Not trying to be argumentative but Ben doesn’t have peerage, so not sure why he’d need someone who does (not sure if she does either). His father’s family fell out in the 30s, I want to say. You won’t find him in Burke’s, which is the official book and searchable online. He’s on “The Peerage,” but that’s some guy’s genealogical resource website only and not the actual Peerage. (Hunter may be in Burke’s, I never looked).

Hunter is and boy does she love to brag about her ancestor’s titles because that’s what thirsty posers do:


Remember the ShamWedding @ that derelict Mottistone chapel that more than one guest called a ‘shitshow’? Well, SoFail’s miserable clan probably thought they were doing BC a favor! BC comes from a ‘distinguished’ Freemasonic family on his father’s side. That’s one reason why Tim is friends with Hugh Grant who is also a FM. Bit of an odd friendship though, TC is easygoing and classy whilst HG is an insufferable prat who has babymamas like everywhere. He doesn’t even want to see his kids by his Chinese ExGF…

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