I am so tired of the minimal defenses and game playing exhibited by Sophie H snd family. Shes probably laying on a railroad track somewhere not being artistic. Every time the poor man tries to tell people that hes put as much distance bt him and her as he can, SH or one of the Hunter clan becomes delusional and fantasizes. Today on the DM we have brother Patrick (allegedly a paramedic) getting married. Of course he mentions BC and SH were there w 2 sons (what, not 3?).

In a coronavirus pandemic, w 6700 new cases yesterday, Patrick borrowed an ambulance to deliver his bride. Patrick, I gotta tell u, a bit narcissistic. Probably runs in the family. I used to work for the ambulance service, Patrick. Unless rules r really lax where u work, I know this is not allowed. Its the middle of a pandemic, Patrick. Plus sterile interior, ++drugs (oh my), tons of expensive equipment (might get some money for it) and ACCIDENTS. My bet, civil wedding if there even was one, alone (oh w the bride of course), and one witness, maybe the cleaning lady. Gotta tell u bunch, ur sliding close to psychosis. Happy hunting.

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