You are aware that you’ve lost the right to call anyone a “nan” a log, long time ago. Seriously, no one is acting as a nanny towards Ben more than you lot. The “scars” on his head are veins, you can see them on anyone with a shaved head.


Ummm…nope. That is a scar. And I was all set to write it off as some scar from childhood tomfoolery until I got this ask. I only seem to get this kind of ask when someone is freaking out and has something to hide. Based on this and my statscounter, I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t something more there.

It could be a non-surgical scar or brand and it’s also visible here:

With the weird ass shit the Birkins, SoFail etc are into? Damn right it makes one wonder, say no to cult abuse!

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