If he gives a shit about the people, why did he sacked V? She was on his side, she was his friend and she had to leave, she even had to move out of her house. When you care about people who helped you, employee or not, you don’t force them to move out of their home. And as she was working for Hiddleston and she had to quit, what make you think he didn’t tell his BFF to sack her because she was still there? They were going to promo avengers and she had to fuck off.


That is not how it all went down. Yes, Benedict fired V because she was against The sham. But she quit working for Hiddles when he decided to go the same route with Tay-Tay. She walked away. Let’s not try to twist or rewrite History.

Except you’re only telling half the story. You see, Benedict had a change of heart, wanted out of the ShamWow and tried to hire V back on to help him with that! Even went to her flat when she didn’t answer his calls etc. Team Soso found out and did their best to terrorize her so that she wouldn’t interfere. She had to break her lease and move for her own safety! That’s what went down you dumb HeBitch, don’t act like you don’t know 👿…

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