You do realize that the only thing you are achieving by tagging Endgame and Marvel in your posts is to prove just how fucking stupid you are. I have a friend who works for Disney in the public relations department, apparently you’re a complete laughing stock. After seeing your posts, I don’t have a hard time believing her.


Don’t care. You should see how many new lurkers I’ve gotten. And I’ve been getting lots of messages from new people, asking questions. I don’t really care if the Rat is laughing…by now you should know that.

LOL! We heard all about SoFail’s DS set rampage and much more from legit sources before it was leaked to the public. Why would Rat PR even bother if it was all good? They also attacked Heard via Reddit when Depp was still working for them, moron. SoFail’s a joke in the entire industry, referred to as a ‘bimbo without the looks’ and worse before she fucked Benedict up beyond recognition and got herself blackballed. OP knows someone there just like that other troll whose son worked in their animation studio but hadn’t heard anything. Just STFU already…

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