He looks sweet with his goaty and interacts nice with the interviewers. But to me he seems very drained, depressed and as if there is huge grief deep down inside of him. Only guarded and cautious jubilation on the nominations. Before the sham he would have jumped in the air in delight. The lockdown situation must have hit him hard. And that on top of his problems…


Lockdown, filming, dealing with almost 6 years of living a lie….

He is looking down and after a promising promo start he just stuck both feet in it again 🤦. No thanks to Adam and Karon I’m sure, the Rat really needs to talk to all of them about this. Those set crashers may have been sent to scare Holmesboy on behalf of Team Soso too, I wouldn’t put anything past them…

PS: His abusers know his DID and PTSD triggers.

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