Let’s accept for a moment BC & V were fwb since frankenstein (2010?) They kept it casual, on & off between Olivia & Anna James (Jones?), keeping a tight friendship when he dated someone. HW imposes zero to BC, V must go because she dares to face her for BC’s sake. Zero wins but now BC has seen her real face, he tries to relink with V. Zero founds out & threats to make him look like an unfaithful husband. Jackpot for her. Let’s see if they are freezing cold at the emmy, we’ll have our answer




Nah, looks like *someone* is trying to cause trouble. Based on the first description given it may be a mutual contact he shared with MF. V was part of BC’s actual team once he hit the big time. I don’t buy that this is some FWB ish (even if they were) at all but rather that V told BC not to go through with the ShamWow just like MF and many others did. As a PR person she knew that it would be bad news for her client. If BC finally saw the light I think he’s reaching out to anyone (trustworthy) that already knows what’s been going on and can help him. Team Soso doesn’t want that and that’s why they started trolling again

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