It’s so cute that you think that anyone even remotely connected with Cumberbatch/Hunter wrote Gator that ask. See, I know who wrote that ask and that person is quite ordinary and has been trolling you for years-and you fall for it every fucking time. We so enjoy your dancing, puppets. We also loved all your Q anon posts. You’re so entertaining! Don’t ever change!

Basic bitches like you are ordinary but there’s nothing cute about you because you are neither appealing nor clever. You see, the Rat told us who was behind the trolling. It isn’t only P2P trolls or the Antis either so you can play dumb all you want but you aren’t fooling anyone. You’re a snoozefest of a whore which is why no one wants to hire you for anything. You can’t even walk straight much less dance because you are always on drugs:

PS: Say “Cheers” to Birkin and to the rest of your Handlers for us, you tool.

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