TRAVALYST Deets and Receipts

Thanks to Ashley and Trish for this info…

I smell a SoHoe…the TRAVALYST hashtag has been in use for 4 years by IG ‘Model’ & PR darling Chantel Elloway who flies almost exclusively on private jets. She also volunteered for the Invictus Games in Canada as far back as 2017! In light of recent scrutiny she made her IG private which is rather odd for a self-identified luxury travel blogger…unless she’s flying high for outcalls. Now about the TRAVALYST venture, if you thought the logo was a giveaway? It turns out that it was registered on 08/27/19 and is run by MWX Trading Limited which is owned by none other than:


RON BURKLE, one of Markus Anderson’s bosses and majority (60%) owner of SOHO HOUSE via The Yucaipa Companies, LLC. Here is how Meghan Markle and Sophie Hunter fit into that whole honeypot scheme


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