Bothered Much?

Want unconventional actors? Steve Buscemi, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell, to name a few. As far as Sophie’s influence on Ben? She would have to have influence to influence him. In UK, in certain circles, maybe. She might have been a “Harvey’s girl” but Harvey’s gone now. Hollywood like most of civilization has no clue who the hell she is. Aeltri, get a grip. Trump didn’t win and Sophie is a meaningless piece of jetsam who is trying to ride a girlfriend contract for all it’s worth. She may have vices, she may not. She could be robbing him blind, I don’t know. But to say she has any influence over his career is like saying an ant can make it rain. It doesn’t make any sense and makes you sound stupid to say it. Sophie wants power. You don’t desire what you already have. Moron. 

Go back and re-read what I wrote, you twit. SoFail is a tool, as Benedict himself said. Harvey was one of many people pulling her puppet strings, much as with Maggot and Hungry. Ask yourself why SoFail went to Hungry for “advice”? They are all honeytrap hoes that belong to the same international crime ring. Markus Anderson is a Soho House pimp but he’s hardly their only Handler. Blackmail is the name of their game but when that doesn’t work? They exploit trauma triggers and/or make outright threats, I mean we’ve already seen patent signs of abuse. That is how they exert control over their targets and patsies get rewarded based on how well they perform. It’s mostly via ill-gotten gains however because their characteropathy makes them rather unpopular. No amount of stupid blurbs can make the general public like them! There is absolutely no doubt that SoFail is a career felon, she exploits others and their vices to feed her own. Jetsam is rubbish and you don’t keep it around, you dispose of it. While she has indeed failed miserably to make a name for herself any fauxmance contract is supposed to favor both parties, not one at the expense of the other! Not only did she break every single clause rendering it void but she has caused Benedict substantial damages which she and her accomplices are fully liable for. There is no logical reason why Karon or indeed anyone else should adhere to it, period.

RE: Mystery Man


Except Martin retired from football in 2011, well before the photos were taken. She brought him up again in late 2014 and mid 2015. It’s 2 hours by the EMR Inter-city Rail from London and many people are still working remotely right now. This post from 2014 tells me a lot about the nature of their relationship. You don’t talk about a man’s aftershave like that unless y’all are an item. I do know that he currently works as a Marketing & Communications Manager for London Stadium and even has his own sports radio show on the BBC.

Harry’s Broke as a JOKE – Peddlin’ Palace Goodies For Pennies! According to the Fail Maggot cost the UK public 44 million? No, I too heard that her damage is more to the tune of 100 million! Remember how it leaked that SoFail was also bleeding Benedict…

Is that supposed to be Ben’s kid?

No, but she claimed that she was already raising ‘her’ kids prior to 2015, years before having her ‘firstborn’. Also tried pulling a Maury Povich in late 2014 which then gave SoFail ideas and had the nerve to show up to Hamlet to collect. Selling drugs and kiddos generates bank…as does honeytrapping stupid A-Listers! Turns out these crooks are still involved years down the line. Here you thought SoFail and her family were the only ones cashing in? Ha! 



Read it again just now on Twitter. “She’s this she’s that…. Well she is an American”

I’ve met so many from the UK while following this be insane rollercoaster ride called the MM. Love every last one of you with all my heart. But to those who dislike her, why add tongue in cheek that she is the way she is because she is AMERICAN.

I’ve been to the UK. I find we are similar in values, what life is about, struggles. We, and especially women, here in the US are hard workers, jobs are often hard to come buy, there are homeless, violence (my quiet street was shot up last night), we US woman have same fears and be hopes for our children, our political representatives don’t represent us… We US woman are not Hollywood/B list actresses who have slept around to get where we are. We US women are not cons. We US woman are generous loving women.

Stop labeling her American implying that’s why she is the way she is. She is a narcissist/con. Call it what it is. I’ve had enough of that implication!

Word, SoFail is as British as they come yet she acts like Maggot’s lost white twin. It’s not about race or nationality, they are both MKd (DID) on top of having NPD and BPD…


Don’t know why her PR is still trying to sell her. She is a poor quality product, Poundland impersonated.
i’ve met my fair share of celebs in person: they either look… a bit different… not so impressive (but great on the screen), or they look fabulous, has a lot of presence filling the room , the same you see them on the screen. The both types are saleable.

With all PR pumped into this Meghan woman for the last 3 years, have a feeling they have been trying to sell  £1 worth shit to the public, and people still are not going to buy. Calculate their losses, liabilities, costs and expenses and declare her case hopeless.

she is not saleable.

Thank you…nope..not before…not now…not ever😊❤️❤️❤️❤️


I think I’ve finally nailed it.

I’ve got to blog this I’m not much of a blogger so bear with me. I’ve got do much to tell you and it’s very disturbing. The baby shower was not primarily for the baby at all. It was a summit meeting with Serena Williams in charge. The objective was to organise the PR manipulation of Twitter. Heres how it works. Meghan Markle, Abigail Spencer, Serena Williams, Markus Anderson, Jessica Mulroney, Amal Clooney and possibly everyone at that BS was briefed to each control 100+ senior foot soldiers. Which makes a total of approx 2000 “footsoldiers” , ( the more the merrier obviously, but they are vetted very slickly. These accounts engage in superficial chat but they do engage, albeit shallowly.

And by doing this with # and coded # they control the paid bots or I shall call them minions. The minions are employed by Serena’s PR firm. And they are paid workers who can hardly string a sentence together and very poor English.

They are paid and work from a crib sheet. The kkkcamilla is probably started my myregalpark. Shes pure evil. I call her the security. It’s a very slick operation, whereby if they get 100 followers they are moved up a rank ( I’m guessing this because the footsoldier enthusiasm is startling. The Americans / English speaking are the most enthusiastic. I cannot post any more pics but I need to ask @skippyisheretostay and @jerseydeanne did you already know this? Am I stating the obvious and banging my head against a brick wall ( ie nothing can be done?) This really is huge. As you know I’m always on Twitter. It’s an evil place but it’s all I know. Since I started the petition, I’ve been trolled but shit dont faze me. I dont care. The tennis madam and the charlatan are all set to bash us into submission. Maybe George will run for president. This is chilling. Please let me know what you think. Oh and I’ve had to get new account ..they got me banned. I’m not @giftedwales. I got my beautiful new twin grandsons here for weekend. The big rugby match was on yesterday in Cardiff. My daughter and son in law saw prince William in the brewery! Brains is the Cardiff local beer. He exploded a cask or something. But I babysat. Wales won 24-7 against Ireland! Sorry Ireland but hey the Welsh got William and you got St Patrick’s Day. Happy st Patrick’s day everyone. We’re all Celtic. It’s a brilliant city and a wonderful place to live. On that’s it. Thank you.

These thirsty bitches are all about naff PR stunts and merching up the wazoo. Instead of stepping up their game they pay for fake fans and use trollfarms to doxx and harass critics. Disgusting…

About life on “luxurious boats” (ahem…)


The true story told by an actress that quite a few of you know (but her identity has not been 100% confirmed). Makes for an interesting read, and gives you a glimpse into the business. Originally written by Enty for CDAN.


“ I’m an actress. A generally out of work actress. If not for voice over work, things would be bleak right now. I had high hopes for this past year but the show I was starring on got canceled. It happens a lot. I was on a hit network show for a few years. Just a recurring role. It was a vicious back stabbing show. Oh, not for the guys, but for the women on the show. The women who were the original cast members were fiercely protective over their turf. Unless you were a female A lister just coming in for a week or two, they would do whatever they could to show you the door. I came in to it about halfway through the run of the show. Here I was, on this great show, but I was not guaranteed anything other than one episode at a time. The main cast were locked in. Whether they appeared in a certain week or not, they got paid. What also hurt me is that I couldn’t get any other work just in case this show needed me. For a whole season I would wait by the phone. Meanwhile, I still had all my expenses and the money was quickly being drained from my account.


It was on the show that I started talking to another actress. While we waited for a scene to be set up, we would talk. A lot. Hours of free time gives you a lot of time to discuss things. Everything. It was not that long ago that I was working every week in a pretty good show and making quite a lot of money. i decided to buy a house. Then, the star of the show got tired of acting and just like that, the show ended and I was scrambling. I told her this story and she said I should think about heading to Europe for the summer. She had done it before. She didn’t tell her boyfriend at the time who is now her husband about it. He thinks she was there to do some magazine shoots and promotional appearances for products.

The more she talked about it, the better it sounded. I have been on television since I was 10. In my home country, everyone knows me for a certain role I did when I was young. Throughout my teen years I worked a lot. Almost full-time. The jobs didn’t pay as much as a network show, but things were good. At the time, you think things will always be great and you will work full time. So, I didn’t save as much as I should. I was young and I thought the money would just keep rolling in.

It didn’t. As I got a little older, the parts I landed were bigger and paid more, but they were more infrequent. I would get a network show and it would last for two years. The money was great for those two years but then it would get canceled and you would be looking for a job for the next year. By the time you landed the next show and got paid, most of the money you made in the last show was gone.

I’m not complaining. Just trying to explain. Each week you never know if your job will be lost. Will the show be canceled? Will the audience hate your character and you get fired? Will you ever get another job if you do get fired? I remember on my first movie, I thought I knew everything. I had been working for a decade and breezed into work, excited about this new challenge. I think it was day 3 on the movie when I was told I had to f**k the lead actor in the movie or I would lose my job. The thing is I had known this actor for a long time. Apparently he is the one who had me cast in the movie and now was payback time. I didn’t know he cast me. I didn’t know he liked me like that.

My network show I had been on just ended. I had nothing lined up but this movie and a crap movie someone talked me into doing. I needed this paycheck. I did it. I slept with the guy. I have hated him since. I have never seen anything he has done. He is a f**ker who took advantage of the situation. I had known him almost my whole life but he was willing to have me fired unless I had sex with him. On a side note, after filming I went to do a guest shot on a television show supposedly leading to recurring and the lead actor in that show said he heard from the actor I had sex with that I was good to go. I said I wasn’t good to go and wouldn’t have sex with the lead of the show. Instead of the recurring role I was promised, it was a one off thing. A week later they brought someone in who would have sex with the actor and she got the recurring role.

So, back to the present day. The actress I was talking to made it sound super easy and that she only had sex a few times with guys while yachting and that it was mostly partying and being arm candy. I asked her what I needed to do and she said she would introduce me to the person who could make it happen. I speak French, so that made things easier. One day I was talking to my co-star about being on a yacht and a few short weeks later I was flying to France. 


It was a blur. She made a call and that night we went and had drinks with a woman who gets a fee for sending people to model. That’s what she called it. She had some fake British accent which sometimes turned into a fake French accent. “You’re there to look pretty. A yacht is elegant and so are you.” The comparisons between myself and a yacht went on and on. Owners of yachts liked to have parties and needed to fill those parties with models. Again and again the word model. I guess that line would work with someone who was new to acting or modeling, but to me it sounded fake. Fake like the agents who will get you a part if you pay them a bunch of money and use their photographer to take your head shots. I think this woman’s spiel probably worked best in small towns where she probably advertised in Craigslist. She would get a group of them in some Holiday Inn conference room and show them photos of yachts and parties on yachts. Sprinkle in a few pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and other hot looking actors to really get them excited. Then dangle that money carrot and international travel and most of them were sold.


I saw Leonardo DiCaprio when I was there. He was at a restaurant having a drink surrounded by a bunch of guys. My reality was a bunch of sweaty, overweight guys who thought they could dance and had too much body hair. Oh, which they liked to show off.

Anyway, blah blah blah went the recruiter. I was already in. I knew what to expect and I also knew I needed the money. Oh, lets talk about the money for a second. First of all she promised to pay $10,000 per week. Each trip was one week. I would get $2500 upfront and then the other $7500 while I was there. Nope. My co-star already told me about this scam. Apparently the $7500 was what a model could expect to earn if she slept with a guy each night of the week long trip. $1000 a night was the going rate. 

The thing is though that wasn’t guaranteed. I didn’t want that kind of guarantee. My co-star said she learned from the models brought in that none of them were told they would have to earn the $1000 a night on their backs. They assumed that the whole thing was legit and would actually get paid the $7500 on the ship. The vast majority of the women my co-star encountered just partied on the yacht and never slept with anyone. They just took the $2500 and the airplane ticket and had fun. They would be where they needed to be, but never ended up having sex with any of the men. Those that did often got screwed over because they guys wouldn’t pay them anything or would give them a fake Rolex or something similar as payment. There were boxes on the ships filled with fake French handbags and Chanel jewelry. 


I told the woman I wanted my fee. I was treating this like an acting job. I would play the model part to a tee. People know my face. People know my work. My fee at the time was $25K per episode and each episode took a week to film, so I wanted $25K upfront. When I fly somewhere for work, I always hope for first class, but will settle for business class. I thought that was fair. The woman kept going on and on about some crap about how they could not afford to pay that. My co-star told me $25K is what she got so I knew I could get it. Plus, they use your name to recruit other women to go.

Two days after meeting the woman, the money was in my account. I didn’t have to share it with my agent or manager or lawyer or anyone else. On my flight to Paris, I didn’t notice any other women who looked like they were “models,” but when I got to Paris that all changed. My flight landed and I was met by a guy holding a sign just like any other limo driver would in the US. The only difference is this guy was herding everyone on to a bus. A flight would come in and four or five other models would get on the bus. I landed around 8am so I only had to wait on the bus for an hour. Some of the models had been there since 5am and waited and slept as the bus filled.

I guess I assumed I would get to Nice by plane or train, but had been put off when I asked and was only told that someone would meet me at the airport. A hundred women all on a bus. Most were wearing just regular clothes. Many though had obviously either gone straight from a club to their flight or they thought they were going to be put to work immediately upon landing. I’m not sure how some of the women could even sit because their dresses were so tight. Almost all of them left nothing to the imagination when they sat.

A guy with the most enormous pinky ring I have ever seen gave a welcoming speech in French and then in English. Then, another guy who looked like he beat people up for a living spoke in what I later learned was Russian and Polish. Well over half this bus was filled with women from Eastern Europe. My co-star told me more and more women from Eastern Europe were being brought in because they were willing to have sex every night. Less women from the US and other countries were being brought over because so many were not having sex. 


The men on the yachts either paid a fee to get on the yachts or in some cases were being wined and dined to write big checks. Especially with the fee paying guests, they expected sex for their fee. Apparently some companies charged as much as $2000 a night to these guys for all the liquor, food and women they could manage. If I was a guy on the ship, I would be ticked off even if I was going to get laid. First of all, if it is a dinner/night cruise you are actually cruising. There are very few places to actually have sex. You have to wait until 3am when the yacht docks and then take the woman back to your hotel or wherever else you are staying. Chances are though, she has to be back at the ship by noon for the afternoon cruises. Those are where the guys go out on the yacht a mile or so off the coast and then everyone plays in the water. The models are all in the tiniest of bikinis. Most are topless. The guys are trying to slam their junk into the tightest Speedos they could find and look ridiculous. I hated the afternoon cruises. There was a lot more groping and staring. You would be in the water and some guy would grab you and touch you. They wanted to shower with you when you got out of the water. They wanted to rub oil on you and have you rub it on them. At night, guys wanted to dance and drink and eat and knew they had a long night ahead of them before they could try and get you to f**k them.

During the day, they only had three hours and they were on their worst behavior. It was drinking and hot sun, and between the groping and comments and picture taking, you just felt like a piece of meat. I know that is an expression that is used loosely. Not in this case. Guys with cell phones and video cameras and cameras were in your face. If they saw some poor model passed out they would film her and grope her all while she was being filmed. For the most part it was a three hour sexual assault recorded. I hated it.

There was not enough hot water to make me feel clean after those day cruises. 


Almost all of the women had hotel rooms on shore. A couple who were favorites of the people running the tour would stay with those guys in the yacht. The rest of us were six to a room in a hotel. The routine went something like this. You would get up around 8 and there would be a hangover slow procession to the showers and then makeup in time to get to the yacht around 1130 for the noon cruise. You would cruise until 3 and then make your way back to the hotel where we would nap until 6 or 7 and then get some food. We would then do the procession thing again and get back to the ship about 10pm. We would then cruise until about 3am and head back to the hotels and sleep.

Some mornings we would get a call in the room and some model would be requested by a private yacht. These were the guys with the big money. These were the ones most of the models wanted to book. They would do anything to get on those yachts. Those were the Russian oligarchs and rappers and businessmen. They were the actors. The handlers hated sending women over to those gigs though because they never came back. That would be one less person for the cruises. By my last night there, half of the women were gone. Most of those had moved on to private yachts. Some had just quit. Some had ended up with some guy who they liked. At least one person from my week overdosed.

I get asked if I would ever do it again. Nope. Never. Not a chance. I stuck it out because I got paid to stick it out. I never walked away from a gig where I was paid and I treated it just like that. I have never felt more degraded in all my life. Some of the women there had been doing it for a year. They had moved from the Caribbean in the winter to the Med in the summer and never planned on quitting. I hated it. I cried for a f**king week when I got back. I got invited to go to Cannes to promote a show I was in. The only time in my life I begged off. I want no part of that city for awhile. I never slept with anyone while I was there. My co-star said most women don’t, but in my experience, most did. In my opinion, half were looking to make as much money that week as possible, and the other half wanted to find a husband. I will say that the week I was there, only two or three women I met were American. When my co-star had been, there were well over half. Did I mention how much I hated it there?”


Oh well… sorry, not sorry. She had plenty of choices to make money in other ways, and she didn´t go for any of them. So suck it up, buttercup (oops, no pun intended)…

GMA gifs have context. They came directly after a question about cumberbabies. Since Sophi3 is supposed to be pregnant at this point, or he would have been informed that she would be portraying a pregnancy, this is the obvious cause of his upset. I don’t know where the issue of race comes in. This was an old wiki tactic. I thought she went away?


So did I…but maybe she got bored? Or maybe someone is trying to distract from the actual video itself? I know wiki was always convinced BC and Lupita had a fling, but it now seems that Lupita doesn’t swing that way…so I highly doubt it. (Although he might have been into her…I mean she’s amazing).


Nah, BC was tag-teamed by two HW hookers. The one who came up with the bb scam was RJG. She set him up so badly it hurt, from her BF doing a veritable photoshoot of her at The Peacock beforehand to her IG hoe style hashtags. She was a P2P GF, she not only had all the tells it leaked via official sources. So she ‘breaks the news’ to BC on 11/4, he tells HW, SH etc. They respond by placing an ad on 11/5 in the LT to cockblock RJG and Co. Ever wonder why we got so many leaks about paternity fraud? SH served as a PR cover for RJG, who could get an US, whose BF could threaten to spill etc. SH simply took their idea and ran with it. So in a nutshell BC is being blackmailed and bled dry by a drug/sex/human trafficking ring. Turns out SH and RJG are both traffickers…

Told you so…

About that BI? P2P fraudster all the way:


So Eggsbenedish was steering the PR Narrative one way while ChuckyNoNo kept trying to make her(self) happen. All because she wasn’t able to wrest the coveted role of RCGF from SoFail’s claws with her scheming. Bunch of BS from both ends…


HW cut deals with agencies, hotels etc. He did it with Standard Hotels and Soho House, this was no different. In return his girls got Intel on his target of choice. IG hookers are known for doing tacky shit like this, hashtagging booking sites (reasons) and accepting payment in the form of non-taxable ‘gifts’. The latter practice is especially popular in places like Dubai. Only that most ‘workers’ tend to be more discreet unless they have an agenda, which RJG (like SH) most certainly did. Insiders know everything, PR, stop lying and put an end to this circus. It’s pointless to keep throwing money away on damage control only to postpone the inevitable and end up with a real disaster on your hands…


PS: It’s a ring and people know that hooking isn’t all they do/sell…those other kids:


Seem to have disappeared.


Entry Named Harvey Weinstein & Megan (Meghan) Markle!!!


A person who has spent time with the disgraced producer says the producer is having the time of his life reading about an upcoming wedding because he had sex with the bride. Harvey Weinstein/Megan Markle


Is having been with Harvey Weinstein enough to cancel this wedding?  How much more depravity does the RF need in order to deport MM?

OMG, I sure as hell hope so, ewww  I could have sworn NYC said no way with Harvey. 

Thank you anon 

Bwahaha XD! What did I tell y’all? One more more thing that MegIT and SoFail both have in common! Well, aside from ties to the same honey trapping ring…

Entry Named Harvey Weinstein & Megan (Meghan) Markle!!!