Oooh, someone’s mad 😏. I own my house and earn a decent living, do you? No. Why? Because you are a good-for-nothing. So spare me your salty nonsense, you blithering idiot. Scams are the specialty of grifters like yourself. I merely have fun speculating and as a political Independent I have called out both sides of the Uniparty. In fact, I correctly identified Q as a military PsyOp and Antifa/BLM as the CIA’s Bitcoin mercs. If you were literate you’d understand that I don’t belong to any cult, political or otherwise like you obviously do. Have fun sacrificing goats and chickens, that won’t save your sorry ass 🤷‍♀️…

PS: WTF is wrong with the UK? Y’all are stuck in a Tier 5 Police State lockdown, you’ve nowhere to run 🤣!

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