Don’t “Sweetie” me, you smug POS. I own my damn house and unlike your lazy ass I can’t be online all of the time because I work. I wasn’t even on AOL back then, libraries were my go to. I’m still a productive member of society and if I didn’t love my career I would be doing something else. Trolling for Bitcoin and whoring like your SoHoe clientele does aren’t careers, those are occupations of convenience for losers incapable of doing anything constructive. I encourage you to get both Rona jabs so that we can finally be free of you. Not that you ever had a life to begin with! Better fill out an Advanced Directive and Will your cat to someone, you’ve nothing else of value.

PS: Oh, you did? Excellent! It’ll do what it’s designed to in a matter of months. You’ll envy those that passed right away, neither AED nor ALS are fun.

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