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Full Radio interview with Ben from Earlier today. Someone want to listen and transcribe?

This interview must have been pre-recorded because Benedict specifically says that he’s working on Doctor Strange 2. Which can’t be true unless he was talking strictly about preproduction. The MCU filming schedule looks very different now:

Benedict’s not even set to start on that Marvel Studios project until after he finishes with Sony’s Spiderman 3. Production for that movie is just cranking up:

Yeah, it’s going to take more than a month…

PS: I know the US release of ‘The Courier’ is today, Adam. Trying to sneak in ShamWow BS into an interview about the Prince’s Trust and Doctor Strange via a loaded question was tres tacky. It reminds me of the Sirius XM interview where they kept harping on about SoFail being an illustrious Oxford dropout-I mean grad. I also remember that Benedict had enough sense to ignore their obvious baiting. *waves to Karon*

Magic Radio on Twitter

From another source this morning:

“Luckily Disney is getting rid of the "woke” agenda and getting back to what the fans want. No more female only narratives and agendas. Kathleen will be gone and Star Wars and Marvel can get back to business. Announcement should come soon.“

It’s very clear that after record losses absolutely no more BS will be tolerated at Rat Inc. That also includes trolling Marvel fans and sabotaging DS2 promo…

Bottom line or bust, funny how I kept talking about the importance of running a tight ship 🙄.


For the anon who asked about rehashing. The DS3 article was not rehashing. His contract was not signed for DS3. He was not meant to be Sorcery Supreme in DS3. Clea, who they haven’t even introduced in the movie yet, was. The article was saying that Marvel/Disney changed plans because of a situation. Although COVID would not be a reason to change that storyline, so it must be a different reason. Perhaps a personal one? Some people claim Iron Man was not supposed to die but RDJ had some personal issues that required his attention and that caused the change in plans. Disney/Marvel leaves flexibility in their scripts in case of such inevitable problems.


I wonder what changed that he will be doing DS3?

IMO DS3 was always in the cards, otherwise there would’ve been no point in offering Benedict an extension in the first place. Clea or Brother Voodoo would inherit the mantle of Sorceror Supreme only if Benedict left after DS2. Marvel Studios is simply being more specific as to what they would want him to stay onboard for. All of it is still contingent on his compliance with their PR plan and how well DS2 does at the BO. DS3 would also help fill the gap created by Chadwick’s exit from Black Panther due to his deteriorating health. Recasting the titular role and retooling that script will take time…

Let’s see, SoFail couldn’t crash Sundance and seeing as how TPOTD filming was delayed she can’t sabotage the AAs or VDay LL either. This hearsay blurb is the best she could do and yes, we know it’s you HeBitch. Because no one else, not even Maggot stuffs their entire CV into one run-on sentence: “…avant-garde theatre and opera director, playwright and former performer Sophie Hunter…”

PS: So we’re back to two now 🤣? Palatial? Your NPD is showing, Kirsten Dunst matters not you.



Gossip Girl the finale

This is the last of the really juicy gossip on B from that site. I see you wanted that little sexy bit (which isn’t as juicy on Z, just a rehash). I also will throw in the bit about Hiddleston, too, because maybe that’s why someone thinks B is gay – they have him mixed up with Hiddles!

I want to add that at the Doctor Strange location shooting, on the street of NYC, that was basically why Marvel couldn’t stop her. She was out in public with perfect strangers watching. She knew that. Now, on the closed set of Sherlock, Gatiss had more control. She could scream in front of the crew, and it didn’t really matter. The public couldn’t see her. He could kick her out.

Also – I do distinctly remember there were pap photos of Benedict with one of the women this industry person saw him with. She was at the location shooting in NYC and was mistaken as the “wife” by the paps! Why? Because B kissed her!!! Unfortunately, you can’t really see them kissing full on, or really see how close they were standing together from the angle of the photos, plus the photos were pulled from pap sites along with the full photo of her leaving the location shooting. But I remember seeing them and thinking, “Hoo! This must be his side girl!” Never saw her again, though.


Name a male celeb that isn’t good looking but who you would sleep with.

posted September 28th, 2016 at 8:54pm

Benedict Cumberbatch 9-28-2016 8:55pm +1 like

np= lots of industry rumours about him 😉 9-28-2016 9:02pm

about how good he is in the sack? 9-28-2016 9:03pm

no, tho i have heard that. 9-28-2016 9:03pm

would he really try to hide being gay so far as having fake fiance in this day and age? 9-28-2016 9:04pm

ive not heard anything about him being gay. thats not the story everyone is sayin anyway 9-28-2016 9:08pm

oh. well I"m glad of that despite myself 9-28-2016 9:11pm

he’ll likely be single soon and the kids paternity leaked, so he’ll be free 9-28-2016 9:12pm

yay 9-28-2016 9:15pm

meaning what? 9-28-2016 9:04pm

lots of things in the past yr. for ex his marriage is a sham. the kid isn’t his and he always knew. the woman he is married too was meant to be a red carpet award show thing, but she was preg and she knew, pinned it on him and threatened to go pub saying it was his. porb a split soon after dr strange promo 9-28-2016 9:06pm

how very Hollywood Babylon 9-28-2016 9:07pm

rumour has it she may attempt to get knocked up by her long term bf again to keep him w her and paying her every month. doubt that will work 9-28-2016 9:07pm

^at the risk of outing myself, ive met her, and she is one of the vilest people ive met, and ive seen some celebs lose their shit 9-28-2016 9:08pm

why would he care if someone says she is preg with his baby? 9-28-2016 9:09pm

because thats what she did w the first one. she threatened to go pub saying it was his and leak all sorts of stuff. the guy is kind of a dope 9-28-2016 9:10pm

^anyway, i expect a split after his dr strange opening and a few quiet stories about the paternity being questioned 9-28-2016 9:11pm

^both date outside the marriage, neither are very discrete. 9-28-2016 9:07pm

So you’re saying I have a chance… 9-28-2016 9:15pm

haha maybe! don’t know much about him, other than he seems easy to manipulate. the woman he is married too stormed the set i was working on and made one of the most disgusting scenes ive ever seen 9-28-2016 9:16pm

about what? a set he was working on? 9-28-2016 9:16pm

yep. she showed up w her own paps, got in the way of our official photogs, started screaming that she was his wife and demanded to be let on set. basically posed smiling and lovey w him for her cameras, but then practically shoved him off her the min her shots were done. 9-28-2016 9:17pm

ugh 9-28-2016 9:19pm

rumour has it they’ve never lived together, and he pays her monthly not to talk to the press and say he is a bad father. i hope she doesn’t get knocked up again poor guy, but who knows. she was a real peach 9-28-2016 9:22pm


That was a little sad to read now because this was back in 2016!!!! *sob* He was supposed to have been out of it back then! And she definitely did get “knocked up again” to keep him in it! Grr.

This next one’s good. It’s not the industry person, but someone who is a friend of someone in PR who was in the UK (yeah, yeah, friend of someone, but at least it’s not my friend’s cousin’s dog walker, amirite?). Had info on both Hiddleston and the Batch (and a few other people).


I have no doubt Taylor Swift is a Republican at heart. She pretends to be cool-n-liberal, like Katy Perry, another hick.

posted July 11th, 2016 at 11:41pm

my friend who works in PR told me about the “hiddleston rollout” 4 weeks before it happened 7-11-2016 11:42pm

Meaning it was happeningreat for real? Or that it’s fake? 7-11-2016 11:44pm

fake. its been rolled out. there is a plan that they will run thru 7-11-2016 11:45pm

People are whores. Was Calvin Harris real? 7-11-2016 11:46pm

Ive not asked 7-11-2016 11:47pm

to what end? it makes who more popular? 7-11-2016 11:47pm

there are a number of reasons, but TS is a publicity obsessive. she never leaves her house w out a perfect manicure etc. my friend says she wants ink and inches more than anything in the world 7-11-2016 11:48pm

^hiddleston benefits by getting his name into the american market. other than his marvel role, things haven’t been great and he doesn’t want to go down forever as just the marvel villain 7-11-2016 11:49pm

what else do you know? i love celeb gossip 7-11-2016 11:51pm +2 likes

she is in the UK at the moment. cumberbatch was or is a raging coke fiend. he and his wife have never lived together. its not his baby and every time he tries to get rid of her, she threatens to run to the tabloids and leak false stories about him being abusive. she was just meant to be a girlfriend for oscar season but knew she was preg and pinned it on him. she is also an addict. no one knows what will happen there. what else. oh, there is more than one one direction baby. one of them pays an LA woman a lot of money to keep quiet about it 7-11-2016 11:54pm

^there are pictures of boris johnson in all sorts of sexual exploits, and thats the real reason he stepped down 7-11-2016 11:55pm

Jesus take the wheel wow 7-11-2016 11:58pm

well i asked her why the fuck he would step down at the height of pwer, off a huge win, and basically done for PM. she said maybe if he didn’t have photos taking for his later private use of him fucking underage people, among other things 7-12-2016 12:00am

is cumberbatch gay? 7-12-2016 12:00am

no. hiddleston is supposedly bi and was dating a man. not sure if he is really bi or gay. cumberbatch just got stuck w an abusive woman and her friends who keep threatening him if he tries to leave her. he is paying her monthly thru the nose and she wants more. 7-12-2016 12:01am

This all sounds god awful 7-12-2016 12:01am

she says her job is dealing w awful people all day, so much that she has had to go to therapy to remind herself she isn’t awful too. 7-12-2016 12:02am

Yikes 7-12-2016 12:02am

she is only in PR too. she basically downgraded herself job wise. she use to do crisis management for pub figures in gov’t and large companies. she says dealing w celebs is not as bad! i can’t imagine 7-12-2016 12:03am

Are you sure she isn’t confusing him with sherlock who was.into coke? 7-12-2016 12:04am +1 like

no she can sep fiction and shows from reality. 7-12-2016 12:05am

^she works in entertainment PR. this is what she does for a living. she isn’t some idiot confusing actors w characters they play 7-12-2016 12:05am


These are two different people with the same story – B’s NOT gay, he’s just trapped in a Showmance Marriage from Hell by a blackmailer. This last one also confirms what you said about his addiction back in the day.

This next one is a little antidote I hadn’t heard before. Reveals more of how vile she is to be around, so it gives you some indication of what he has to put up with when he’s alone with her. *shudder*

Bonus: teeth sucking!


Cumberbach is so NOT attractive at ALL

posted January 7th, 2017 at 10:48pm

agreed 1-7-2017 10:48pm

well that depends. 1-7-2017 10:48pm

i know him. (i agree) 1-7-2017 10:48pm

haha. 1-7-2017 10:48pm

he is really sweet though, so i feel bad thinking this 1-7-2017 10:48pm

^nice guy tho. wife is a disaster 1-7-2017 10:48pm

interesting. 1-7-2017 10:48pm

how so? 1-7-2017 10:50pm

total pill. obsessed w red carpets, cameras, getting as much camera time as him at events. insults him in front of people, makes up random lies for no reason. really odd 1-7-2017 10:51pm

so…crazy 1-7-2017 10:52pm

Oh, links? 1-7-2017 10:52pm

links? i know him and ive socialised him him/them. i dont have links 1-7-2017 10:52pm

are you in the business 1-7-2017 10:53pm

yes. 1-7-2017 10:54pm

Oh, that’s awesome. I just wish some of the outlets had picked up on this behavior 1-7-2017 10:59pm

i guess they keep her out of the pub eye as much as possible. she goes to a few events because she would pitch a fit if she is not in front of some camera, but she would be a liability if she was seen w him a lot. she is a total mess. ive socialised w them a number of times and i think there is something wrong w her 1-7-2017 11:00pm

Think she self-medicates? 1-7-2017 11:03pm

no clue. i couldn’t speak to specifics, but she lies compulsively. everything from how she got to x event, to bigger lies about being places she wasn’t, working w people she hasn’t, having jobs that literally don’t exist. and she is volatile and yells at him like no one is watching. it sucks because he is quite funny and sweet, and i have a godchild who goes to school in the UK and we used to chat about that, but when she is there no one can have a normal conversation. she won’t allow it 1-7-2017 11:05pm

Good lord. How long do you think that marriage will last? He needs to get a backbone 1-7-2017 11:06pm

no idea. rumour is it neither of these children are his. i dont know about that. last time i was at an event w them, and we were all talking w about 4 other people there (besides me, him, and her) i literally saw her roll her eyes, stamp her feet, and suck her teeth because the conversation was not about her. a co worker said its like having a toddler there. she just demands attention, and has no idea about the fact that she is demanding it of total strangers. its very, very bizarre. 1-7-2017 11:08pm

^ive personally caught her in lies which were just bizarre, and i caught her because i knew the people supposedly involved in her weird lie, and it was totally impossible. i think she has a problem 1-7-2017 10:52pm


That’s basically it from the site. So far, although nobody’s seen a REAL kid (remember the industry person said they knew the pap arrangement for photographing them with a kid, but the kid NEVER was on set), everybody’s been told that there IS one (or two or three) and that somebody else is the daddy.

I don’t think any of these people actually saw Zero preggers, though. I wonder what would happen if they actually saw her up close and personal and realized the bump wasn’t real? C’mon, industry people! She’s out there right now in her bright yellow tent at industry events! Give up the deets!

An oldie but a goodie.

Like I said, everyone in the Industry knows.

Hi Aeltrileaf. Was wondering, if you had to guess, what is in store for BC? I mean, what is the rat’s position in all this mess and if they have any interest in getting him out of the mess etc?

He talked about career longevity and that along with his physical longevity is in great peril, all because of SoFail’s malign influence. I still believe in Ben, the real Ben who drew huge crowds with his hard work, his raw talent, his childlike joy and candor alone. He was different but in a good way! He didn’t need to be boxed into a stupid fauxmance especially not with a narcissistic monster that hates him. Living a lie ruined his mojo, dimmed his spirit, harmed his health and caused him to betray his principles. He’s dwindled into a mere shadow of the great man I know he could be. If he rids himself of the toxic people surrounding him and starts behaving with integrity again? He can reboot his brand and recover much of what he has lost. When you straighten your life out you find that good things automatically start happening to you. That alone is worth fighting for! I think it is in his, the Rat’s and the Beeb’s best interest that the ShamWow end ASAP. Everyone worthwhile is losing precious time, credibility and money on this nonsense. Ben has a tendency to procrastinate too much, he has to take a far more active role in cleaning up his current mess. He should also make full use of the resources he has at his disposal, the Rat’s alone are considerable…

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Oh Marvel…seems like a ‘joke’ until you notice this comment:


Bringing up something he said in 2007 now? This is what happens when you stay in a fauxmance with a known trafficker like SoFail for too long. Things will only get worse, much worse as long as her name’s still attached to his brand. WTF are y’all doing?

Hasnt anyone realized that SH is out to ruin him. Its not about money, its called “narcissistic rage”. She will do anything, anything, to destroy him personally and professionally. As we’ve said before, u cannot reason w her. U can no longer pay her off. She is, I believe, psychotic at this point bc of substance abuse and sadistic revenge. U r underestimating her and have done so for a long time. So has BC. Perhaps thats understandable bc u havent seen what she is before. I have and I’m telling u she has no boundaries, no compassion, no thought for anyone, even herself. Good luck bc believe me u will need it.

And it from the looks of this? She’s seriously raging, right now.

She was seen with BC and his parents recently. No pictures, but a sighting. Soapy still hangs on to her meal ticket obviously.

She has been known to pull old pics/videos to make it look like she was there. Not like it matters. It’s all fake, so no amount of “random” sightings is gonna change that.

They only got one like on that bizarre G+T tweet so she followed up with something more overt. All fake, it’s sad that PR is still trying at this point. Benedict needs to remember that he can still be written out of the MCU and replaced with Brother Voodoo if he doesn’t end this soon.

Fake Showbiz News on Twitter

“His uncle flew him to London and put him in an apartment and then he started his career. The truth of the matter is without Cabbage Patch Kids, Benedict Cabbage Patch wouldn’t have a career and you wouldn’t have Doctor Strange.”

Yeah, Uncle Harvey and those are more like Garbage Pail Kids. Aside from being part of the MCU isn’t JG is supposed to be BC’s co-star in that upcoming Rio flick? Talk about a double warning shot. Better take care of business Ben…

“His uncle flew him to London and put him in an apartment and then he started his career. The truth of the matter is without Cabbage Patch Kids, Benedict Cabbage Patch wouldn’t have a career and you wouldn’t have Doctor Strange.”

Yeah, Uncle Harvey and those are more like Garbage Pail Kids. Aside from being part of the MCU isn’t JG is supposed to be BC’s co-star in that upcoming Rio flick? Talk about a double warning shot. Better take care of business Ben…

NO Manager?

That’s probably why BC’s Dollar General Team does whatever the fuck it wants! I’m looking at you Karon… 

Don’t tell me it was ‘V’ and he let her go? Mama mia, no wonder everything’s gone tits up since then.

Was lady of cunterbatch wife of Vegandick veganbatch and their pilos Kit, Hal and Schrödy the third also attending the horse race? (where horses are used then sent to butchers when they’re not in good shape enough) or were they busy helping baity Joe promoting his vegan shoes and vegan suits? What a cretin! Don’t scream on the roofs about your veganism to attend a horse race months after, what a doofus!


She was not. And I don’t know why everyone is being so ugly about him attending. As for the horse racing comment you made…I don’t know how they treat horses where you are from, but where I’m from? Those horses live better than most humans.

They do and I get why many people are angry at Benedict, he’s flip-flopped all over the place instead of sticking to what worked: Being real. That said, the only person who would be miffed at this harmless PR outing is the lame nag that didn’t get her oversized veneers on film: SoFail. WTF would BC and his equestrian friend want her there for? She’s only fit for the glue factory! Think about that and the uptick in nasty Asks we are getting. Reasons

Finally listened to Enty’s podcast and it def sounds like Karon or Rat at least approved them which makes me really think that BC has an issue of pride and greed. He’s so greedy for fame and wealth he’s willing to make a deal with HW not once but twice with TCW. He seems too proud to admit that what he did was wrong or that he was a victim or taken advantage of by saying it was all as he planned. Maybe that’s why Rat won’t do the split for him because he won’t admit his mistakes? Too proud?


Could be. Powerful people can be very petty, too. As the saying goes, Pride goeth before a fall…

It does but that doesn’t explain Benedict’s sickly appearance, that ritual abuse scar and the palpable fear that he’s displayed on many an occasion. As one Nonny said the Hunters (and their minions) surrounded him. Even Mama Hunter and Patrick both moved down from Scotland not too long ago. That whole fucking family is very well-connected and psycho. Benedict may worry that Disney can’t protect him from the threat that Team Soso represents, especially in the UK. Now, I myself have said that he can be awfully pigheaded and that his false pride is also an issue. Is he ambitious? Yes but he’s definitely no Clooney. I feel that OP is oversimplifying the situation to both Harvey’s and Team Soso’s advantage. But why? Because those crooks literally have their hands in everything, including pedoshit, drug, human and organ trafficking. People also forget about Redmayne’s role and his connections to Markus Anderson. How convenient to throw the bulk of the blame on their victims (like Benedict) to distract from their own crimes. The timing is suspect because they know their day of reckoning is fast approaching. Look at Killary’s current problems and follow that breadcrumb trail if you don’t believe me…

The Lost Boy

Poor Benedict didn’t stand a chance, he was ripe for the picking at Harrow. Do these freaks honestly think people who know about not-so-occult matters haven’t noticed certain…details?:

All up the stairs are pictures of him as a child. Benedict running, Benedict as a toddler. Benedict aged 10 – white-blond, skinny, in tiny swimming trunks, on a rocky beach in Greece. One of the pictures shows Wanda pulling his trunks down and kissing his bottom. “That is a picture of my mother kissing my arse,” he confirms…We look around his bedroom, which is small and floral. On the chintzy dressing table is a small china pot, with “I Feel Pretty & Witty” painted on the lid, in curlicue script. I’m just asking him if this is his morning affirmation – “Well, I do feel quite pretty,” he’s saying, thoughtfully – when his mother comes upstairs, and interrupts in the way that is the birthright of all mothers…

It is interesting – watching Sherlock Holmes being berated by his mother for still being single. Especially as, where we are standing, we are surrounded by Wanda’s collection of stuffed barn owls (“Mum’s obsessed with owls”) who are all staring at him with pretty much the same gimlet expression as his mother. – What’s not to love about Benedict Cumberbatch? By Caitlin Moran

Except, instead of a lovely bird what they found for him was a carrion-eating harpy who only dreams of feasting on his corpse.

The take away from that is that Momster’s a Cluster B nutcase ala SoFail with similar…beliefs:


Freemason Tim, on the other hand, distracts himself with gardening and hard liquor in true Co-Dependent fashion. We are our parents after all…unless we work to overcome our learned maladaptive behaviors.


PS: That enameled bauble, those ‘honorary’ stints at Oxford, LAMDA etc.? Are ignominious scraps Benedict. What they are taking from you in return is priceless.

I don’t think he can hide from her. She wouldn’t allow that. She knows exactly where he is and probably also has access to his phone and mails. Sorry, I’m a bit more concerned about that than you are. Also the seating arrangement at the play was symbolic. Between her and her brother. Like a prisoner. No chance to escape. These psychos are probably monitoring him 24/7.


Oh, I KNOW she was doing that before. And it looks like she may have found him again. Hopefully he learned from the first time?

They looked like a pair of hyenas alright but ask yourself who has been leaking said info? Ben’s PA? Someone from SunnyMarch? Did the Brighton Lads etc hack into his devices? I won’t go into details but even I’ve been hacked by her people! I know that one guy works at the University of Sussex, in IT perhaps? They convene with other members of Team Soso in Hove BTW. That’s being looked into, it’ll be easy enough to cut off SoFail’s access to everything. The most important thing is that there’s now proof of their gangstalking and neither Sophie nor Patrick are above the law. A two-bit escort and some EMT? LOL! They may be tools but even the patience of their backers has a limit. Benedict is not alone in this and the Cunters just finished finding that out the hard way.

Normal people do not obsess over an actor’s weight loss and hair cut when they know it was for a role in a film. This was a fact. What is your issue with facts? You’re so Trumpesque.


Ummm…I comment when a pic is released and he looks like shit. YOU however, still coming in my inbox about it when I haven’t said much about it in a while, IS obsessive and Trumpesque. You might want to stop projecting

Except the dramatic change we saw in him was definitely not normal. Let me put it this way, if I saw anyone with Benedict’s physical symptoms? I’d tell them to go to the hospital immediately and request a slew of diagnostic tests. Now go gaslight people outside of the medical field…speaking of which? Patrick’s background, his location and other details seem to coincide with the worsening of Benedict’s condition. We know that SoFail is more than capable of foul play and that she never works alone. Who better to help her take out her Mark than brother dearest? At this point? Benedict’s worth more to the Hunters dead than alive…