How does it feel to have the world see you for the crazy delusional stalker that you are? Give it up Patty, now everyone knows you’re full of shit. Did you show it to your husband? I bet he must be pleased to see what his wife does.


Hmm, let me see…there are a few oversimplifications and spins, sure. But don’t you think it’s interesting how it’s coming out NOW, and not back in May, when it originally supposed to drop? You know, around the time TPOTD was originally supposed to wrap? Timing is everything in PR.

It’s what’s being brought into focus now that’s the point here. The SoHoe MO is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone. Think of this as a warning shot with a rubber bullet. The heavy artillery will be rolled out shortly because Ghislaine. SoFail’s known association with her gang is bad for business.

PS: Enty isn’t lying.

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