There’s sth terribly wrong with him. I mean, look at those pics a little longer. His face. Are these people supposed to guard him into a mental hospital? Look how messy his clothes are. Many layers, ok, but awkwardly shuffled up. I’m almost sure he’s drugged. This behaviour has nothing to do with his former self.


There is definitely something wrong…But he often looked messy when he dressed himself in the past. For them to drug him, they’d have to be around him all the time. They aren’t, from what I’m told. Unless that Chanterelle chick is still making his food.

OP is right, I’ve worked with enough psych patients to see that BC is heavily medicated. However given that the cause of his current problems is Sophie Hunter? A criminal with NPD and BPD, both of which are untreatable? They need to keep her and her goons as far way from him as possible. They already tried to harm him, he’ll be no good to the Rat in this sorry state and he’ll only get worse if immediate legal action isn’t taken against his victimizers. Enough smear campaigns and blackmail! SoFail is capitalizing on Ben’s disability, she’s deliberately killing him via stress, via harrasment. Minders aren’t enough, this is gross negligence on their behalf 😠…

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