OMG, you really have no idea what it takes to register a birth in the UK do you? Because your explanation as to why Christopher’s birth certificate is a forgery doesn’t fit the facts. Not even a little bit. I know, I worked at the GRO. I have no idea why it’s so important for you to deny that Benedict has children, but it sure doesn’t make you look good. In fact, it makes you look like a bitter woman who won’t deal with her issues.


Please. You realize how easy it is to bribe someone. And if you worked at the GRO, please come off anon, and we can talk.

Portland Hospital is also where Markle did not “give birth”. They only got paid to say she did. We know that she used a foreign surrogate yet there is no paper trail of that? Hunter belongs to the same group of cons with connections that lead all the way up to big orgs like MEGA. The SoHoes have quite the criminal network behind them. Fake birth certificates are produced for the kids they traffic in from Ukraine etc for illegal adoptions, same MO…

Occultist Exposes Murderous Pedo Satanists Bristol? St. Ives? You don’t say. Sounds like the same extended SRA network SoFail and Co belong to! In his own words child prostitution is both more difficult to get caught doing and more profitable than drug running. Those poor…

The Balkan Connection

By Sitnikof

Original post link:

The OP:

Here’s the premise (and please ask me for specifics and to elaborate in the comments, because doing so here means there’s too much to dissect): The US/EU destabilize countries and privatize everything. This is done with “pro-Democracy” groups like Soros sowing dissent. As part of the destabilised country’s interim, they oversee elections, and often appoint the person who will fit the agenda they want to push for the rest of the country. They also bankrupt the nation and as part of the IMF bailout terms and conditions, they have to accept privatization reforms.

All of their children’s welfare groups associated with the US/EU also push for the privatization of child care. They emphasize foster care. The countries in which they did this (Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Moldova, Ukraine) became regions known as the “fourth wave” of trafficking. It didn’t exist under the communist regimes.

For the first few years, these child welfare groups milked aid money from the revolving door between their organizations and those distributing the aid, like the EU Commission, USAID, etc. Once the “humanitarian crisis” angle dried up, they initiated step 2: the handover of their organization to the crime gangs. In Romania, for example, they freed the criminals as an act of pardon which means they know exactly who to appoint. These gangs then exploited the children–“foster care” became brothels, “adoption” became sale into sex slavery, and “street children” programs became forced begging.

These child welfare groups had partnerships with Italian municipalities. Similarly, organized crime groups trained under Italian mafias. It’s also why we see Romanian children appearing in Italy. The partnerships of the orgs in the mid-90s align with the rise of the mafia, as do the trading routes. These child welfare groups are on record as having misallocated lots of donation funds, often for gifts, mysterious trips, and lavish events for government municipalities and their connections.

In Kosovo, the EU/US (under B Clinton) elevated Thaci’s Kosovo Liberation Army. The guy’s clan is a known child trafficker, organ smuggler, and the Albanian mafia today–many of whom were former KLA officials–account for some of the biggest human smugglers in existence. This includes for things like delivering kids for pedophiles throughout Europe. As to the US, many of Thaci’s former KLA members are sitting in US-based embassies. Camp Bondsteel exists to shuttle out heroin and kids, if the need arises. This is also why the Albanian mafia does not operate in DC but does in other parts of Europe and the US.

I’ve not researched past 2001, but the template of overthrowing leaders, installing puppet dictators, and privatizing the child welfare system is consistent with other areas in question like Haiti.

Albania/Kosovo also has deeply Satanic connections that I can discuss.

The same dude included additional info in the reply section:

And that’s the thing: The Albanian mafia is one of the biggest traffickers of heroin. Al Qaida was on the ground helping to train the Kosovo Liberation Army alongside US troops in the mid-90s… and then by 2003, the US took over poppy production by invading Afghanistan and putting in Karzai. It’s believed that 911 was a big excuse to entrench the heroin production and trafficking.

Then in 2000, BOOM–heroin epidemic because pharmaceuticals were pushing opium-based drugs like oxycontin, dilaudid, etc… and when that dried up people switched to actual heroin. The CIA had a lot to do with securing that, and the person who blew the whistle was framed for child porn.

Among the replies is a fellow goat:

GET THIS TO THE TOP! Implicates the Clintons in the child trafficking/drug trade in the Balkans. This calls for an immediate investigation into all child welfare organizations, especially those tied to the Clintons’/Soros, in war torn areas. Everychild is of particular interest in the Balkans, ties to Tavistock through Michael Rich, ties to Clinton/CF through Cheryl Saban. It was established by Western power players and is closely aligned with the government in Kosovo which is/was implicated in human trafficking.

This charity has had three separate names, The Romanian Orphanage Trust (1990-1997), The European Children’s Trust (1997-2001), and EveryChild (2001-Present). It has connections to Barnardo’s which has a proven history of sexually abusing children and sending them abroad to pedophiles.

Another thread in the replies:

I can testify for the Kosovo part , and so should Carla Del Ponte

as she was investigating this, but it was waaaay over her power.

She could be associate to Giovanni Falcone and prosecute Mafia , she could prosecute war criminals of balkans , but when she tried to prosecute organ trafficing in Kosovo, it went full stop.

And for pizzagaters, it has everything to do with pizzagate , well, not directly, but was crucial in formation of Clinton Foundation.

And the OP replied:

YES! Organs are huge money. IIRC, most of the ones harvested got shipped off to Israelis and Middle Easterners for 40k a pop.

Then there’s this bizarre piece of evidence that I found: the mayor of Tirana requested that this charity work in three places–one was Tirana the capital (which makes sense, even though refugee camps from here had trafficking issues), the second was Shkoder which became one of the worst spots for child trafficking up to Italy (90% of families didn’t want to send their kids to school because it became too difficult to go outside), and the third was Peshkopi.

I looked up Peshkopi to see if it had any significance to trafficking. It didn’t, but it was one of the yellow houses used by the KLA as a waypoint for organ harvesting.

Peshkopi had absolutely no other significance that I could find. So, why the hell would the mayor request a charity’s presence there if it wasn’t being used as a front for more nefarious purposes?

Link for detailing how crucial Shkoder was as a trafficking hub.

OP’s reply to a deleted comment:

Sure: For one, look at the history of the Albanian flag.

We’re talking red shield (Rothschild), which is part of the Khazarian group allegedly trying to create the one world government. Then we have the double-headed eagle, which my understanding is that it’s a Babylonian symbol to identify the “unknown/unspeakable” god that isn’t identified by name.

Then you have Kosovo and its many dragon/snake references. Thaci is known as “the snake,” the US embassy in Kosovo sits in “dragon neighborhood” there, and even the KLA was known as the Drenica (or, dragon) group. Milosevic actually called Albanian leaders something like “blood sucking vampires.”

Oh, and Kosovo’s Dardania flag has interesting symbolism, too–it has the six-pointed star of David associated with the Bel-worshipping Khazarians, along with the seeds of life on its crest. I believe this is in reference to the rising/birth of a diabolical governing force in the country.

This belief is made all the more interesting by the Albanian flag removing its 5-pointed star at the end of Communism (the star being a symbol of keeping away evil).

Also, the Dardania region of Albania is believed to house “chemically pure” bloodlines on account of its mountainous region which led to a lot of in-breeding. This makes for a strong Albanian mafia that bases itself on family/blood purity similar to the Italian mafia (those two criminal groups have a bond, apparently… especially in the north).

Last, the trafficking route in the north of Italy is close to Milan, which is very close to the tunnel of Gotthard. Remember the satanic opening ritual there? Plus CERN? Maybe human sacrifices of kids via the Albanian mafia are going on there in order to bring forth the anti-Christ.

OP also mentions:

Also note: Marina Abramovich is allegedly a Serbian refugee who did several exhibits on Kosovo. I’m pretty sure she’s tied into this somehow.

A deleted user replies:

I have been very suspicious of the small channel island Jersey and what connection it might have to all this. The island is a very large tax haven worth roughly 2 trillion dollars. It’s only 5 by 9 miles in size, so thats about 5 billion per square mile. Many elites hide there money here. Not only that but there is a history of large scale sexual abuse scandals and cover ups. I have been searching for connections between Jersey and Tavistock, Soros, Clinton Foundation, and what we are seeing in the podesta leaks. I did a Post on this that got some attention and some people digging but eventually died out. I’ll link my post in case you didn’t get a chance to see it. If you’ve come across anything in your research that might line up with this please let me know or message me.

Other links posted in reply section:


Kosovo’s prime minister is the head of a “mafia-like” Albanian group responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs through eastern Europe, according to a Council of Europe inquiry report on organised crime.


This is a story that is not about race, ethnicity or religion. Some people will make it a demographic issue in order to obfuscate the ubiquitous nature of trafficking crimes involving children. What is the crime? The crime is murdering American children for the purposes of organ theft and shipment to countries such as Israel, Turkey, India, China, et al.


The Arabic-language Al-Hadath news website quoted the sources as saying that some specific groups that have trained medics have kidnapped the children, mutilated their body organs and then left their corpses in remote areas or buried them.

1,400 Dutch Girls Sex-Trafficked Every Year, Police Admit

By Edwin van der Aa and Hanneke van Houwelingen (Translated from Dutch)

‘I’m Jessy…Slim, double D and nice buttocks. Do you want to let go completely and let your imagination run smoothly? Yes, then you should have me. I am available every day. “ In the ad Jessy shows her open white blouse and bare, tight belly. Men react quickly. He: ‘I am a bit older, 42 years old. Very? Just say differently. ”

Jessy: “I’m actually a bit younger. Do you mind that? ”

He: ‘Did you laugh? I do like crooks. How young are you? “

Jessy: ‘I’m a rascal of 17 …’

Jessy is actually an employee of Watch Netherlands: a joint venture between the Center against Child Trafficking and Human Trafficking, aid organization Fier and Terre des Hommes. From an observation and action unit with blinded windows somewhere in the Randstad, a dozen researchers and IT specialists search for evidence of sexual child exploitation by loverboys. This happens after a report by parents, a taxi driver and sometimes the victims themselves.

Gideon van Aartsen set up Watch Nederland on behalf of aid organization Terre des Hommes. ,, We investigate, among other things, how many victims a loverboy makes, where the children are offered for sale and where the girls are kept hidden. Sometimes private detectives are enabled to observe on location. If a case is well-founded enough, we transfer the file to the authorities. "Last year it involved more than 70 files.

Who are the exploiters and their customers, who ensure that young girls are abused every day? And how do they work? A tour of this newspaper along the police, aid workers and experts in the field of loverboys exposes a shocking world full of extortion, drugs and forced sex. The young perpetrators are looking for two things: earning money fast and power. And for that they do not have to carry a girl for months with gifts to make her fall in love.


We want to get rid of the term loverboy. They are human traffickers

"By using social media as an extortioner, boys can continue to work”, says Floor ’t Sas. She is a GZ psychologist at Spirit Jeugdhulp in Amsterdam. Currently around 40 girls, mostly victims of a loverboy, are accompanied and treated. ,, The girl has sex with such a loverboy or friend much faster than before. A film or picture is taken of that and immediately the girl is blackmailed. Many girls are attracted to the ‘exciting life’. Things can experience: parties, drinks, drugs. Your social network is different, there is money being scattered. “

It is no longer the boys in the past who were assailing girls, specialists in human trafficking Marijke van Overveld and Esmee Huijps of the police confirm. "It’s not even necessary to love and to love. Once they have a compromising video of you, that is enough for blackmail. Especially for young girls, whose parents do not know anything, "says Huijps. ,, We want to get rid of the term loverboy. They are human traffickers. ”

It is estimated that almost 1400 minors have become victims. Van Overveld: “The temptation was first a process of months, now from a week to a fortnight. This is how we meet, then again and then it goes wrong. Then a taxing film is made or it is said: ‘Jester, I have money problems’. ”


If the girl is recruited – according to Van Aartsen, that is the case after oral sex in the bicycle shed where images have been made (‘Pipes are no longer seen as sex by some children’) – prostitution follows. Sometimes that same evening. ,, About 50 euros for half an hour is the standard price that loverboys count. These traffickers are mostly Moroccans, Turks, Antilleans and Roma. The lion’s share has a migration background. It is rarely a ‘Henk or Ingrid’. This is lucrative trade: they sometimes earn up to 800 euros a day on a girl. “

According to Carolien van den Honert, policy officer at the expertise center Humanitas ESSM, the loverboys of today have one thing in common. "They are real criminals who act in people. In many cases they are part of a larger network that also engages in weapons or drug trafficking. ”“ That is also what Sas van Spirit sees. "These guys are often driven by a harder, criminal shell,” the psychologist says. ,, There are seasoned criminals around the corner, often with an online network for customer recruitment. “

Watch Nederland is actively trying to destroy such online trade of loverboys by deterring customers, via lure ads. As soon as a potential customer snaps, he receives an e-mail: ‘Watch Netherlands knows you now, make sure we never meet you again’.


A minor girl is told: "Make sure you deliver three friends, then you have to fuck five men less in a day.

But the pimps just go on. Researcher Van Aartsen speaks of combined crime they are guilty of. "It goes from liquidations through drugs to prostitution of minors. Today’s trafficker no longer drives around in a fat car, but in an unobtrusive Volkswagen Polo. They are getting smarter and smarter. It’s still a cat-and-mouse game with the police. ” In the meantime, a young girl sometimes sits for a long time in a situation where she is under severe pressure, often vulnerable young women from a lower social class and with an unstable home situation, but not always, Eva (see box) fell into the hands of a loverboy at the age of 15 and 19 and describes her family as an average family. “Father, mother, brother, dog and me – an adolescent with an outboard bracket. ”

Van Aartsen outlines how far the abuse of power can go. ,, A minor girl gets to hear: ‘Make sure you deliver three friends, then you have to fuck five men less in a day.’ “ He also knows an example where a loverboy put his dice in his hands. ,, The number of dots she threw was the number of customers she had to finish that day. ”


According to recent figures, only 1 out of 10 underage victims are now being helped. In the coming year, the police will train all officers in the street to recognize signals from parents – or the girls themselves – earlier. Watch Nederland now regularly reports reports of concerned family members or teachers, of things that the district police do not know or have left behind.

Meanwhile, the Watch team also spruced 2.2 million sex ads. The ads are now widespread in the online world, see the police specialists. “Now customers are also being recruited into chat groups on Telegram, Facebook, Badoo and Tinder. Women, or their pimp, continue to respond to advertisements from men seeking companionship at Speurders or Marktplaats. ”

Van den Honert recognizes this broadening. ,, The internet offers many possibilities, so it can be difficult to get a grip on it. Unfortunately, if you look at the supply of child victims of human trafficking. “

The Watch employee, who pretends to be the minor Jessy, continues the chat conversation with the grown-up man. ,, I have already said that I am 17 but he just goes on ”, she says.

He: ‘When can you?’

Jessy: “Tomorrow I can, and do you?”

For a moment the man doubts.

He: “You are a minor.”


He: ‘Can you today?’


It’s like Rotherham all over again and there is no doubt that large trafficking rings like those are interconnected.