GMA gifs have context. They came directly after a question about cumberbabies. Since Sophi3 is supposed to be pregnant at this point, or he would have been informed that she would be portraying a pregnancy, this is the obvious cause of his upset. I don’t know where the issue of race comes in. This was an old wiki tactic. I thought she went away?


So did I…but maybe she got bored? Or maybe someone is trying to distract from the actual video itself? I know wiki was always convinced BC and Lupita had a fling, but it now seems that Lupita doesn’t swing that way…so I highly doubt it. (Although he might have been into her…I mean she’s amazing).


Nah, BC was tag-teamed by two HW hookers. The one who came up with the bb scam was RJG. She set him up so badly it hurt, from her BF doing a veritable photoshoot of her at The Peacock beforehand to her IG hoe style hashtags. She was a P2P GF, she not only had all the tells it leaked via official sources. So she ‘breaks the news’ to BC on 11/4, he tells HW, SH etc. They respond by placing an ad on 11/5 in the LT to cockblock RJG and Co. Ever wonder why we got so many leaks about paternity fraud? SH served as a PR cover for RJG, who could get an US, whose BF could threaten to spill etc. SH simply took their idea and ran with it. So in a nutshell BC is being blackmailed and bled dry by a drug/sex/human trafficking ring. Turns out SH and RJG are both traffickers…

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