US report: Meghan Markle and Matt Lauer ‘had a secret hook up’


The royal wedding is no longer the top topic of discussion after a shock new report about Meghan Markle emerged from the US overnight.

According to a sensational report in The National Enquirer, the former Suits actress was allegedly caught in a sneaky ‘dressing room hook up’ with disgraced American TV host Matt Lauer following an appearance on the US Today Show, before she started dating Harry.

‘There was something going on between them,’ a snitch for NBC network is alleged to have told the publication.

The insider fears Meghan’s May 19 wedding to Prince Harry is in serious jeopardy after now the 36 year old actresses secret past has come to light.

The on set spy claims Meghan and Matt, 60, ‘vanished together” and that Meghan was spied going into the TV star’s dressing room on ‘at least two occasions.’

‘Whether it was just heavy, heavy flirting, Matt wouldn’t have done it in front of his wife. If [anything] more, it went on behind closed doors.’

Matt was sensationally fired from the NBC news show last year after allegations of sexual harassment came to light.

The source goes on to claim that while it wasn’t unusual for Matt to ask female guests to go backstage with him between segments, he usually left his office door open.

However, with Meghan he chose to keep their meetings private.

‘No one dared to ask Matt why he kept the door closed [with Meghan],’ a witness claims.

Before meeting the British prince, Meghan appeared on Today a number of times as a fashion expert to promote her former lifestyle blog, The Tig.

‘They would flirt heavily with each other off the air and had undeniable chemistry,’ says the source.

‘Matt went out of his way to get Meghan on as often as possible.

‘Since Matt was instrumental in getting her on board as a sort of celeb consultant, he wanted to do many of the segments with her himself.’

The National Enquirer states that Meghan’s indiscrete flirting with Matt has rocked the royals.

‘Meghan’s association with Matt Lauer is the last thing she or the royal family needs,’ spills a royal source.

‘The notion of him creeping all over a future British princess is tawdry and disgusting.’

Neither party has yet commented on the Enquirer’s allegations.

Looks like it’s coming to MM. Hey, she was with Corey at the time, hmm…

Ooooh, let’s bring this back full circle shall we?:

A person who has spent time with the disgraced producer says the producer is having the time of his life reading about an upcoming wedding because he had sex with the bride. Harvey Weinstein/Megan Markle

Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein are indeed connected ;).

US report: Meghan Markle and Matt Lauer ‘had a secret hook up’

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