Baba Bill, PA, Ron Burkle, Epstein … No wonder the article never saw the light of the day

Whoah! This is getting nasty, and I want to see more. Graydon Carter was allegedly shit canned for the Markle cover, everyone loves a good love story.


Stephen Leo Bing is an American businessman, film producer, and donor to progressive causes. He is the founder of the Shangri-La Entertainment, an organization with interests in property, construction, entertainment, and music. WikipediaBorn: March 31, 1965 (age 54 years)Height: 6′ 4″Children: Damian Hurley, Kira BonderParents: Helen Bing, Peter BingPartners: Elizabeth Hurley (former), Lisa Bonder (former)

Oh, this bunch munch! 

We know that Ron Creepy Burkle is into barely legal women. Epstein had a constant supply of underage children. I hope they all rot. 

I was on to Ron Burkle at the beginning of the Markle debacle, Meghan was a Hockey groupie. She accompanied Ron to the White House to meet Obama as the Penguins won the Stanley Cup. Meghan was a gold digger back then, but we thought that Ron was a backer at one time. Ron likes to lie low, and I think Clinton and George Soros are a better fit. 

There was salacious gossip that I couldn’t confirm that Markle did some recruiting, her own kink was unthinkable at the time. One was she had sex with a baby, and the other one has she killed a client while having sex and got away with it. Meghan had talked her way out of it. The person giving the information claimed she was an old friend of hers.

Thank you anon, that was a fun stroll down memory lane! 🌸😎😘

Graydon Carter was still in charge of Vanity Fair when they published that idiotic Totes Not PR article favoring Sophie Hunter remember? Same assholes covering up for SoHoes, along with their sex trafficking and extortion racket. No wonder Maggot got her copycat cover and twu wuv story published in the same rag!

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