My cousin recently married (US). I didn’t go, but it can be done properly (zero cases out of it). Everyone six feet apart, households at tables only, masks on except when you’re eating. etc. TBH I thought the ambulance thing was cute because they’re both paramedics per the article but ymmv. I highly doubt they risked their jobs and used a ambulance that was needed. There’s always out of service ones that drive fine but need attached equipment maintenance.


It would have to be one that was a prop and not a real one. If that’s the case? I’d be cool with it. But an actual, real working ambulance? Not cool. And we have a relative getting married in a few weeks. And her mom almost died of Covid not long ago. Holding it outside, limited attendance, even the reception will be outside. So it can be done. But there are so many holes in that little blurb of a story that it should be Swiss Cheese.

FYI COVID19 rules in the UK are a lot stricter and nothing about the blurb makes sense. Why would you pay thousands of pounds to tell the world about your big fat chav wedding in fucking Twickenham? The first thing someone from the UK told me when they heard that was, “That place is a dump.” They were right:

Nothing but trash, just like the Cunters themselves.

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