I do remember him talking about surfing in an interview when he was at Comic Con for The Lord of the Rings. Him and Adam were surfing on the day he took off from the Con, and they helped out some inexperienced surfers out of the big waves.

Pap wise he was staying at some celeb popular hotel (Breakers?) and he was papped reading a book on the balcony. There was another photo of the hotel window where you could see a dark haired woman and everyone was trying to figure out if it was zero, but it was thought to be someone else.


I wasn’t around the fandom then, so I have no idea.

Surfboards proper are narrower and far more difficult to use BTW. The Breaker’s the celebrities go to is in Long Beach and Palm Beach, I don’t recall him doing a convention there. He’s stayed at Shutters in Santa Monica, Hard Rock and the Hilton during SDCC. The very blonde Kinvara Balfour bragged about traveling there with him in 2014. The bulk of Benedict’s LOTR work was all pre ShamWow, when he was seeing other people or are you forgetting that? Furthermore, no one is questioning Benedict’s love of water sports just like no one is asking about SoFail or any other whore for that matter. What we are questioning is an odd photo that was obviously posted yesterday to push a narrative. A narrative that favors Adam and his allies rather than Benedict. Do you understand what we’re getting at OP? Stop acting stupid

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