Let me get this straight, you have proof that Sophie and Ben’s friends are ripping him off, but instead of going to the press or the authorities with it, you keep it to yourself? Even though the British tabloids would have a field day with that story? You really must think everyone is as stupid as you are. You have nothing and you know it. So stop it with your silly threats and your lies, no one is buying it.

Her friends because they certainly aren’t his. Remember what we said about a certain dossier and a well-known NYC journalist that Weinstein had to pay off? Well, another journalist from the UK was writing an expose about the involvement of corrupt MPs like then PM David Cameron with human trafficking. Do you know who else was in it? SoFail and some of her associates. Guess who paid to have that shelved too? There have been so many leaks it’s not even funny. Yeah, keep saying that there’s no evidence. That argument won’t get you very far with the Rat’s lawyers or with the Feds for that matter, just ask Ghislaine!

It’s three years now that SM bought the rights for How To Stop Time. It’s such a shame it’s still not in production. Ben would be a real good Tom and it’s really a good story. But being a brillant actor is not enough to run a production comp. This imposed nepotism around him is a great nuisance and won’t help anybody in the long run.



It’s imposed alright, it appears that they may be holding Benedict hostage with the millions that they pilfered from his bank accounts. Remember this little leak?:I suppose when this foreign born A list dual threat actor saw his bank accounts were several million dollars less than they should have been, that perhaps he understood his wife was not really interested in love, but enriching her own accounts. That money has already moved several steps thanks to her long time lover. That’s on top of kompromat like the gay rape tape that the Lads apparently have. I’ll be posting a SM>Canongate/LL cash flow chart shortly 😇…

In defense I don’t think Migrations is a Canongate book.

That’s why I said “etc” but you can definitely tell that Adam’s got some sort of shady deal going on with Canongate. When I saw Shaun Usher bully TFOE viciously only because she witnessed something that SoFail did to Benedict in NYC? I knew that Shaun’s OTT reaction had less to do with friendship and more to do with protecting his own questionable interests. At Letters Live we also noticed that SoFail seemed very close to Jamie Byng, inappropriately so. Most of SoFail’s family used to live in Edinburgh so they all know each other. We heard that at least one of SoFail’s brothers and both of her parents extorted money from Benedict by pressuring SM into buying the rights to Megan Hunter’s novel. SoFail got into SM with the excuse that she would produce that project. She had no intention of doing so and only used her newfound access to steal even more!

Claire Foy, Benedict Cumberbatch Team to Adapt Charlotte McConaghy Novel ‘Migrations’ (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter


Clair Again??!!!….
Maybe she’s the only one left who’s WILLING to work with him? I doubt there’s anything “ going on”. She’s just really good at her craft and they work well together.

Actually, it’s Adam’s company given that he treats Benedict like the third wheel. Except, of course, when it comes to clickbait! Didn’t I say that Adam was a lousy businessman who talked around problems instead of solving them? Thanks for proving my point, Adam! All they keep doing is throwing PR chum out there, hoping investors will bite. Not bloody likely, they’ve already got three projects that haven’t even been released yet! The only one that has screened thusfar has gotten lukewarm reviews. This novel? What. A. Snoozefest. I mean talk about being out of touch with the general audience. Their main concerns are COVID19 and unemployment, most of them are not in the mood for yet more Climate Change scaremongering. I mean how many books has SunnyMarch bought the adaptation rights to? Especially from Canongate? I lost track and Development Hell is already overcrowded.

PS: Are the book rights all you are buying or is it a “payment” to Canongate etc for something more? Megan Cunter’s deal comes to mind. The Rat knows about the cooked books y’all. You may want to check on the stove, I smell something burning.

Claire Foy, Benedict Cumberbatch Team to Adapt Charlotte McConaghy Novel ‘Migrations’ (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter

I’ve heard that after bc was honored by cbe, his sm took in a fortune right away, and the questions from the journalist were intriguing.What’s the inside story on his charity work?Thanks

SunnyMarch you mean? More prestige and a higher profile meant that they were able to secure more investors. Even Harvey Weinstein invested a million dollars into SM initially as part of the fauxmance deal. He still wanted TCW made, remember? I also heard that Ed Miliband and by extension Lord Mandelson may have helped Benedict “upgrade” his Honours. For what price I don’t know but that left a bad taste in my mouth. It certainly seemed like a conciliatory bone being thrown his way. I do know that SoFail and the Cunters have profited most of all while simultaneously sabotaging Benedict. SoFail “worked” at SM for a time but produced nothing and only managed to pilfer the company coffers which resulted in investors like Mokhzani Mahathir calling it quits. The official PR “explanation” for his departure was complete bollocks and it failed to hide the embarrassing truth. Adam had to ask for a high-interest loan from Comerica Bank to finance The Courier so investor confidence is a lot lower than it used to be. Small production companies can’t hide their money laundering activity all that well either, just saying. Don’t even get me started on Letters Live with it’s dodgy partners like Shaun Usher 🤦…

With regards to Benedict’s or indeed most celebrity’s participation in charitable causes? NPOs will often pay them to drum up more interest in a cause and thus donations from the public at large. Aside from easy money the celebrity gets good publicity and is able to network with influential folks who can, in turn, help them advance their career. It’s ultimately a business where altruism is often an afterthought and most of the proceeds go towards “administrative costs”. Some NPO/NGOs also serve as fronts for illicit activities, often doubling as Trojan horses in foreign countries for Intelligence operatives.

James Bond Brings Down The Movie Theater Industry

I called it years ago only to have simps tell me that I didn’t know what I was talking about. How’s pushing theatrical release of The Courier back for the third time working out for y’all Adam? To think that Benedict could have ended the disatrous ShamWow since late 2017 as per the Rat. You talked him into wasting 3 more years of his life (and our patience) for this shit? Turns out that I am a better Projectionist than even Harvey was 😏…

James Bond Brings Down The Movie Theater Industry

I called it years ago only to have simps tell me that I didn’t know what I was talking about. How’s pushing theatrical release of The Courier back for the third time working out for y’all Adam? To think that Benedict could have ended the disatrous ShamWow since late 2017 as per the Rat. You talked him into wasting 3 more years of his life (and our patience) for this shit? Turns out that I am a better Projectionist than even Harvey was 😏…

When I warned that the Rat was not in the mood for your BS this is why. We are talking worst mood ever but y’all went ahead with your ShamShilling anyway. You essentially piggybacked off Marvel’s IP to drum up hype for a SunnyMarch release. You really fucked up this time, brace yourselves…

Isle of Why

I was remembering what Jake Gyllenhaal implied about a flat that Harvey apparently gave Benedict for trafficking purposes and the fact that it matches what we’ve heard from others including Enty himself. I also heard it said that it’s on the Isle of Wight, if so it’s ideal because it allows Benedict to lead a double life. Mr. Vegan Buddhist can carry on like a fucking Narco engaging in all sorts of illicit activities but as with Las Vegas it all stays there. As soon as he hops off that ferry he can put on his nice guy game face again. I mean we already figured out what was up with the yatch clubs, as well as SunnyMarch’s money laundering dealio with the criminal Cunter clan. It’s also obvious to me that as a programmed victim of a SRA cult he’s not very high in the hierarchy otherwise Adam, SoFail etc wouldn’t treat him like the hired help.

How nice, now I know why he was worried about that Lambo blurb gaining traction. He was probably driving under the influence and those hot wheels were bought with drug money 🙄…

PS: Gives ‘The Courier’ a whole new meaning doesn’t it? Is that all Benedict is to you Adam? So nice of you to highlight it.



Wait….they had a big wedding during a Covid lockdown? Didn’t Boris just lock everything down again?

I was expecting something like that after yesterday’s rumour…well done…what a lovely family portrayal…

FFS, think about it. The current legal limit for any gathering indoors or outdoors is of 6 people. Count using your fingers if you have to, the bride, groom and both sets of parents equals 6. Any venue going over that amount by one person would be liable, the family written up and fined. The Cunters have just finished proving how incredibly stupid they are even when it comes to lying. Talk about playing yourself 🤣!

PS: Those idiots just made Benedict look worse than Dominic Cummings 🤦. I suppose the bride was only able to invite her parents and one other person under the 15 person limit for the actual ceremony?

To answer your question, no, not one of Benedict’s true fans said he looked perfectly healthy during his weight loss for The Courier. We said it was doctor supervised, which it was, and we noted when filming finished and he slowly gained the weight back, again doctor supervised. You and your idiot friend denied it was for the role and tried to accuse Sophie of harming him. You were wrong, again, and we were right.


True fans? The Ubers certainly aren’t because they enable Benedict’s worst enemies and OP sounds like a two-bit PR plant. You weren’t right, you moron and expecting people to buy your asinine explanations is doubly insulting. Given your kindergarten level reading comprehension I don’t expect you to recall how I did say that he had lost weight for Ironbark. I’d also like to know why Adam was OK with chilling Benedict to the extent that he got sick during filming. Was that done on purpose or did he simply not care? Supervised weight loss only explains Benedict’s thinness during the first half of 2019, however. In the article there is nothing about it being “doctor supervised” either. In fact? He wasn’t even under the supervision of a licensed dietitian, this doesn’t count. It also doesn’t explain why he looked like a chemo patient at the MetGala. On top of that there are numerous photos as early as March-April of 2018 where you could already tell that something was wrong. You seem to forget that some of us are Medblrs and that SoFail did harm him, in every way imaginable…

Where Was The Courier Filmed? All The Courier Filming Locations


Let’s rephrase that shall we? Benedict lost so much damn weight, then when he was exposed to the cold weather he got sick. But wait, didn’t the nannies say he looked perfectly healthly? Things that make you go hmmmm…
*Insert appropriate gif here*

I guess the Nans forgot that Benedict came down with pneumonia once. That was over a decade ago when he was at a healthy weight. The probability of a recurrence is much higher when you are underweight because your immune system is also weaker. Benedict’s weight began yo-yoing in late 2017. Now they are finally admitting that he was unwell in early 2019 but what about the previous year? He looked terrible at VIFF and that was in September of 2018. If our suspicions about foul play are correct just imagine…

Where Was The Courier Filmed? All The Courier Filming Locations

That tweeter doesn’t live in Bristol. They live in Southampton which you go through when getting off the ferry from the Isle of Wight.


Oh really? Someone else mentioned to me they were in Bristol. Interesting. But why be at a hotel, then? Unless he doesn’t reside in the property on IOW? I mean, potty break? If you are trying to avoid Covid, you wouldn’t go in to eat lunch, either. Maybe to get take-out?

I don’t think Adam and his incompetent PR realized there’s a big problem with that? You see, Benedict should still be in quarantine because there are no direct flights from NZ to the UK. NextJet dropped him off at LAX which automatically put him on the red list. There are WCs on ferries too, Ben has had his own flat on the IoW for years plus he owns multiple properties on the mainland. Technically he should be confined to one place and not be engaging in any non-essential travel, just ask Dominic Cummings. If it’s for legal etc matters however…


I do remember him talking about surfing in an interview when he was at Comic Con for The Lord of the Rings. Him and Adam were surfing on the day he took off from the Con, and they helped out some inexperienced surfers out of the big waves.

Pap wise he was staying at some celeb popular hotel (Breakers?) and he was papped reading a book on the balcony. There was another photo of the hotel window where you could see a dark haired woman and everyone was trying to figure out if it was zero, but it was thought to be someone else.


I wasn’t around the fandom then, so I have no idea.

Surfboards proper are narrower and far more difficult to use BTW. The Breaker’s the celebrities go to is in Long Beach and Palm Beach, I don’t recall him doing a convention there. He’s stayed at Shutters in Santa Monica, Hard Rock and the Hilton during SDCC. The very blonde Kinvara Balfour bragged about traveling there with him in 2014. The bulk of Benedict’s LOTR work was all pre ShamWow, when he was seeing other people or are you forgetting that? Furthermore, no one is questioning Benedict’s love of water sports just like no one is asking about SoFail or any other whore for that matter. What we are questioning is an odd photo that was obviously posted yesterday to push a narrative. A narrative that favors Adam and his allies rather than Benedict. Do you understand what we’re getting at OP? Stop acting stupid