I watch this documentary show about the Q anon. They tell me that you are a believer in these things? I need to tell you, that you are insane and that you should be getting the help for this problem that you have. What you believe is wrong and is horrible beliefs about Jews and it is sick. It destroyed my country, people who believe like you do, destroyed my country. You are a very sick girl.

A while back you spoke disparingingly of Benedict while claiming that you liked SoHoes like SoFail. You are now saying that there is something wrong with anyone that believes in Q. I know that it is a military PsyOp and have said so dozens of times already. That being said those drops do contain valuable kernels of truth not just strategic disinformation. I know because quite a bit of that intel is consistent with what I’ve found via my own independent research. FYI I’ve been doing this since I was 15! Furthermore Rabbi Antelman wrote the book I linked to, he’s as Jewish as they come but the Sabbatean-Frankists he exposes sure as hell aren’t. You are using a VPN from Indonesia, the coup d’etat against a Globalist puppet was in Burma. Your alleged country is still firmly in the grip of the Globalists, Q is allegedly run by their Humanist rivals. Nothing you say makes any sense but it does tell me who you really work for. I keep track of y’all so please stop wasting my time with this scripted crap.

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