Crazy Days and Nights: Blind Item #4



Very and it looks like someone’s trying to shit stir again…

One of the organizers of the past tense named event honoring a foreign television show starring a foreign-born dual threat A-list actor says he was always lovely. He loves the fans and would never say no to any request BUT, was also the reason the event barely made any money because of his security demands and what he charged for appearances. Who was the worst cast member to deal with? This foreign born recurring actor on the show who has been nominated/won a lot of the UK big awards. He says no more often than yes to the requests of fans and is generally rude to all fans and you can tell he only does the event for money.

Past tense named event: Sherlocked

Foreign-born dual threat A-list actor:   Benedict Cumberbatch

His security demands and what he charged for appearances: Hiring bodyguards to ‘protect’ him from the watchers, enforcers etc. working for Team Soso…the irony is strong in this one. His agents and blackmailers demanded a sizeable cut so blame them for the hefty fees.

‘Rude’  foreign-born recurring actor: Mark Gattis or Andrew Scott 

This BI is just more of this divisive BS:


Awww, is it because you got Setlocked out?:


Is Stevie helping you again?:


Crazy Days and Nights: Blind Item #4

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