‘Meghan Markle superfans threatened to kill me, hacked my computer and stole money from my bank account- now I’m buying a gun to defend myself’


‘Meghan Markle superfans threatened to kill me, hacked my computer and stole money from my bank account- now I’m buying a gun to defend myself’


Dude, it’s not. There are more Craft Lodges than fucking Starbucks! How is that a secret? When you dragged your human-sized Toilet Roll Doll to the MetGala, I was like:


You’ve got ineffective leaders enabling your worst rivals only because they too are FM. Are those dues refundable? I eyerolled so hard I think I detached my retinas…

LooL! Do some peoole believe BC got Dr. Strange thank to the showmance, the pilos and HW etc? Some people have short memory span. BC had Dr. Strange in the bag months before the showmance. Hence why there were lots of rumours about when it was going to b announced. And if the general public knew that much, ppl in the industry knew he’s career was going to jump to the stratosphere. That’s why HW & the rest caught him, to ride on his coattails. But all they did was to ruin it.

Yes they did and they’ve damn near killed him in the process. Like many gifted children Benedict was selected for his talents early on. He was helped along in his career by both good and bad people, mainly through networking. The latter only befriended him because they knew that they could abuse him. That’s all he ever was to scumbags like the Birkins, Harvey and SoFail, a resource to be exploited. Once he hit the big time it was their opportunity to collect on their ‘investment’ in full. The truth of the matter is that his work stands on it’s own, he didn’t need them. Bunch of loathesome, untalented parasites

The Cross and Crown


Another prominent Scottish-Rite emblem, the Cross and Crown. Note that the cross is red, revealing it as identical to that employed by the Templars. The higher chivalric or Templaresque degrees of Masonry are known by Masons as the “Red Degrees” to distinguish them from the first three “Blue Degrees.” This means that the terms “red” or “reds” connotes the Templars. The crown represents Akhenaton and his solar cult descendants. The motto In Hoc Signo Vinces means “In this sign I conquer.” This was allegedly the sign seen in the sky by Emperor Constantine, official founder of Roman Christianity. The double meaning is to Lucifer and his earthly lieutenants. According to Juri Lina, some of the wealthiest Jews in America and Canada belong to Scottish Rite lodges. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, oldest of the Masonic lodges employed to provide shelter for the Templars, was established in the 14th century by Templars seeking refuge in Scotland. It became an example for the rest to follow. The titles of the Scottish lodges’ highest ranks continue to be identical to those given to the Knights Templar centuries before. These “Jews” are really Sabbateans or initiates of the Luciferian sect headed by Jacob Frank and before him by Sabbatai Zevi…These occultic Sabbateans are contemptuous enemies of normal religious Jews, who are treated as useful idiots and prey like the rest of humanity.

Uncle Harvey is one such “Jew”, as are some members of Team Soso. I’ve already spoken at length about Sabbatean-Frankists and their neverending fuckery. Reasons

Judging from unquestionable evidences, how can we fail to pronounce Freemasonry an unchristian institution? We can see that its morality is unchristian. Its oath-bound secrecy is unchristian. The administration and taking of its oaths are unchristian and a violation of the positive command of Christ. And Masonic oaths pledge its members to some of the most unlawful and unchristian things:

1. To conceal each other’s crimes.

2. To deliver each other from difficulty, whether right or wrong.

3. To unduly favor Masonry in political action and in business matters.

4. Its members are sworn to retaliate and persecute unto death the violators of Masonic obligations.

5. Freemasonry knows no mercy, and swears its candidates to avenge violations of Masonic obligations unto death.

6. Its oaths are profane, taking the Name of God in vain.

7. The penalties of these oaths are barbarous, even savage.

8. Its teachings are false and profane.

9. Its designs are partial and selfish.

10. Its ceremonies are a mixture of puerility and profanity.

11. Its religion is false.

12. It professes to save men on other conditions than those revealed in the Gospel of Christ.

13. It is wholly an enormous falsehood.

14. It is a swindle, obtaining money from its members under false pretenses.

15. It refuses all examinations and veils itself under a mantle of oath-bound secrecy.

16. It is a virtual conspiracy against both Church and State.

Charles Finney

It’s a multigenerational cult and those oaths would certainly explain why BC is scared of breaking rank. Any org that forces you to behave unethically and imposes those types of penalties is not worth joining. Furthermore, why are the Masters towing the line for the Hunters and the Gows, Birkins etc? Don’t they realize that they make them look terrible? Members like those should be expelled.

Not trying to be argumentative but Ben doesn’t have peerage, so not sure why he’d need someone who does (not sure if she does either). His father’s family fell out in the 30s, I want to say. You won’t find him in Burke’s, which is the official book and searchable online. He’s on “The Peerage,” but that’s some guy’s genealogical resource website only and not the actual Peerage. (Hunter may be in Burke’s, I never looked).

Hunter is and boy does she love to brag about her ancestor’s titles because that’s what thirsty posers do:


Remember the ShamWedding @ that derelict Mottistone chapel that more than one guest called a ‘shitshow’? Well, SoFail’s miserable clan probably thought they were doing BC a favor! BC comes from a ‘distinguished’ Freemasonic family on his father’s side. That’s one reason why Tim is friends with Hugh Grant who is also a FM. Bit of an odd friendship though, TC is easygoing and classy whilst HG is an insufferable prat who has babymamas like everywhere. He doesn’t even want to see his kids by his Chinese ExGF…

Snakes and Unicorn Ladders

I’m going to go deeper into the rabbit hole than I usually do. Remember how BC was so very proud of his little KT medal that he even wore it at the 2014 Met Gala? How we found out that a few months prior to that HW hired SoFail straight out of MC2? This was a set up on many levels and one that has cost BC dearly. SoFail has cult affiliations, that much is clear to anyone well versed in occultism. The fool has given herself away, her obsession with unicorn hunt imagery is just one more clue. Esoterically, the unicorn is used to represent many things but one is the subservient KT. BC’s standing within FM itself seems to be the real issue here…   

Given her parasitic clan’s history, it is not unlikely that SoFail may be part of the secretive ‘Serpent Sisterhood’. They are rumored to have a lot of clout within FM, enough to threaten wayward members. BC’s first love has and always will be his career. All they needed to do is damage it in order to force him to comply. “If you don’t make fetch happen and give my family X,Y,Z we’ll ruin your reputation etc.” Ironically, SoFail’s noxious presence alone is more than enough! Talk about getting a raw deal and shooting yourself in both feet. I’d laugh if it weren’t so tragic, being saddled with such a useless shrew. You see, I’ve always believed in advancement based on personal merit rather than inherited privilege. The latter encourages mediocrity more often than not and SoFail is a perfect example.