You are aware we know you’re sending those “Ben is being abused by Sophie” asks, right? You might think you’re clever, but you’re really not. Let’s face it, you want Ben to be abused because you want him punished for ignoring you. If you really think that this will lead him to leave his wife for you, you’re even more delusional than I thought. Unless you have actual, verifiable proof for your accusations, you need to STFU.

Nope, those are legit Anons. You don’t out abuse because you want it to continue, you idiot. This isn’t about me either, it’s about Benedict. Denying what friends and even co-workers of his have told us about how horrible she’s been to him? Pretending that it’s all peachy keen and ignoring irrefutable evidence to the contrary? Is delusional, the fact that you keep defending his abusers proves that you are a callous and disingenuous POS. Do you want to know who has been exploiting and punishing him in the worst ways imaginable since Harrow? Look at people like David Birkin, one of SoFail’s Handlers. It should come as no surprise given that they are all SRA cultists. They haven’t been clever enough to cover up their misdeeds however. We know…

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