I don’t think the surfing photo is him *shrugs* Just mistaken identity. He doesn’t normally bother straightening his hair unless it’s for a role. TBH PR reps don’t spend time doing damage control for fandoms nor do they really try to ‘run’ them. What they call ‘built-in’ fans don’t merit the attention. Random social media photos don’t damage his brand, either. His brand is being peddled to the mainsteam, not a fan group. Not trying to be rude, just saying his PR doesn’t have limitless resources


That could be.

Dear PR intern, we aren’t necessarily blaming your firm. There are certain shall we say hostile parties who try their damnedest to steer the narrative in their favor. They have their own PR help, an insider told me as much. This isn’t about making Benedict look good, it’s not about even giving him simple exposure either. It’s all about their interests, we’ve already caught them staging shit, posting old photos as if they were recent, Photoshopping them, even using lookalikes. It’s really pathetic at this point and showcasing anything Isle of Wight related only favors Team Soso. In this case Adam by extension because he’s desperate to promote The Courier and brokered a deal with SoFail to use the ShamWow to generate publicity. We know that he also got involved with her family’s money laundering and drug trafficking business that’s based out of the Isle of Wight!

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