OMG, you really have no idea what it takes to register a birth in the UK do you? Because your explanation as to why Christopher’s birth certificate is a forgery doesn’t fit the facts. Not even a little bit. I know, I worked at the GRO. I have no idea why it’s so important for you to deny that Benedict has children, but it sure doesn’t make you look good. In fact, it makes you look like a bitter woman who won’t deal with her issues.


Please. You realize how easy it is to bribe someone. And if you worked at the GRO, please come off anon, and we can talk.

Portland Hospital is also where Markle did not “give birth”. They only got paid to say she did. We know that she used a foreign surrogate yet there is no paper trail of that? Hunter belongs to the same group of cons with connections that lead all the way up to big orgs like MEGA. The SoHoes have quite the criminal network behind them. Fake birth certificates are produced for the kids they traffic in from Ukraine etc for illegal adoptions, same MO…

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