Domestic Abuse in the Extreme

I think most people are familiar with the facts about domestic abuse. Unfortunately, we often assume the male partner is to blame. I think we know now that men can be abused and involved in abusive relationships.

IMO Benedict Cumberbatch has been the victim of a plan to take advantage of his celebrity, his money and eventually, his rather naive and trusting nature. I believe Sophie Hunter has planned this from the beginning, pretending to be pregnant to initially marry him, then conveniently pretending pregnancy whenever her power was slipping. I think its possible that she tried to poison him resulting in his present medical state. I think she was both physically and verbally abusive towards him for the past 4 years.

I believe what we saw today is Mr Cumberbatch heading to a psychiatric facility because she has broken him. I sincerely hope thats where he’s going because I think he desperately needs care. I believe he will recover. I wonder what happens to those who cause this kind of pain.

I send my best to Mr Cumberbatch and wish him the strength to overcome this situation.

From another Medblr, as in medical professional. A lot of us are talking about it…

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