’t matter either. I guess that contract includes a waiver of liability…


Dear Zero,

I love how you think you are so slick. Snort. Seriously. These are not on any pap site anyone can find, but they are on your go to site for fuckery?

Just because the Rat just laid off a bunch more people doesn’t mean they aren’t going to notice this

Oh man, are they going to be pissed. They kept warning SoFail not to pull any more of these stunts. Can’t even get kids that are all the right age and size, the two smaller ones look like twins🤦! Holy Mother of Botox does she look like absolute shit once those fillers wear off too. No wonder people mistook her for Benedict’s half-sister at Wimbledon 🤣! Come to think of it, he hasn’t looked that scruffy in months either. Definitely taken a while ago and dumped just now. I don’t even want to think about what the Rat’s reaction is going to be. Remember how they said they’d blow this mess sky high? Well, the probability of that happening just went way up…

I don’t think Sophie is losing at all. Even if she’s evil and has him under a spell of whatever she’s taking it all the way to the bank.

Fuck SoFail, she’s pure trash. Benedict is what matters here and he is losing it all bit by bit. SoFail has even made attempts against his life! Criminals like her have no limit, no endpoint. Let me reiterate that she’s fully liable for what she stole because she wasn’t content with what Benedict paid her to play pretend and what she earned from merching. She’ll have to pay all of it back along with damages or suffer the consequences, that simple. As per her own words what SoFail wanted more than anything was to be on the cover of every magazine as a standalone celebrity. Since people in the industry just laughed at her for being a pathetic loser she had no choice but to focus on feeding her raging drug addiction by robbing Benedict blind. That’s where most of that money goes as well as giving her team their cut…


Careers to aspire to off the top of my head? Tom Hanks, Leonard Nimoy, Shatner, all played hot guys when they were younger and aged into character actors. Tom Hanks even cross-dressed when he was young and did stupid silly roles and now is know as a serious actor. The Dogulas family does it well, John Cusack too. Jeff Goldbulm has a great career to aspire too. The problem is Ben’s constant role, which the nannies say doesn’t exist, is that of the broken man that women aspire to fix. That’s a good role to play in your 30’s but starts to get dated in your 40’s. In your 40’s you move into father roles, power figure roles, people that have their lives together. Women looking for men in their 40’s want men with their life together. Movies exist to sell fantasy. Women want the fantasy that they can have the men in the movie, and no one wants a damaged 40’s as a love interest. That’s why Doctor Strange will have a love interest in this movie. The other fantasy that can sell is happily ever after. And for the record, I don’t hate Ben. I dislike the mess his agents and Karon have made of his career. I also don’t hate Sophie. To hate her would require I think about her for more than 5 seconds. Also hate is intense dislike for someone or something. I’d have to have feeling and intense emotions about Sophie to hate her. I DGAF about her. She just happens to be a bit player in this little drama that is going on. 

Diversionary rhetoric won’t get you anywhere with us, we know that Sophie’s a key instrument of his enemies. Through her they have caused more than a “bit” of damage. She is to Benedict what fellow SoHoe Amber Heard is to Johnny Depp. Dangerous to his person, toxic AF and the kiss of death to his career. That’s pretty hateful if you ask me. You know it as well as I do, so stop acting stupid. She and the other hangers-on (Dollar General Team included) need to be gotten rid of, immediately. Nothing will change for the better until that happens, so get to it 😠! As an aside, haven’t you learned anything? Trying to stuff Benedict into a generic PR box back in 2014 is what ruined his brand and his job prospects. Leads don’t all have to conform to a set pattern to make a film successful. It’s your insistence on perpetuating stereotypes, your outdated and formulaic mindset that has hurt actors like him as well as your industry. People are tired of seeing the same old and for good reason. Ford, Edison, Wynne weren’t “broken men”, all of those characters had relatively functional family lives. Benedict can play everymen well but then again so can half of Hollywood. If his appearance and acting style is better suited to quirkier roles why insist on treating him like Brad Pitt?

PS: Doctor Strange is nominally married to the sorceress Clea in the comics but their relationship is rather…open to put it mildly.

Claire Foy, Benedict Cumberbatch Team to Adapt Charlotte McConaghy Novel ‘Migrations’ (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter


Clair Again??!!!….
Maybe she’s the only one left who’s WILLING to work with him? I doubt there’s anything “ going on”. She’s just really good at her craft and they work well together.

Actually, it’s Adam’s company given that he treats Benedict like the third wheel. Except, of course, when it comes to clickbait! Didn’t I say that Adam was a lousy businessman who talked around problems instead of solving them? Thanks for proving my point, Adam! All they keep doing is throwing PR chum out there, hoping investors will bite. Not bloody likely, they’ve already got three projects that haven’t even been released yet! The only one that has screened thusfar has gotten lukewarm reviews. This novel? What. A. Snoozefest. I mean talk about being out of touch with the general audience. Their main concerns are COVID19 and unemployment, most of them are not in the mood for yet more Climate Change scaremongering. I mean how many books has SunnyMarch bought the adaptation rights to? Especially from Canongate? I lost track and Development Hell is already overcrowded.

PS: Are the book rights all you are buying or is it a “payment” to Canongate etc for something more? Megan Cunter’s deal comes to mind. The Rat knows about the cooked books y’all. You may want to check on the stove, I smell something burning.

Claire Foy, Benedict Cumberbatch Team to Adapt Charlotte McConaghy Novel ‘Migrations’ (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter

I’m confused, I thought you were a fan of Ben. But somehow, you keep bashing him and hoping his projects are going to fail. If I didn’t know any better, I would think you hate his guts. Why? What did he do to you other than to get married without telling you first?


It looks like I need to explain mature adulting, yet again: I can be a fan and still call out his bullshit. Just like some of his friends can be his friends but call him out for things. It is possible to be a fan and not like ALL of an entertainer’s work (all genres included). It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Sounds like a nonny needs to grow up and join the real fucking world.

Married? It was nothing more than a shitty PR sham that they tried to shove down our throats from Day One! Don’t want us to complain? Then don’t insult your paying audience’s intelligence like that. It’s a ridiculous fauxmance that has done nothing but negatively impact Benedict’s brand, his reputation and his behavior. SoFail is a waste of space and she’s the one who always trashes him in the media. She hates him because he has what she lacks, charisma and talent. He is setting himself up for failure simply by associating with leeches like her and Adam. Aside from their illicit activities that could easily land him in jail neither has a head for the moviemaking business. Remember Benedict, nothing good ever comes out of keeping bad company…

PS: SoFail has bullied and chased most of Benedict’s support system away but we Skeptics are made of sterner stuff.

TheGEANCO Foundation on Twitter

I sure hope GEANCO’s cutting ties with the Clinton Foundation because Benedict doesn’t need more scandals 🤦. On a happier note his skin looks better, I’d say he got botox, fillers and resurfacing. All he needs now is to dye his hair and get his eyebrows plucked and tinted to look like Doctor Strange. I still don’t know why he doesn’t just grow out his own goatee, it suits him 🤷‍♀️.

PS: Is that a Maori hai-tiki? You should wear it over your shirt so that people can see it 😉.

TheGEANCO Foundation on Twitter



Keep this up and you won’t have a brand left to protect…not that SoFail ever had one of her own!

Want to protect your brand Benedict? Then lose the dead weight, there is no way around that m8. Postponing the inevitable won’t save your career nor will it save you. Quite the opposite


While Cumberjaeger is Lecoultring £17k watches, his meditation bullshit and complaining about living a luxury life, AScott if filming another film. Dear zero, look what happens when an actor doesn’t PR shotgun marry an untalented and ugly PR wife: they still have a career in acting. I’m sure Andrew and V are living their best life and to be honest, we probably all are happy for them both. PS: AScott is never a twat with his fans, try something else.



Nerf shotgun nuptials to go with her fake foam belly:

SoFail’s fugly inside and out but she’s still got bigger balls than Benedict only that hers are in her abdominal cavity because of C-AIS.

James Bond Brings Down The Movie Theater Industry

I called it years ago only to have simps tell me that I didn’t know what I was talking about. How’s pushing theatrical release of The Courier back for the third time working out for y’all Adam? To think that Benedict could have ended the disatrous ShamWow since late 2017 as per the Rat. You talked him into wasting 3 more years of his life (and our patience) for this shit? Turns out that I am a better Projectionist than even Harvey was 😏…

James Bond Brings Down The Movie Theater Industry

I called it years ago only to have simps tell me that I didn’t know what I was talking about. How’s pushing theatrical release of The Courier back for the third time working out for y’all Adam? To think that Benedict could have ended the disatrous ShamWow since late 2017 as per the Rat. You talked him into wasting 3 more years of his life (and our patience) for this shit? Turns out that I am a better Projectionist than even Harvey was 😏…

When I warned that the Rat was not in the mood for your BS this is why. We are talking worst mood ever but y’all went ahead with your ShamShilling anyway. You essentially piggybacked off Marvel’s IP to drum up hype for a SunnyMarch release. You really fucked up this time, brace yourselves…