Hey Rosie

Too late, they know about everything. That goes for you too SoFail. Ben? You should have jumped from that sinking ship when you had the chance. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but I can’t do that anymore. Why? Because I can no longer deny evidence of your complicity in what these people are doing. You were a victim to some extent but you’ve also gone along with some very unethical things whenever you believed it suited your interests. Except nothing they’ve done ever has! These criminals set you up to lose from the start. You’ve never been anything more than an expendable mark to them. I’ve heard that you can be selfish and capricious but also very principled. So tell me? Where are those principles now? Harrow taught you to roll over for your oppressors, boy did they ever fuck you up there…


PS: Did you know that more that one celeb Cluster B was caught giving her SO microdoses of acid etc. to make him more compliant? Trust no one.

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