I wonder why no tabloid has jumped on the “Birkins into witchcraft” story? The fame there weighs much heavier and certainly predates anything related to Benedict.

The Birkins have always been a shady bunch involved with intelligence agencies like MI6 and the CIA. It is also well known that SRA and MKUltra go hand in hand with occultism. Aleister Crowley’s teachings in particular but fellow spooks and cult members in the media have covered for them…

You are aware we know you’re sending those “Ben is being abused by Sophie” asks, right? You might think you’re clever, but you’re really not. Let’s face it, you want Ben to be abused because you want him punished for ignoring you. If you really think that this will lead him to leave his wife for you, you’re even more delusional than I thought. Unless you have actual, verifiable proof for your accusations, you need to STFU.

Nope, those are legit Anons. You don’t out abuse because you want it to continue, you idiot. This isn’t about me either, it’s about Benedict. Denying what friends and even co-workers of his have told us about how horrible she’s been to him? Pretending that it’s all peachy keen and ignoring irrefutable evidence to the contrary? Is delusional, the fact that you keep defending his abusers proves that you are a callous and disingenuous POS. Do you want to know who has been exploiting and punishing him in the worst ways imaginable since Harrow? Look at people like David Birkin, one of SoFail’s Handlers. It should come as no surprise given that they are all SRA cultists. They haven’t been clever enough to cover up their misdeeds however. We know…

His girlfriend made him cry? And someone told you about it? In fairness, Benedict strikes me as the kind of guy who could be reduced to tears because his latte contained dairy.

Red carpet PR girlfriend turned PR “wife” and how she treats him is…well: “She is also abusive with him, shoves him around, only smiles when someone is taking a picture, humiliates him and screams at him in front of people. She is unreal. It’s been a long while since I had encountered something like that.“ Why is it acceptable for a woman to abuse a man? Can you imagine what would have happened if he had done that to her? The press would have crucified him! I’m tired of double-standards especially given that SoFail’s coercive control is illegal under UK law. Other abusive women have gotten locked up over less! Then of course, there’s the SRA that’s magnitudes worse than what she’s done to him in public…

Isle of Why

I was remembering what Jake Gyllenhaal implied about a flat that Harvey apparently gave Benedict for trafficking purposes and the fact that it matches what we’ve heard from others including Enty himself. I also heard it said that it’s on the Isle of Wight, if so it’s ideal because it allows Benedict to lead a double life. Mr. Vegan Buddhist can carry on like a fucking Narco engaging in all sorts of illicit activities but as with Las Vegas it all stays there. As soon as he hops off that ferry he can put on his nice guy game face again. I mean we already figured out what was up with the yatch clubs, as well as SunnyMarch’s money laundering dealio with the criminal Cunter clan. It’s also obvious to me that as a programmed victim of a SRA cult he’s not very high in the hierarchy otherwise Adam, SoFail etc wouldn’t treat him like the hired help.

How nice, now I know why he was worried about that Lambo blurb gaining traction. He was probably driving under the influence and those hot wheels were bought with drug money 🙄…

PS: Gives ‘The Courier’ a whole new meaning doesn’t it? Is that all Benedict is to you Adam? So nice of you to highlight it.

I heard that Maggot got passed up for GHP. That spot was given to another more famous black celebrity instead. Maggot wasn’t too happy about that. Question, is David Birkin the ‘Father’ of his own cell? Eloise a ‘Mother’? Asking for a friend…

Fabulous Beasts: The Crimes of Redbeard



Eddie Redmayne & Markus Anderson


Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones


Felicity Jones & Ed Fornieles (Brother of Eloise Fornieles)


Felicity Jones & Eloise Fornieles


Eloise Fornieles & Sophie Hunter


David Birkin, Eloise Fornieles & Benedict Cumberbatch

I hope this shows y’all how BC was set up by multiple parties. They studied him and then carved him up like a goddamn turkey. It’s not Benedict’s fault Eddie looks like a freckled goldfish with no charisma but he just had to have that Oscar. Harvey Weinstein was a fucking idiot when he hired Sophie Hunter, she sabotaged BC’s Oscar campaign and helped Eddie win because her main objective was upgrading her own contract at any cost!

Why, hello there David 😒. You should remember that as a dual US/UK citizen you are easier to prosecute


I get the sense that (yes, creepy AF) David Birkin might have grown up around Sophie since there is some kind of family connection, even if it’s loose. That’s obviously how she and Benedict originally met. But, in honesty, that whole type of trust fund crew no doubt have taken turns with each other. Just the way those groups roll. 


Same. They do share some ancestor, but so does she and Benedict…far enough removed to not even show up at the same family reunion. And you stare not kidding about “incestuous” circled in that type of group. I mean, think if it like relationships in certain cliques back in High School. They pretty much dated in their clique/circle, so they pretty much just traded partners.

David Birkin is more closely related to SoFail however. Furthermore? He appears to be an MKUltra Handler, his dad Andrew Birkin must have taught him well. Who broke Benedict and likely SoFail when they were teenagers? The Birkins, the SRA they’re into involves breaking every taboo you can think of. Remember how SoFail wore David’s coat during TCW premiere? How he always appeared when SoFail needed backup? David is SoFail’s lover and Handler, she’s a tool that was used to tighten his grip on Benedict. Benedict was programmed to be a slave that the Birkins etc could exploit indefinitely…

Occultist Exposes Murderous Pedo Satanists Bristol? St. Ives? You don’t say. Sounds like the same extended SRA network SoFail and Co belong to! In his own words child prostitution is both more difficult to get caught doing and more profitable than drug running. Those poor…

What happened to Ben at Harrow? I fear the worst. What did they do to him? :( And how do you know? Is there any proof? Skeptic here, just fucking interested.


As do I :/. Long story short:

But when Oscar-nominated director Andrew Birkin came to the school (Harrow) to film Ian McEwan’s sex-fuelled novel The Cement Garden, a young Cumberbatch refused to audition. “I was really prudish at that age and I didn’t want to take my clothes off,” he said. “I was terrified and I didn’t want anyone seeing what I looked like.”

But when you look at the details? The whole casting call claim falls apart. As an astute Nonny noted:

Ned Birkin was in the movie and so was Charlotte Gainsbourg. The only other male child in the movie was 6 years old, way too young for Ben to play.

It’s a given that the lead roles would go to Ned, who is Andrew’s son and Charlotte his niece. So why exactly was he trying to ‘cast’ teens more than twice the age of the only available part? Why did BC find it necessary to bring that up? What was up with his weird comment about sexual experimentation? It’s almost as if he was trying to convince himself that nothing bad happened to him. Well, I think the opposite is true and I am hardly the only one either. One Nonny who works in the MH field noted BC’s panicked reaction when Caitlin Moran read some Johnlock slashfic. He was so upset that both MF and AA had to calm him down, that’s very typical of people who were abused as children.

Andrew Birkin also worked very closely with Kubrick around the time that BC was still a young lad…

I think it is possible that I may have found a director who is even worse than the Oscar-winning A+ list director that has been in this space frequently or even Woody Allen. The director of which I am speaking is an Oscar winner, but not for what you might think. It is shocking actually he does not have more Oscar wins.

I do hope this is in some small part due to his raping and abusing women throughout his career. Although the number of actresses he abused is in the dozens, I am going to focus on just a few of his more notorious crimes.

He raped three tweens during a casting process and gave the role to the tween he said was the one who was the best in bed. He later ordered her to sleep with the much much older foreign-born co-star on the movie who would go on to have an A-list career. That co-star injured her severely and production had to be stopped for a week to allow her to recover.

The director kept her around for a couple of years under the guise of getting her more roles, but the real reason was he could send her out to find other tweens and early teens to bring back to his place where he would get them drunk or slip them drugs and then rape them. He often filmed these rapes and would film the actress with the other tween and teen females.

In the movie for which he is most famous he had friends of one of his children come to the set with the child. All of the friends were probably no older than 7 or 8. He molested a dozen of them at least during the filming of the movie and filmed many of them. When he died there were hundreds of hours of footage which was some of the most extreme versions of child porn anywhere.

Stanley Kubrik/Peter Sellers

There is no reason to believe that things were any different with Andrew. With regards to McEwan? Virtually all of his novels hinge on subjects like incest, pedophilia etc. to a disturbing degree. Even critics have noted this: “Will these tales of incest ever cease? Well, my true guess is no, for they sure do captivate…” Captivate who


The Birkins groomed and programmed BC so in their twisted minds he was their slave for life. They made him think he had a choice but he didn’t because they had no intention of ever letting him go…

NEWSFLASH: You don’t own anyone motherfuckers but not to worry…you’ll get what’s coming to you 😈.

Los Birkin


C’est tu Eloise? [ Are you Eloise?] Leyendo un post que publique hace muchísimo tiempo? [ Reading a post I published a long time ago?] Sera porque les acaba de venir el saco? [ Is it because recent findings apply to you?] Un solo detalle que despues se clarificó, por cierto. [ A single detail that was later clarified, by the way.] Pero verdad que eres pelotuda, porque para nada invalida todo lo demas! [ But the truth is that you are an idiot, because nothing invalidates everything else!] Y si que es mucho. [ And for the record, it’s a lot.] Las tendencias incestuosas, por ejemplo, que son muy evidentes en Andrew, Jane y su sobrina Charlotte. [ The incestuous tendencies, for example, that are very evident in Andrew, Jane and his niece Charlotte.] Y que me dices acerca de lo que se dijo de Andrew cuando trabajaba para Kubrick? [ And what about what was said about Andrew when he worked for Kubrick?] Andrew Birkin, el gran asistente de producción y procurador de menores. [ Andrew Birkin, the great production assistant and solicitor of minors.] Saboteo a su predecesor para asi ocupar su lugar. [ Who sabotaged his predecessor to take his place.] Andrew se metio por lo mas bajo, querida. [ Andrew got in through the very bottom, dear.] Yo no le mando nada a Enty ya que el solo aceptá informacion de cierta gente vetada. [ I do not send anything to Enty since he only accepts information from vetted insiders.] Y porque tanto interes en que los jovencitos se desnudaran para una supuesta ‘audición’? [ And why did he have so much interest in getting the youngsters naked for a supposed ‘audition’?] No para una pelicula de Kubrick, que era el perfeccionista sino de el arribista Andrew. [ Not for a Kubrick movie, who was the perfectionist, but for Andrew the upstart.] Por favor, ese tio es un pedofilo y toda su familia asquerosa es una bola de degenerados. [ Please, that guy is a pedophile and his whole disgusting family are a bunch of degenerates.] El historial ya lo tienen, esas familias le van de pleno al Abuso Ritual Satanico mejor conocido como SRA. [They have quite a record already, those families are full of Satanic Ritual Abuse better known as SRA.] Que? [ What?] Son ellos los que abusaron de y marcaron a Benedict? [ Are they the ones who abused and marked Benedict?] Porque si fue asi? [ Because if that’s the case?] Que se atengan a las consecuencias… [ Let them face the consequences…]

PD: Solo tú te crees tus propias mentiras, zorra: [ PS: Only you believe your own lies, bitch:]



“One of my diagnoses was Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder) where I have a number (thirteen if you’re curious) of ‘Alters’ who, depending on the situation, take turns to run the show’…“

Bingo. Remember that I surmised that Benedict understood JR because he had probably experienced something similar himself at the hands of people like the Birkins?