You realize Hank Aaron had Leukemia, right? He didn’t die from nanobots in the Covid vaccine or anything. Also one day does not an economy make. The bit about Biden tanking the economy by blocking the Pipeline? That came from Ted Cruz. The only thing that comes from him is shit. But then again, this is from the woman who thinks a no name wannabe actress, with a hot, sexy, talented artist and boyfriend, AND a husband, somewhere, too, maybe, some kids, maybe, not, could find hire and utilize a body double, not once but twice, thrice or even more. You’ve accused this same “woman” of large schemes of intrigue, which she frankly doesn’t have the I.Q. for you know. Quite frankly, no one has ever gotten a solid answer as to how she is affiliated Oxford, for there are numerous ways to fake a degree and she can’t even provide solid proof of that. The woman is dumb as a brick and you’ve put her at the center of conspiracies Einstein couldn’t pull off. You are a moron.

Really? Talk about non-arguments. You must think Skeptics are as stupid as you obviously are if you expect us to buy your diversionary BS. Since I’m tired of having to repeat myself to trolls, you can read for yourself…

1. TC didn’t block the Keystone XL project, Sleepy did:

2. Sleepy’s tanking a lot of things through the egregious use of shitty EOs:

3. It’s not “nanobots”, you idiot. Anaphylactic shock can kill people! Giving a sick senior like Hank Aaron the Rona jab was counterindicated. It likely precipitated his death, there are countless instances of this:

4. SoFail is quite stupid and her drug addiction makes her particularly unstable. Props to David Birkin, who appears to be her main Handler. She does have a malicious base cunning, however and I always said that her backers are what made her so dangerous. They are very intelligent, wealthy and extremely well-connected. She serves as their willing enforcer, a tool through which to carry out their vile plans. One of which was collectively fucking Benedict over:

Narcs feel an irrational hatred towards anyone that has the qualities they lack, so it’s no surprise that SoFail’s dead set on destroying him. As an aside one of Maggot’s doubles was outed, we are talking name, agency, everything. No one can deny that it’s part of the SoHoe MO.

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