Bothered Much?

Want unconventional actors? Steve Buscemi, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell, to name a few. As far as Sophie’s influence on Ben? She would have to have influence to influence him. In UK, in certain circles, maybe. She might have been a “Harvey’s girl” but Harvey’s gone now. Hollywood like most of civilization has no clue who the hell she is. Aeltri, get a grip. Trump didn’t win and Sophie is a meaningless piece of jetsam who is trying to ride a girlfriend contract for all it’s worth. She may have vices, she may not. She could be robbing him blind, I don’t know. But to say she has any influence over his career is like saying an ant can make it rain. It doesn’t make any sense and makes you sound stupid to say it. Sophie wants power. You don’t desire what you already have. Moron. 

Go back and re-read what I wrote, you twit. SoFail is a tool, as Benedict himself said. Harvey was one of many people pulling her puppet strings, much as with Maggot and Hungry. Ask yourself why SoFail went to Hungry for “advice”? They are all honeytrap hoes that belong to the same international crime ring. Markus Anderson is a Soho House pimp but he’s hardly their only Handler. Blackmail is the name of their game but when that doesn’t work? They exploit trauma triggers and/or make outright threats, I mean we’ve already seen patent signs of abuse. That is how they exert control over their targets and patsies get rewarded based on how well they perform. It’s mostly via ill-gotten gains however because their characteropathy makes them rather unpopular. No amount of stupid blurbs can make the general public like them! There is absolutely no doubt that SoFail is a career felon, she exploits others and their vices to feed her own. Jetsam is rubbish and you don’t keep it around, you dispose of it. While she has indeed failed miserably to make a name for herself any fauxmance contract is supposed to favor both parties, not one at the expense of the other! Not only did she break every single clause rendering it void but she has caused Benedict substantial damages which she and her accomplices are fully liable for. There is no logical reason why Karon or indeed anyone else should adhere to it, period.



Jesus will you lot stop giving Rosie Joy Glover the time of day on these blogs!

She’s a cheap tart from Derbyshire who follows z list celebrities around trying to get photos and make out she knows them so it looks like she is somebody -when she isn’t – whether it’s Philip Glenister, Sheffield United football players, local actors in pantomimes or snooker players when they play in Sheffield.

I know you haven’t been there since the start but for those who were, they will remember she was absolutely ridiculed as an entire waste of space trying to get 5 mins of internet fame off the back of Benedict filming the hollow crown. To say she’s z list is too high a praise indeed. She makes Sophie Hunter look like Dame Judy Dench.

Any moron can take a photo of themselves and say Benedict took it. i don’t even think Harvey Weinstein would need to stoop that low.


Oh, Rosie is definitely all of those things…but she IS also one of Harvey’s girls (or was). And I have a lot of info that wasn’t available at the start of all this. She’s definitely been another thorn in Benedict’s side and BECAUSE Harvey wanted any and everything he could get to make Benedict do what he wanted. I wouldn’t doubt that includes working with Harvey again on TCW.

After reading more of Melosyna’s Tweets it almost seems like she is a decoy. We’re old to your pathetic distractions, you idiots. We know exactly who has worked for who and in what capacity

Isle of Why

I was remembering what Jake Gyllenhaal implied about a flat that Harvey apparently gave Benedict for trafficking purposes and the fact that it matches what we’ve heard from others including Enty himself. I also heard it said that it’s on the Isle of Wight, if so it’s ideal because it allows Benedict to lead a double life. Mr. Vegan Buddhist can carry on like a fucking Narco engaging in all sorts of illicit activities but as with Las Vegas it all stays there. As soon as he hops off that ferry he can put on his nice guy game face again. I mean we already figured out what was up with the yatch clubs, as well as SunnyMarch’s money laundering dealio with the criminal Cunter clan. It’s also obvious to me that as a programmed victim of a SRA cult he’s not very high in the hierarchy otherwise Adam, SoFail etc wouldn’t treat him like the hired help.

How nice, now I know why he was worried about that Lambo blurb gaining traction. He was probably driving under the influence and those hot wheels were bought with drug money 🙄…

PS: Gives ‘The Courier’ a whole new meaning doesn’t it? Is that all Benedict is to you Adam? So nice of you to highlight it.

Can you explain/ provide some info on Monarch programming? Thank you :)


The term “monarch programming”  is sometimes used as an umbrella term to describe all trauma based programming/mind control.

Perpetrators of trauma-based programming deliberately use extreme trauma to create D.I.D. systems, which is the term for a mind that has been shattered into many different parts.  An alter is sometimes called a ‘part’ also.  An alter is a personality formed during extreme abuse/torture in the individuals’ mind.  It referred to as ‘mind shattering’ ‘breaking the mind’ and other terms.  These parts are people with their own personalities, memories, and tasks. The alter can assume control of the body if the abuse is continuing, or to fulfill their tasks. (many other reasons also)  

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They always give themselves away…


‘It’s Out Of Control’: How QAnon Undermines Legitimate Anti-Trafficking Efforts


You should show this to your pal Aeltrileaf so she can see how harmful it can be to accuse someone of being a child trafficker without proof. Come to think of it, you need to read this too.
Actually, I don’t, because I’ve been saying that very thing the whole time about Qanon. As for Zero? When I’ve been told by 3 DIFFERENT, unconnected people that she is involved with traffickers, it’s not so without proof.


Ditto and OP likes to ignore the fact that SoFail was literally one degree away from Epstein himself, three times over. QAnon had nothing to do with that discovery. FACT: Sophie Hunter worked for Jean-Luc Brunel (Benchamoul), Harvey Weinstein was her client and Euan Rellie her Handler. Remember how they would all get together to dine at Jeff’s house along with Prince Andrew? The rabbit hole goes even deeper and as per multiple sources she never stopped “working”, namely by harming others…including minors. Y’all don’t have a leg to stand on 😏!

Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse!

‘It’s Out Of Control’: How QAnon Undermines Legitimate Anti-Trafficking Efforts

Dead British Spy Probably Locked Himself into Duffel Bag |

Sure he did! Enty had a very interesting podcast a few days ago that talked about how Gareth was probably iced by his own. He also said something that caught my attention, North Face is an official vendor/sponsor for some intelligence agencies including MI6. If it pops up over and over again it can indicate the person in question is an asset…

Dead British Spy Probably Locked Himself into Duffel Bag |

How shall I put it nicely. Anyone who spreads qanon garbage is absolute trash and is mentally unstable. Every single post aeltri makes is infused with dangerous and vile conspiracy bollocks and you lately are increasingly following her on that path. Sadly it’s often weakwilled and easily manipulated middleaged women like you who fall for these type of ludicrousness. But sure – blame it on a celeb’s wife, eh? You’re even more unhinged than the journo showed you to be.


How shall I put this nicely? How about this: if you think it’s all just coming from QAnon? You are WRONG.

But we both know that you are just using the Qanon conspiracy to try to keep people from believing the truth about Rosie and Sophie.

How shall I put it nicely? Y’all got caught and that’s going to have serious consequences. The punishment for your crimes won’t be nice at all. Just ask Maxwell, Weinstein and their co-conspirators how life is treating them. You ran with them when times were good, everyone knows that so stop acting stupid. Only truly mentally ill people make money by buying, selling and pimping kids because that’s some sick shit.

Are you aware that the post you reblogged from Aeltri with the supposed coded words is straight up Pizzagate QAnon bullshit? There’s not an ounce of truth in it. Honestly, Aeltrileaf thinks that some people are possessed by demonic entities. What more proof do you need to see she’s insane?


That post I reblogged was referring directly to a specific group of traffickers…including one of Harvey’s girls that tried to trap Benedict with a pregnancy right before Zero came in the picture. The same woman who may have supplied Sophie Hunter with loaner kids for Pap Ops. That whole exchange was more than likely an encrypted conversation between her and a co-collaborator. Just because Pizzagate isn’t real, doesn’t mean all of those terms are fake. Using your logic, since Pizzagate isn’t real, then that means human trafficking is all a sham. These are people tied to Epstein, Weinstein and Wexner. And they have helped to prey on Benedict Cumberbatch and lord only knows how many others. But thanks for playing.

Some of which may be Harvey’s kids, mind you. Those are known codewords as per WikiLeaks and Gator summed everything up perfectly. Trafficking and honeytrapping is big business, if you can’t deal with that simple fact? That’s too bad, now GTFO of here with your BS…

Who IS Alan Silvidi?

It seems very odd to me that some rando teacher and PT band player would suddenly send Rosie Joy Glover books for her “godkids” after about a month ago she suddenly claimed that she hadn’t heard from him for years. Until you realize that he’s out of Ohio. What was the first thing they talked about? Pizza and ice cream:


Columbus was the mecca of Wexner’s empire, both legal and illicit. I’ve infodumps on this, his honeytrapping scheme included the likes of Maxwell, Epstein and Weinstein. We know that RosieHoe like SoFail was a Harvey Girl at one point. These hoes are stupid AF…


PS: Don’t bother deleting Tweets y’all, we screencaped everything.