Fabulous Beasts: The Crimes of Redbeard



Eddie Redmayne & Markus Anderson


Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones


Felicity Jones & Ed Fornieles (Brother of Eloise Fornieles)


Felicity Jones & Eloise Fornieles


Eloise Fornieles & Sophie Hunter


David Birkin, Eloise Fornieles & Benedict Cumberbatch

I hope this shows y’all how BC was set up by multiple parties. They studied him and then carved him up like a goddamn turkey. It’s not Benedict’s fault Eddie looks like a freckled goldfish with no charisma but he just had to have that Oscar. Harvey Weinstein was a fucking idiot when he hired Sophie Hunter, she sabotaged BC’s Oscar campaign and helped Eddie win because her main objective was upgrading her own contract at any cost!

Why, hello there David 😒. You should remember that as a dual US/UK citizen you are easier to prosecute

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