Just listened to the first part of the Podcast…

A lot of it today was just going through old blinds. BUT, he did elaborate a little…and now I know where some of the bs about us comes from. Enty stated that he gets his info from people she brags to for a lot of these. So she tells them it’s blue Hankeys being left, etc. Which explains why some of them are slightly off what I’ve been told. But my big takeaways? He compared Zero to Meghan Markle. AND, regarding the blind written just for me (the human trafficking one), he waffled. He said the info he gets is all from America…so if she is human trafficking in the UK, he wouldn’t know about it. Well guess what? My info came from someone in America but who knows about what’s happening because of Marvel….and her network is in Europe and Asia. So….

What Enty forgot to mention about the ShamWow is that it was mainly Harvey’s idea and not Benedict’s. Harvey bought TIG distro rights, BC was part of the package and we know how HW does Oscar promos. We heard that BC left in tears after an initial meeting with HW regarding TIG. Why? Because HW must have told BC that he had to do a fauxmance and you didn’t say No to him. People who did got blackballed and worse. The socialite BC was dating ATT was none other than Kinvara Balfour but HW didn’t approve of her so she had to go. It seems like HW wanted to get SoFail off his back after she tried to blackmail him too and so he threw her at BC. SoFail gets publicity after BC does not so much because of any ‘deal’ but because if he doesn’t give it to her she starts smearing him in the press. I mean we’ve seen her do that more times than I can count! We also know that she can’t get pregnant because she’s a RL Rebecca and that she’s lied about everything. He did get the part about Eddie being extremely thirsty correct but it was unfair of him to put BC on the same level given their individual circumstances.

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