As much as I don’t like SoFail or this sham: 1) You don’t know if she really is trans. 2) Calling her a he is very transphobic and you should know better.

I’m hardly the only one saying this, Hamish Bowles already outed SoFail. His/her intersex condition destroys the entire premise of his/her long con. He/she really shouldn’t be threatening to air out BC’s dirty laundry when he/she has a lot more to hide 😏.

From Vogue: “She (Sophie Hunter) showed Chiuri and Piccioli images of the church and the Daphne du Maurier landscape…”. Summary of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier: Rebecca was a malevolent, wicked woman, who lived a secret life and carried on multiple affairs, including one with her cousin. On the night of her death, her husband had demanded a divorce, and she had refused and told him that she was pregnant with her cousin’s child…it turns out that Rebecca was dying of cancer, and that furthermore, she was infertile; she had lied to her husband about her pregnancy.

Who is SoFail’s own kissing ‘cousin’ that appeared rather suspiciously during Hamlet PN and who stalked Benedict during DS filming in NYC? That’s right: DAVID BIRKIN.

PS: Signs point to SoFail having AIS like Wallis Simpson but him/her being a M2F transsexual isn’t out of the question either.

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