The Many ‘Coincidences’ Surrounding Tavistock

By kestrel9

I just posted this: relaying that Aleister Crowley’s lover was a founding member of ISPD (1933), which is part of Portman Clinic, that later (1994) joined to Tavistock to become Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

I first read that here before looking for another link with more info (which I used for my other post)


Front organizations and secret societies typically peddle harmful social doctrines, destructive symbolism and disinformation, in the pursuit of certain sociopolitical ends.

Some specialize in developing Dissociative Identity Disorder in targets using techniques such as trauma-based mind control.

There’s a list of coincidences that is worth sharing, I haven’t verified them, some I’m sure PG researchers know already.

  • TAVISTOCK CLINIC’S founding father was CLEMENT FREUD’S GRANDFATHER, Sigmund Freud. CLEMENT FREUD (who is related to self-confessed former Mossad spy Uri Geller) was a prolific paedophile.
  • Nick Ross’ father, Hans, had a sister named Dina. Dina become a child psychotherapist at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC (Nick Ross is linked to alleged Savile accomplice and Mossad asset Esther Rantzen. The familial and social circle around Nick Ross also includes his wife Sarah Caplin, Dr Alan Farthing and Sir Cliff Richard, all of whom are alleged collaborators).
  • ROLF HARRIS approached the TAVISTOCK CLINIC and the NSPCC in the 1980s with his idea about making a film on child sexual abuse. *
  • Esther Rantzen’s Childwatch donated £15,000 for the film,‘Kids Can Say No’, which was filmed on Hampstead Heath. An NSPCC committee reviewed and approved the film. After ‘Kids Can Say No’ the TAVISTOCK CLINIC also helped produce a ROLF HARRIS sequel to it.
  • Esther Rantzen went on to develop Childwatch into the Childline charity. In 2006 Dr Carole Easton, who was Childline’s chief executive at the time, persuaded the NSPCC to absorb Childline into the larger charity. Dr Easton trained as a child and adolescent psychotherapist at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC.
  • The late MP LEO ABSE has been investigated by police in connection with child sexual abuse allegations. His surviving niece, SUSANNA ABSE previously worked for the TAVISTOCK CLINIC as the CEO of Tavistock Relationships.
  • The TAVISTOCK CLINIC was originally established in TAVISTOCK SQUARE, the location of the slaughter of 13 bus passengers on 7/7 2005. Margaret Hodge, at the heart of the Islington Child Abuse Scandal, has said that her SISTER was working in TAVISTOCK SQUARE at the time of the explosion.
  • CLIFF RICHARD abused children at the Elm Guest House and elsewhere, it has been reported. Sir Cliff once owned a company called Blacknight Limited, an unusual moniker with distinctly occult connotations. Blacknight was registered to an address in TAVISTOCK SQUARE.
  • In another extraordinary coincidence, CLIFF RICHARD’s lawyer, Gideon Benaim, has his office in TAVISTOCK SQUARE. Benaim previously represented the notorious convicted paedophile, Roman Polanski.
  • EXARO NEWS, the investigative news website that specialised in reporting on establishment paedophilia, was liquidated by the accountants Menzies LLP (insolvency practitioners Freddy Khalastchi and Jonathan David Bass). Menzies LLP is located in TAVISTOCK SQUARE.
  • TAVISTOCK SQUARE was so-named because the estate on which it sits was owned by the Dukes of Bedford from TAVISTOCK, DEVON. In another coincidence, Exaro News’ former owner, DR JEROME BOOTH, grew up in TAVISTOCK, DEVON.
  • In an astonishing coincidence, another famous resident of Tavistock Devon is the late Michael Jackson’s bodyguard, Matt Fiddes. Michael Jackson’s circle of friends included the late serial child rapist GREVILLE JANNER, as well as the self-confessed former Mossad spy, Uri Geller, who is related to the late paedophile MP, Clement Freud.
  • Another famous resident of Tavistock Devon is the Marchioness of Tavistock, Henrietta Russell, who once co-authored a book with spooky Daily Mail journalist and friend of Louis Theroux’s mother, ANGELA LEVIN. Intriguingly, Angela Levin once also wrote a “fawning” biography on serial paedophile MAX CLIFFORD and books about Camilla Parker-Bowles and the family of Princess Diana. Moreover, Levin was warned about Jimmy Savile attacking young disabled children, but said nothing.
  • Adjoining Tavistock Square is TAVISTOCK PLACE, site of the National Institute of Social Work. The Institute’s former Director of Education was the notorious convicted paedophile PETER RIGHTON of the PAEDOPHILE INFORMATION EXCHANGE, who in 1979 sat on a steering committee with Janet Mattinson of the TAVISTOCK CENTRE. Righton was a friend of PIE treasurer Charles Napier; the pair have been linked to the national abuse network.
  • PRINCE CHARLES and Princess Diana both received psychiatric services from TAVISTOCK CLINIC trained psychiatrist Dr Alan McGashan. Laurens Van der Post has been identified as the paedophile who introduced Prince Charles to Dr McGashan. Quite incredibly, the prince was treated for 14 years by the Tavistock-trained doctor, according to one historian.
  • Cicely Meehan, one of the two sisters who helped raise alleged Dolphin Square child trafficker and child rapist DEREK LAUD, was a CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST. Was Cicely Meehan trained by, working for, or in any way connected to the TAVISTOCK CLINIC? Did Cicely Meehan use trauma-based mind control, and/or other methods, to create in Derek Laud a disturbed personality (Dissociative Identity Disorder?) as part of a Tavistock clinical experiment, sponsored by British and Israeli Intelligence, with links to the alleged Savile-Currie-Freuds-Hodges-Vaz-Rantzen-royalty network of VIP child traffickers and paedophiles?
  • Dr Valerie Sinason, founder of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, was Consultant Child Psychotherapist at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC from 1987 to 1999; Consultant Psychotherapist at both the Anna Freud and Portman Clinics from 1994 to 1997; and from 1994 to 2006 a Consultant Research Psychotherapist/Psychoanalyst at St George’s Hospital Medical School.
  • Strangely enough, Dr Sinason sits on the Advisory Council of Norwood, the prominent British-Jewish charity to which Jimmy Savile donated his time and talents. Decades treating survivors of child abuse at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC and affiliated institutions has left Dr Sinason in no doubt that children across the UK were sexually abused by a network of VIP paedophiles – the Zionist fixer Jimmy Savile prominent among them – with ritual abuse a not uncommon feature of many of the episodes.
  • Dr Sinason does not appear to realize, however, that a faction within her own former institution, the Tavistock Clinic, is itself heavily involved in the design and practice of projects to effect psycho-sexual trauma. (And what does Dr Sinason make of the late Jimmy Savile’s association with her own ‘Norwood’ Jewish charity?)

And even MORE coincidences?

  • Peter Parker was a member of the Medical Research Council and the chairman of the London School of Economics (there’s that university again) from 1988 to 1998 “As chairman of British Rail, it was Parker who brought in Jimmy Savile as the face of British Rail in the ad campaign.
  • Parker’s wife Lady Gillian Parker was a founder member of the British False Memory Syndrome Association.”


Wow, this has it all. Remember what I said about Sophie Hunter and Conrad Shawcross’ obvious links to Tavistock? Another ‘coincidence’, I’m sure. What seems to be happening is that they break kids from elite or distinguished families in using MKUltra/SRA and then weaponize them as adults. It’s all kinds of fucked up… 

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