I know you’re not deep in the Sherlock fandom. Neither am I. But Ben must be racked with guilt that the happy Sherlock family broke apart due to a mixture of guilt feelings bc of the sham and arrogance (who is the star of the show?). An extra burdening situation. Really sad they can’t reunite and celebrate their huge success. Can’t they see they let Zero win?


Sigh. She does seem to be winning, doesn’t she? I wonder if Moftiss are just hoping things work out and they get Season 5? We all know it won’t happen as long as Zero is around.

LOL! Wrong, some of the enemies she’s made are very powerful. Neither SoFail nor Maggot will win because they are expendable tools nearing their expiration date. I remember what an insider said about their ultimate fate being either imprisonment or an untimely death.

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