Finally listened to Enty’s podcast and it def sounds like Karon or Rat at least approved them which makes me really think that BC has an issue of pride and greed. He’s so greedy for fame and wealth he’s willing to make a deal with HW not once but twice with TCW. He seems too proud to admit that what he did was wrong or that he was a victim or taken advantage of by saying it was all as he planned. Maybe that’s why Rat won’t do the split for him because he won’t admit his mistakes? Too proud?


Could be. Powerful people can be very petty, too. As the saying goes, Pride goeth before a fall…

It does but that doesn’t explain Benedict’s sickly appearance, that ritual abuse scar and the palpable fear that he’s displayed on many an occasion. As one Nonny said the Hunters (and their minions) surrounded him. Even Mama Hunter and Patrick both moved down from Scotland not too long ago. That whole fucking family is very well-connected and psycho. Benedict may worry that Disney can’t protect him from the threat that Team Soso represents, especially in the UK. Now, I myself have said that he can be awfully pigheaded and that his false pride is also an issue. Is he ambitious? Yes but he’s definitely no Clooney. I feel that OP is oversimplifying the situation to both Harvey’s and Team Soso’s advantage. But why? Because those crooks literally have their hands in everything, including pedoshit, drug, human and organ trafficking. People also forget about Redmayne’s role and his connections to Markus Anderson. How convenient to throw the bulk of the blame on their victims (like Benedict) to distract from their own crimes. The timing is suspect because they know their day of reckoning is fast approaching. Look at Killary’s current problems and follow that breadcrumb trail if you don’t believe me…

I don’t think he can hide from her. She wouldn’t allow that. She knows exactly where he is and probably also has access to his phone and mails. Sorry, I’m a bit more concerned about that than you are. Also the seating arrangement at the play was symbolic. Between her and her brother. Like a prisoner. No chance to escape. These psychos are probably monitoring him 24/7.


Oh, I KNOW she was doing that before. And it looks like she may have found him again. Hopefully he learned from the first time?

They looked like a pair of hyenas alright but ask yourself who has been leaking said info? Ben’s PA? Someone from SunnyMarch? Did the Brighton Lads etc hack into his devices? I won’t go into details but even I’ve been hacked by her people! I know that one guy works at the University of Sussex, in IT perhaps? They convene with other members of Team Soso in Hove BTW. That’s being looked into, it’ll be easy enough to cut off SoFail’s access to everything. The most important thing is that there’s now proof of their gangstalking and neither Sophie nor Patrick are above the law. A two-bit escort and some EMT? LOL! They may be tools but even the patience of their backers has a limit. Benedict is not alone in this and the Cunters just finished finding that out the hard way.

Normal people do not obsess over an actor’s weight loss and hair cut when they know it was for a role in a film. This was a fact. What is your issue with facts? You’re so Trumpesque.


Ummm…I comment when a pic is released and he looks like shit. YOU however, still coming in my inbox about it when I haven’t said much about it in a while, IS obsessive and Trumpesque. You might want to stop projecting

Except the dramatic change we saw in him was definitely not normal. Let me put it this way, if I saw anyone with Benedict’s physical symptoms? I’d tell them to go to the hospital immediately and request a slew of diagnostic tests. Now go gaslight people outside of the medical field…speaking of which? Patrick’s background, his location and other details seem to coincide with the worsening of Benedict’s condition. We know that SoFail is more than capable of foul play and that she never works alone. Who better to help her take out her Mark than brother dearest? At this point? Benedict’s worth more to the Hunters dead than alive…


from another site

Took a glance at Aeltri’s twitter account, and while her usual rambling just passes me by (same old, same old), coming across her tweeting an official account that BC looks like a ‘chemo patient’ is just…wow. I submitted a post a while back to you that mentioned my mother having breast cancer (and the response was lovely). Therefore, I know exactly what a ‘chemo patient’ looks like. I’m not surprised by Aeltri’s words, but comparing a healthy man to a cancer patient is beyond hurtful. If she has ever been unfortunate enough to witness a loved one suffer through chemotherapy, then she would know that BC does not even come close to it. Losing weight and having short hair doesn’t equate to a cancer patient. It’s not a matter of “opinion” or whatnot, it is simply offensive. For any ‘friend’ of Aeltri’s that check your blog: maybe have a think as to why you are defending this woman. You might not see anything wrong with what she said, but for someone who has seen firsthand what chemotherapy does, it is a vile and disgusting comment. Chemotherapy led to my mother being hospitalised for 5 days with low blood cells, low potassium and magnesium, practically no immune system, anaemia… I know exactly what chemotherapy can do, and to make it into a slur simply to make attacks against Sophie is truly plumbing the depths of depravity. I apologise for the random rant. I needed to vent, and to let them know that using cancer as a slur is wrong.


Aeltri wasn’t using Cancer as a slur. And neither was I. It wasn’t just the weight loss and short hair that has her saying that. The man looked ILL. Like he was going through a major health crisis, like Cancer or some type of metal poisoning. Other people were wondering if he had HIV. And when the comment comes from a place of concern, it’s not a slur. It was not done on a flippant or facetious way. Both my Parents died of Cancer, as have several friends.

OP needs to shut up and take three seats. I’ve worked with countless cancer patients OK? I know all about BMT, the chemo drugs used and a lot more besides. Benedict lost a frightening amount of weight for his part in Ironbark a year early? Fuck off. Benedict didn’t just look thin, he looked sickly even to Medblrs. I suspect it may have been due to Thallium poisoning and not necessarily cancer however for more than one reason. Oh and another thing? I don’t use terminally ill kids to promote myself unlike that repugnant slag, Sophie Hunter. Good thing medical personnel figured out what she was up to and put a stop to it! We heard all about that with details

Zero The Hero

OMG, I can’t 🤣! Like clockwork, SoFail immediately tried to walk back her fuckery at Tom’s ‘Betrayal’ play. By claiming that she has to remind Benedict to give autographs? That’s part of his job, it’s pretty much automatic by now because he’s been interacting with the public for years. The only thing you’ve ever done is ruin his brand and scare his fans (along with his real friends) away. Benedict isn’t brain-damaged you dumb bitch, you are.

Hey Gator. What happened to haters staying in their lane? What about not harrassing strangers on social media? BC and SH go to watch a play and like clockwork your mentally ill little friend Aeltri appears like a loon in the replies to a person who spotted them. You’re all the same really. Bunch of filthy liars who – when proven wrong again – turn to cyberstalking.


At least she’s not sending in nasty anon asks.

OP is playing stupid. That whole play outing was going to be used to promote Tom and Benedict. Yet Benedict took no selfies etc with Tom backstage like other VIPs. Why not? Why did it fall flat? Because SoFail stepped way out of her lane to sabotage the whole thing with the help of her miserable DUI brother Patrick. The Hunters cannot be allowed to keep interfering with everyone’s PR like this.

There it is, one is not like the other. His side is pushing for the Return of the Internet’s Boyfriend. Exactly 30 minutes later we get a lone copycat Tweet from Team Soso pushing her BS. Pathetic as always


There it is, one is not like the other. BC’s side is pushing for the Return of the Internet’s Boyfriend. Exactly 30 minutes later we get a lone copycat Tweet from Team Soso pushing her BS. Another obvious AF PR outing and pathetic as always…Is that her brother Patrick? Well, that explains a lot! Recall what that entire family has done to BC in the past. It involves threats and outright blackmail. 

The only person being abusive towards Ben isn’t Sophie, it’s you. You’re a textbook example of a toxic partner: emotionally and verbally abusive, controlling, narcissistic and the list goes on. Fortunately for Ben, it’s a one way relationship on your part since he doesn’t give a damn about you. Btw, I’m a social worker who works at a women’s shelter, I can definitely recognize the signs of an abusive partner.


Sure Jan. Pull the other one.

Eyewitness account from Marvel Studios:

“She (Sophie Hunter) is also abusive with him (Benedict Cumberbatch). Shoves him around, only smiles when someone is taking a picture, humiliates him and screams at him in front of people. She is unreal, it’s been a long while since I had encountered something like that.”

Nough said.

Blind Item #6


I see someone is already in the comments section trying to do damage control. And they had to use the pick of them embracing at the gas pump to do it! That made it even better!

No one is buying it and please don’t compare this mess to TomKat. At least they managed to sort of sell it and had enough sense to call it quits once it ran it’s course. The ShamWow on the otherhand was DOA…

Blind Item #6

MK Ultra Handlers and Alters The Mask represents a Monarch’s alters, the Rabbit represents the Handler who can call forth said alters using trigger words and gestures. “I’m really good at keeping secrets.” and “She knows all my secrets.” You don’t say? Sometimes I wonder…

SH looks demonic when she’s smiling and clapping when he wins. Utterly crazed! Not a good look on a supposedly demure and delicate shy woman. 😉


Nope. Less English Rose and more Kudzu.

That’s because she is demonic, reminds me of the flute lady from ‘IT’. She had the most hideous rictus grin when she first walked on that RC. Looked lovely chewing on her lower lip in rage because Ben was getting all of the attention too. Let’s see, she got three VIP RC appearances in under one month but that only made her act progressively worse. It doesn’t work, stop giving her what she wants and shut her narc ass down, permanently.

I’m sure zero fucked BC up the ass to congratulate him for her BAFTA, because in her drug rotten brain, this she male whore won it, not him.

With what? The bottle she broke on his head last Summer? She’s got AIS so no dick but you’re right about her sense of entitlement. She acted like she was happy for him but it was all for show. Her true nasty self came out within minutes. Narcs hate their marks because they have qualities they themselves lack. They only like it when said qualities help them garner narcissistic supply. Otherwise? Watch out!

Benedict Cumberbatch proudly shows off his Best Actor BAFTA TV gong




Ballsy:  I see the Fail are in on the “it’s her turn to shine” bandwagon.

Because this image SO says “please darling, it’s ALL about YOU winning tonight”.  And not “put the stupid thing down, I have shoes to sell”.  Right?


Anyhoo.  I’m only including this Fail article, because I almost bust another rib:


Forgive me.  I’m more used to Aussie slang.  That’s British for something perfectly innocent.  Right?

😂 Yeah, gong is British slang for medal.

I just realized he’s not even holding her hand in that DM pic! She’s trying to hold his but he’s got his fingers totally straight!

That’s because she tried to ruin his big night by bitching at him at the table. He probably left early to avoid a public spat and she’s lucky he didn’t slap her hand away. That’s the kind of narc stunt you don’t forgive or forget. She’s fucking horrible…

Benedict Cumberbatch proudly shows off his Best Actor BAFTA TV gong



Gossip Girl 2

There’s so much to share! It appears this person who really hates Zero’s guts started posting in 2016. The incident in question has got to be the one where he was filming Doctor Strange in NYC. The whole thing matches that teen skeptic who was doxxed (can’t remember her name now). You know, how Z showed up on location in NYC with her own paps, demanded to be there because she was the wife, that whole thing. That’s the incident that just got under this person’s skin. Man o man. Allow me to give you some highlights! (And ‘cos it doesn’t seem to keep my formatting when I send this to you, I’ll note when the quote starts and ends.)


his entire marriage is a pr sham. it was set up for the oscars, the woman who he is married to was meant to just be a red carpet girlfriend to talk about in tabs. she got preg by someone she was seeing and forced his hand. they have never lived together and he is a paranoid freak who harasses people on set. all the shit about his wife and kid is BS, and he is so fucking paranoid. his wife nearly ruined a day of filming 10-18-2016 4:45pm

how did she ruin filming? 10-18-2016 4:49pm

she stormed onto set shrieking and screaming and demanding to be let in. she had her own camera crew to take pap shots of her on set. the only time she smiled was when they were taking set up shots to make it look like she was visiting him on set. the rest of the time she screamed at him, got mad when ppl got in betweenher and other official cameras, literally screamed that she was cumberbatches wife and started ordering around people. i don’t think cumberbatch is gay because he sure seemed to leave set w a lot of other women other than his wife. oh, and the stories about his wife and baby visiting set are not true at all. she came once when she had her camers there to take her picture. ive never seen this kid or pictures of him, but he is sure the most paranoid fucker ive worked w. he literally jumps into a conversation asking if we are talking about him and his wife and kid. when we were talking about work. they are a real pair 10-18-2016 4:53pm

I think the baby is his. I’ve seen pics. I do think she trapped him with the pregnancy. He seems really kind and naive. I bet he’s a little crazy too, but kind. That’s what I want To believe anyway. Np 10-18-2016 4:56pm

it was a pr set up. if you look into it you can see the people she worked w right before this. its not his kid, and he is a fucking annoyane 10-18-2016 4:57pm

^and those pap pics? arranged by the parents for the purpose of exposing the kid for publicity. i know the pap agency too. they reg. take “sneaky” shots of celebs,but its all arranged. these are not people out to protect this kid 10-18-2016 5:06pm

you can believe what you want, but they have never dated, never married. she was specifically selected to be his gf in the tabs for the oscars, and she pinned another guys babyb on him. i know people who work w his agency, and ppl who were arranging her..price..for things right before. it was big talk on set. he is paranoid because all the talk about his wife and baby is bs. he has never lived w them. 10-18-2016 5:02pm

I never liked that woman. I remember rumors before all this that he was oddly possessive and paranoid about women. I think this one is a snake. 10-18-2016 5:07pm

not sure about his past relationships. all i know is there is a LOT of coaching going on in the cumberbatch camp to make it really really seem like he has a wife and baby at home and all is well, and his paranoia bled out on set. his wife is a complete tool 10-18-2016 5:09pm

^if you think i sound bitter, i do. working w his paranoid ass was a fucking nightmare, his team were a paranoid nightmare, and his wife tested my patience and she was only there for a bit one day 10-18-2016 5:11pm


And BOY! Does she absolutely HATE her! She comes back and re-tells the tale many times on the site.


she storms on set, brings her owns photographers, gets in the way of the official people we have, demands production temp shuts down so she can pose for hired paparazzi photos. is fucking obsessed w camera time,how much she gets vs him, throws actual adult tantrums if you are not talking about her, to her, asking about her. she is a bold faced liar. just compulsive liar. she lies about even†s i was involved w and says things that are not possibly true. just simply impossible. inserts herself into events where she wasn’t. screams at you if you point out where she is lying. 3-30-2017 11:51pm

bald faced? 3-30-2017 11:54pm

sorry for typos, on my phone. bold face lies. 3-30-2017 11:55pm

^she is also abusive w him. shoves him around, only smiles when someone is taking a picture, humiliates him and screams at him in front of people. she is unreal. its been a long while since i had encountered something like that 3-30-2017 11:54pm

Wow, poor guy! Why is he with her? 3-30-2017 11:55pm

the rumour is the first kid is not his, she just claimed it as his. i have no idea about that. not so weird for someone to get preg to trap a guy. its weird because he and others have talked about her and their baby visiting set multiple times. lies. she was only there w photographers and never once brought a kid. i was there every day 3-30-2017 11:57pm


Her story doesn’t change, but she’s had additional opportunities to add to it, because she’s had to work with him again. This one? She’s a WITNESS to how Zaa Zaa makes threats. Including those of becoming pregnant again…


ugh, I’m so sorry. dealing w people and their “team” can suck balls. i work in movies and one of the wives of one of the actors had to be escorted from set recently. her “assistant” (whom i think is just a buddy of hers) then called no less than 7 people involved in production to scream at them over the phone. 6-27-2017 1:32pm

Cumberbatch’s wife? 6-27-2017 1:33pm

oh shit, lets not out each other here 6-27-2017 1:33pm

^(if we work together, were you there for the crying this time, or the screaming last time?) 6-27-2017 1:34pm

Neither. You’ve posted about this before 6-27-2017 1:35pm

i have. this new incident happen a few days ago so I’m still mad. I’m also a very petty person, so that doesn’t help 6-27-2017 1:35pm

Someone on here was complaining about her once before. 6-27-2017 1:34pm

tat would be me! this time she was sobbing 6-27-2017 1:35pm

Why? What was her problem? 6-27-2017 1:35pm

she is crazy, thats her problem. 6-27-2017 1:35pm +2 likes

She wanted to talk to her darling husband, or what? 6-27-2017 1:36pm

she wants to be in front of the cameras, thats what. she is also completely delusional and thinks she has roles and parts she has nothing to do with 6-27-2017 1:37pm +2 likes

^i used to like him ok, but now I’m seriously questioning his judgement allowing her to take care of children 6-27-2017 1:38pm +2 likes

Oof 6-27-2017 1:38pm

i don’t know what part she thought she had, but i came in when she was going between sobbing and purple faced rage recounting a completely made up conversation where she was supposedly she had a part in this production(???). she then got in someones face and kept saying “you tell people i have this part YOU TELL PEOPLE I HAVE THIS PART ARE YOU GOING TO DENY IT!? ARE YOU GOING TO DENY IT!? YOU HAVE TO TELL PEOPLE I HAVE THIS PART!!” 6-27-2017 1:42pm

Wow. She sounds like she’s very ill 6-27-2017 1:46pm

she also looked right at someone and giggled as she was being dragged out of the tented are “you tell HIM ill just have another fucking kid. can’t stop me. you tell HIM. this WILL BE WORKED OUT. 6-27-2017 1:48pm

some people just try to create problems so everyone can get into a tizzy. It is so unpleasant. 6-27-2017 1:36pm


Get this – early this year when we were all, “Hey, she’s bating again,” looks like that WAS the plan!!!! Seriously! Look at the date!!!! It’s in January!!!! PLUS…the second person in this convo is ALSO in the industry, and they know all about this shit!


What some gossip? i work on sets, I’ve posted about cumber batch’s wife being a nightmare before. in the next few weeks they are going to announce her third pregnancy. rumour has it none of the kids are his, and the bio dad is going to file for paternity testing and access to the kids. i feel like a complete and total asshole because cumberbatch is an ok enough guy, but his wife annoyed me so i lowkey hope this gets exposed because i a petty fucking bitch and she was rude to me on more than one occasion. i denounce and reject myself i am a child. proceed w the flames over how childish i am. i agree

posted January 15th, 2018 at 8:34pm

She is insane 1-15-2018 8:34pm

op- do you know her? shit do we know each other? 1-15-2018 8:37pm

I’ve met her a time or two, don’t stress it. I am always vague on here and thousands of people work on sets in all different capacities, you’re not outing yourself. 1-15-2018 8:38pm

op- so its not just me bringing out the crazy in her? i was wondering if i was just rubbing her the wrong way. though other people said she was nuts too 1-15-2018 8:39pm

No she is neurotic af in my experience and just crazy 1-15-2018 8:40pm

does she work or does she just come on the set to hassle everybody? 1-15-2018 8:41pm

She works or did, not sure what she doing at the moment or anything 1-15-2018 8:43pm

playwright? or theater director i think? 1-15-2018 8:44pm

op- she is “everything”. i found out after my first run in that she was taking credit for some opera that didn’t actually exist. i don’t know anything else about her career 1-15-2018 8:46pm

LOL Yes, I just commented below with “opera lol” She’s just a nutty overbearing human being 1-15-2018 8:46pm +1 like

my theory (based on my actress SIL who i love but is cuckoo-is that all actors are weird) 1-15-2018 8:47pm

You’re not wrong 1-15-2018 8:47pm

– yeah i would agree. they are all a little weird 1-15-2018 8:49pm

op- I’ve heard rumours that she doesn’t actually do anything but wants a lot of credit. that said all this stuff about her an her career is just gossip that i don’t know for sure/ aren’t from people i know well enough to say they def know 1-15-2018 8:47pm

SHe wants publicity but doesn’t know how to get or manage it, kwim? 1-15-2018 8:48pm

Yes and opera (lol) 1-15-2018 8:46pm +1 like

Who ? 1-15-2018 8:34pm

Good stuff. All 3 kids same dad? 1-15-2018 8:35pm

op- no idea. 1-15-2018 8:35pm

could you have kids with a man that looked like that with the possibiity of your kids looking like that? 1-15-2018 8:35pm

well, that’s def true 1-15-2018 8:45pm

so he is gay right ? 1-15-2018 8:36pm

op- no. he has women around all the time. 1-15-2018 8:37pm

how do you know none of the kids are his?? 1-15-2018 8:41pm

op- people talk. i don’t want to our people, but people know (for sure they know). its totally common and i would guess that a large % of these male actors have second and third kids that are not theirs and no one cares. she is just a jerk and paranoid and weird so i don’t care. supposedly the first one was her previous bf. i’ve heard they never split tho i don’t know that for sure 1-15-2018 8:42pm +2 likes

and why wouldn’t they be is he isn’t gay? this makes no sense 1-15-2018 8:43pm

op- you think because someone is straight that means its impossible for their spouse to cheat on them and get pregnant? what? 1-15-2018 8:44pm

why would he stay with her though? 1-15-2018 8:49pm

op- there are lots of rumours about that. i don’t want to go into too much detail, but from what i hear he is resigned to being stuck w her for some time 1-15-2018 8:50pm

do you think it will become public? 1-15-2018 8:56pm

op- i would imagine they are doing everything they can to continue the show that these two are happily married having baby after baby 1-15-2018 8:59pm


There’s more stuff here. I’ll poke around and send more in tomorrow if I find something really juicy!

I think it’s safe to add Histrionic Personality Disorder to her list of EBDs O_o…

Reblogging because it’s a Marvel Studio employee both outing the fakery and describing Sophie Hunter’s abusive behavior towards Benedict. If she does that to him in public imagine what she does in private. Actually, we already know:

Judging from how fucked up he was at the Oscars? That’s not a joke. Is SoFail his pusher? Dude, you might want to cut back on the devil’s dandruff. Remember this:

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **#12**
#3 – This foreign born dual threat (working on triple threat) A lister is wasting away because of the drugs he has been taking the past few months. Apparently they love their oxy products even on the other side of the pond. Benedict Cumberbatch

That and the veganism is making you look terrible. You know what’s going to happen? Your roles will be recast and given to actors who can keep their shit together because you obviously can’t.

Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Keith Raniere and More

By srayzie


Harvey Weinstein —> Bob Weinstein (brother) —> Jeffrey Epstein (black book) —> Richard Branson (black book) —> Keith Raniere (endorsement of World Ethical Foundations Consortium AND the NXIVM parties at his island).


As with Anna Wintour, Donna Karan hosted BC and SH as a favor for Weinstein. Sure puts everything into perspective doesn’t it? They say Branson throws even better pedo parties than Epstein does…

Benedict Cumberbatch, York Rite Freemason


Let’s decode BC’s outfit: In the United States, a Stetson Homburg or Fedora style hat is quite popular and is often chosen by the Master of the Lodge. Bingo, last time Benedict wore a medal marking him as a Knight Templar under the (American) York Rite:


That he chose to showcase his FM membership once again should come as no surprise. The 3 Lesser Lights of a Lodge are the Sun, the Moon and the Worshipful Master. Along with his Masonic gloves white garb is a symbol of spiritual purity, it’s a lunar ‘color’ and is also associated with Ben’s sun sign of Cancer. Emerald is said to symbolize ritual, it’s within a gold pin representative of the heart worn over the corresponding chakra. The cane is a play on Tubal-Cain, the biblical figure revered by FM as the first blacksmith. Parrots like those on his slippers? Have a negative connotation, representing the mocking attitude of others, mocking attitude of self, betrayal, gossip and backbiting. We certainly saw that! As for the dualistic checkerboard patterned floor? Well, there’s also a ritualistic and rather sinister reason why it was chosen for this photo. It’s a damn shame how some of his more treacherous Brother Masons keep fucking him over…

Markus Anderson and Roksanda Ilincic


They are BFFs! There’s the link between SoHoes like Sophie Hunter and Meghan Markle and RI. Pimpmeister Markus is known to hook his hoes up with equally shady vendors. He’s a card-carrying member of the Lavender/Velvet Mafia and is also close to our good friend Eddie Redmayne… 


PS: Hey Markus, don’t forget to congratulate Sophie Hunter on our behalf. She’s so fucking stupid that she blew your cover. Couldn’t have done it without her!