Claire Foy, Benedict Cumberbatch Team to Adapt Charlotte McConaghy Novel ‘Migrations’ (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter


Clair Again??!!!….
Maybe she’s the only one left who’s WILLING to work with him? I doubt there’s anything “ going on”. She’s just really good at her craft and they work well together.

Actually, it’s Adam’s company given that he treats Benedict like the third wheel. Except, of course, when it comes to clickbait! Didn’t I say that Adam was a lousy businessman who talked around problems instead of solving them? Thanks for proving my point, Adam! All they keep doing is throwing PR chum out there, hoping investors will bite. Not bloody likely, they’ve already got three projects that haven’t even been released yet! The only one that has screened thusfar has gotten lukewarm reviews. This novel? What. A. Snoozefest. I mean talk about being out of touch with the general audience. Their main concerns are COVID19 and unemployment, most of them are not in the mood for yet more Climate Change scaremongering. I mean how many books has SunnyMarch bought the adaptation rights to? Especially from Canongate? I lost track and Development Hell is already overcrowded.

PS: Are the book rights all you are buying or is it a “payment” to Canongate etc for something more? Megan Cunter’s deal comes to mind. The Rat knows about the cooked books y’all. You may want to check on the stove, I smell something burning.

Claire Foy, Benedict Cumberbatch Team to Adapt Charlotte McConaghy Novel ‘Migrations’ (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter

I’m confused, I thought you were a fan of Ben. But somehow, you keep bashing him and hoping his projects are going to fail. If I didn’t know any better, I would think you hate his guts. Why? What did he do to you other than to get married without telling you first?


It looks like I need to explain mature adulting, yet again: I can be a fan and still call out his bullshit. Just like some of his friends can be his friends but call him out for things. It is possible to be a fan and not like ALL of an entertainer’s work (all genres included). It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Sounds like a nonny needs to grow up and join the real fucking world.

Married? It was nothing more than a shitty PR sham that they tried to shove down our throats from Day One! Don’t want us to complain? Then don’t insult your paying audience’s intelligence like that. It’s a ridiculous fauxmance that has done nothing but negatively impact Benedict’s brand, his reputation and his behavior. SoFail is a waste of space and she’s the one who always trashes him in the media. She hates him because he has what she lacks, charisma and talent. He is setting himself up for failure simply by associating with leeches like her and Adam. Aside from their illicit activities that could easily land him in jail neither has a head for the moviemaking business. Remember Benedict, nothing good ever comes out of keeping bad company…

PS: SoFail has bullied and chased most of Benedict’s support system away but we Skeptics are made of sterner stuff.

TheGEANCO Foundation on Twitter

I sure hope GEANCO’s cutting ties with the Clinton Foundation because Benedict doesn’t need more scandals 🤦. On a happier note his skin looks better, I’d say he got botox, fillers and resurfacing. All he needs now is to dye his hair and get his eyebrows plucked and tinted to look like Doctor Strange. I still don’t know why he doesn’t just grow out his own goatee, it suits him 🤷‍♀️.

PS: Is that a Maori hai-tiki? You should wear it over your shirt so that people can see it 😉.

TheGEANCO Foundation on Twitter



Keep this up and you won’t have a brand left to protect…not that SoFail ever had one of her own!

Want to protect your brand Benedict? Then lose the dead weight, there is no way around that m8. Postponing the inevitable won’t save your career nor will it save you. Quite the opposite


While Cumberjaeger is Lecoultring £17k watches, his meditation bullshit and complaining about living a luxury life, AScott if filming another film. Dear zero, look what happens when an actor doesn’t PR shotgun marry an untalented and ugly PR wife: they still have a career in acting. I’m sure Andrew and V are living their best life and to be honest, we probably all are happy for them both. PS: AScott is never a twat with his fans, try something else.



Nerf shotgun nuptials to go with her fake foam belly:

SoFail’s fugly inside and out but she’s still got bigger balls than Benedict only that hers are in her abdominal cavity because of C-AIS.

James Bond Brings Down The Movie Theater Industry

I called it years ago only to have simps tell me that I didn’t know what I was talking about. How’s pushing theatrical release of The Courier back for the third time working out for y’all Adam? To think that Benedict could have ended the disatrous ShamWow since late 2017 as per the Rat. You talked him into wasting 3 more years of his life (and our patience) for this shit? Turns out that I am a better Projectionist than even Harvey was 😏…

When I warned that the Rat was not in the mood for your BS this is why. We are talking worst mood ever but y’all went ahead with your ShamShilling anyway. You essentially piggybacked off Marvel’s IP to drum up hype for a SunnyMarch release. You really fucked up this time, brace yourselves…

Magic Radio on Twitter


Full Radio interview with Ben from Earlier today. Someone want to listen and transcribe?

This interview must have been pre-recorded because Benedict specifically says that he’s working on Doctor Strange 2. Which can’t be true unless he was talking strictly about preproduction. The MCU filming schedule looks very different now:

Benedict’s not even set to start on that Marvel Studios project until after he finishes with Sony’s Spiderman 3. Production for that movie is just cranking up:

Yeah, it’s going to take more than a month…

PS: I know the US release of ‘The Courier’ is today, Adam. Trying to sneak in ShamWow BS into an interview about the Prince’s Trust and Doctor Strange via a loaded question was tres tacky. It reminds me of the Sirius XM interview where they kept harping on about SoFail being an illustrious Oxford dropout-I mean grad. I also remember that Benedict had enough sense to ignore their obvious baiting. *waves to Karon*

Magic Radio on Twitter

You think Rinder’s “permanently deleting toxic people from your life” was aimed at BC? Like “Your wife doesn’t let me talk to you directly so, here’s why you’ll never see me again”? I deleted you, don’t dare to come back when you’ll finally dump the bitch.

Perhaps and he certainly wouldn’t be the first seeing as how Martin Freeman did the same thing. Just comes to show that Benedict really has to end the ShamWow before everyone, his last remaining real friends and the general public included, dumps him. The irony being that his abusers will also discard him after that because he’ll be of no more use to them.

Flabbergasm on time




I don’t get it.  What makes a watch worth $17,000?  Does it tell time better than a $23 Timex?  

And how does someone who used to advocate for aiding refugees, and who continually discusses living “cruelty free” by diet and clothing choices reconcile shilling a watch that costs more than most people on the planet make in a lifetime?

And how ridiculous is the ad campaign to show off the pared down lifestyle- living in a hut, meditating at sunset- with the product being a watch that costs more than many people’s yearly rent?

I just don’t get it.  I don’t LIKE it and I don’t GET it.  And it makes me sad.

Sorry, y’all.  I got the price wrong.  It isn’t $17,000USD.

It’s $27,300 AUD (Australian)

Which makes it $19,616.96 USD.

Fucking ridiculous.

Benedict’s so ‘umble dontchaknow. I get that he’s just BAing but the target demographic for those watches isn’t exactly into comic book movies. This posho ad campaign alienates the very people who are

Cooke made the mistake of taking too much focus off of Ironbark himself. Benedict suffered from Main Character Syndrome. “PR BS (like the ShamWow) helps my image.” Sure it does Benedict! If stuck-up, tacky and thirsty is what you’re aiming for🤦. Why do you get mad at me and throw tantrums when I point out what even the critics are noticing? What did Vincent say about staying in this mess? Oh yes, “They’ll drag him down, down, down…”

Oh, so now you admit Ben was at the wedding. Funny, that’s not what you were saying yesterday. It’s really hard for you to admit you’re wrong isn’t it? But that’s not very surprising, narcissists like you rarely do.


Umm, no. Reading comprehension, remember? I did say that I thought all the details were wonky…oh and check the website for that boat tour…they only operate certain days of the week. And none of them are the same day as that wedding. They may have done a private outing for the wedding, but it sure looked like BC was lonely and sad…so maybe he really DID attend a funeral and not a wedding the day that snapped?

It runs Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Does this mean the wedding took place on 9/12 after all? You can’t just dock anywhere, you’d still get off at Richmond and then walk 45 minutes to Twickenham. You’d sweat like a pig and, given the area, it’s not advisable for safety reasons either. You could also hire 15+ taxis as each will only take 1-2 passengers because of COVID19 restrictions. Oh and the most important detail? That suit? Is not what you would wear to a wedding, especially not if you are an A-Lister giving a speech. Back to square one and no PR cigar! Unless of course *someone* just decided to take the piss because Richmond and Chiswick. I see what you’re doing…

PS: Why does Benedict’s head look like it’s Copy-pasted on? There’s a dark artifact ring around his collar. That’s the second time I see something like that, the first was in his most recent video 🤔.

My cousin recently married (US). I didn’t go, but it can be done properly (zero cases out of it). Everyone six feet apart, households at tables only, masks on except when you’re eating. etc. TBH I thought the ambulance thing was cute because they’re both paramedics per the article but ymmv. I highly doubt they risked their jobs and used a ambulance that was needed. There’s always out of service ones that drive fine but need attached equipment maintenance.


It would have to be one that was a prop and not a real one. If that’s the case? I’d be cool with it. But an actual, real working ambulance? Not cool. And we have a relative getting married in a few weeks. And her mom almost died of Covid not long ago. Holding it outside, limited attendance, even the reception will be outside. So it can be done. But there are so many holes in that little blurb of a story that it should be Swiss Cheese.

FYI COVID19 rules in the UK are a lot stricter and nothing about the blurb makes sense. Why would you pay thousands of pounds to tell the world about your big fat chav wedding in fucking Twickenham? The first thing someone from the UK told me when they heard that was, “That place is a dump.” They were right:

Nothing but trash, just like the Cunters themselves.


I am so tired of the minimal defenses and game playing exhibited by Sophie H snd family. Shes probably laying on a railroad track somewhere not being artistic. Every time the poor man tries to tell people that hes put as much distance bt him and her as he can, SH or one of the Hunter clan becomes delusional and fantasizes. Today on the DM we have brother Patrick (allegedly a paramedic) getting married. Of course he mentions BC and SH were there w 2 sons (what, not 3?).

In a coronavirus pandemic, w 6700 new cases yesterday, Patrick borrowed an ambulance to deliver his bride. Patrick, I gotta tell u, a bit narcissistic. Probably runs in the family. I used to work for the ambulance service, Patrick. Unless rules r really lax where u work, I know this is not allowed. Its the middle of a pandemic, Patrick. Plus sterile interior, ++drugs (oh my), tons of expensive equipment (might get some money for it) and ACCIDENTS. My bet, civil wedding if there even was one, alone (oh w the bride of course), and one witness, maybe the cleaning lady. Gotta tell u bunch, ur sliding close to psychosis. Happy hunting.



Wait….they had a big wedding during a Covid lockdown? Didn’t Boris just lock everything down again?

I was expecting something like that after yesterday’s rumour…well done…what a lovely family portrayal…

FFS, think about it. The current legal limit for any gathering indoors or outdoors is of 6 people. Count using your fingers if you have to, the bride, groom and both sets of parents equals 6. Any venue going over that amount by one person would be liable, the family written up and fined. The Cunters have just finished proving how incredibly stupid they are even when it comes to lying. Talk about playing yourself 🤣!

PS: Those idiots just made Benedict look worse than Dominic Cummings 🤦. I suppose the bride was only able to invite her parents and one other person under the 15 person limit for the actual ceremony?


I find the tone a bit racist

Long term Cumberbatch fan here! Not an official follower but felt the need to say something: I noticed that for all your BLM/support of black culture posturing I find the dismissal of the idea BC could be seen with a WOC/Black woman a little bit telling of your character. Not calling you a “Karen” by any means (not even a Karen like his hopefully put out PR helper Karen) but it seems like you’re comfortable maintaining an image of whiteness about this situation that’s suits your fangirl narrative/perceptions of celebrities. I get it: If more white male celebrities were open about who they are and their preferences you white women wouldn’t have much left to fake debate and fawn over. My point is when it comes to celebrity love lives and the conversation about them, it always ends up being “too white” for me. I hope whoever is cast as Clea is black just to rub it your faces. Mainly SH’s and yours._========

What are you talking about? I hope Clea is a person of color. I’ve never had a problem with non White people being cast in roles. I love Naomie Harris. I want Idris for Bond. I think Benedict needs more People of Color in his personal life. So I am REALLY confused about where you are getting this nonsense.

In his defense, Benedict befriended NA actress Misty Upham while working on Osage: August County. He picked the script for ‘A Little Favour’ for his first SM short film. It was written by a black screenwriter and he cast two black actors in lead roles. Benedict also wouldn’t have stanned Lupita N’yongo as hard as he did when she won an Oscar if he was racist like SoFail. She’s making people think badly of him by association! Should he mingle more with people who are different from him? Definitely, it would greatly expand his POV. That being said, I myself am a WOC who thinks that politicizing diversity quotas has only succeeded in causing more division. Virtually all BLM funds are going to Sleepy Joe’s doomed campaign, that certainly isn’t creating new job opportunities for minorities. FYI Clea in the comics looks unique but she’s definitely not black. She’s white-haired and fair-skinned, though you could still get away with casting an asian or latino actress. On the flip side, casting a white woman as Storm wouldn’t make any sense either. You have to respect the source material to some extent or you will definitely piss off your fanbase.